Knocking Up Sis 2


  It's been 3 months since Lauren and Kayla helped put my seed into my little sister, and her fears came true, Sara was pregnant. She was begining to show, so I told her to start wearing bigger shirts so that our parents wouldn't know she was pregnant yet. We didn't need that bullet quite yet. Besides, telling our parents that my sister had my daughter/sister in her womb was the last thing on our minds. We wanted to get even with Lauren and Kayla. So after 3 months, Sara and I have come up with a sick enough plan that it just might work.
  Let me begin by saying that in the past 3 months of my sisters pregnancy, she told me that feeling me shoot my hot, thick load up her pussy turned her on to no extent, so we have been have secret sex as often as possible. I would pick her up from the 7th grade, or just "take her to the mall" is what i would tell my parents, and we would fuck. She's getting quite good at it, and everytime, I feed her womb some more of my incest sperm, just to make sure she's nice and pregnant. No harm there, since she already is.
 The first on the list was Kayla, the one who held my sister's pussy open and pushed her down even farther onto me while I pumped my baby into her,even though she asked to stop. She was our first target. Sara invited just Kayla over for the night. She apparently had no idea of revenge. Now we go to Sara's room. /.

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  . .
"I didn't think you'd invite me over ever again, Sara, I thought you were mad at me. " said Kayla, nervous.
"No. No No, its cool Kayla, I'm actually happy you did what you did. I've always wanted a baby, and I'm happy to have one growing inside me, even if it is my big brother's. " Sara replied.
"That's good, I was hoping we could still be friends!"
"Yeah, we are, Kayla. Hey! Do you want to see if you can feel the baby kick?" Sara lifted up her shirt as Kayla nodded. She sat on the bed next to Sara, and proceeded to caress Sara's protruding 13 year old belly. Kayla felt the little pulses of life inside Sara's young womb, and was amazed by the feeling.
"Wow! Sara! I feel it" Kayla laughed. "Its so cool. I've never felt a pregnant girls belly as young as yours before.

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"Hey, are you thirsty?" Sara asked her
"Yeah. "
"I'm gonna get a soda, want one?"
"sure, thanks," Kayla said. With that, Sara left the room to "prepare" drinks for her and Kayla, but Kayla was going to feel a bit different about this soda. The one caffiene drink that puts you out. Sara laughed as she thought of that.
Sara returned to her room with two glasses of soda and her and me, who was quite ready to do my job.
"Hey Luke, " Kayla said to him, "how's it going?"
"Okay" I told her. And her and sara began to drink there soda's. I decided I'd like to give Kayla a little show, so I came up next to my pregnant sister, pulled my dick out in front of her face, and instructed her. "Hey sis, how about a little sucky, I bet kayla would like to see how much better we've gotten" I said.
Sara nodded and started to lick me innocently and acting inexperienced. I guess it was for show, because she has become quite the little cocksucker. After a few minutes, Kayla announced that she was feeling funny and passed out right on Sara's bed. Sara immediately removed me from her mouth and began to undress Kayla's bottom half. Soon, her pussy was naked and spread open, ready for our revenge.

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  Sara laid down right next to her and threw off her own panties. I started to rub my cock up and down my sister's pregnant pussy, still hairless, yet pregnant.
"MMMM. " she moaned. "Slip it inside me, bro. " I did. I saw Sara's protruding belly began to heave in and out at the pleasure she was recieving from my cock. Pretty soon I was fucking her deep enough that my cock was peaking past her cervix into her womb, where it was meeting my future daughter/sister. God how I was wishing I could feed my unborn daughter a big load of my incest cum, but this load had a different destination
As my sister's pussy was squeezing and working my cock, she kept licking her fingers and lubing up Kayla's sleeping pussy.
"Okay Luke," she said, "when your ready to cum, she's ready"
With that, I pulled my cock out of my little sister's tight, young pussy, and shoved it as far as I could up Kayla. Even asleep, she let out a pleasurable grunt, but that pleasure would only lsat a second. I probably ripped her poor unknowning pussy apart as I shoved my cock up past her cervix into her unprotected, unknowning womb in one thrust. Then I exploded. Gob after gob of sticky white sperm began to fill the sleeping girls fertile womb. I found my sister reaching down and massaging my balls to coerce more sperm to come out.

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   I must have pumped Kaylas womb with 30 billion little sperm, all looking for a home, which was givin to them inside Kayla's flat little belly. Sara and I's plan was hoping that it wouldn't remain flat for long. I pulled my cock out of the her, and told my sister I was going to go downstairs to let her alone with Kayla. Sara sat with kayla for about an hour holding her pussy lips shut to make sure none of my cum would escape. Now, i'm going to be a daddy again, but it was worth it.
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