Kyle's incest adventures: Part:kerin and lindsey


Lindsey stood there looking at us as me and aunt kerin just got finished with our fuck session “ oh my god mom you didn’t say you guys were going to fuck!”said Lindsey “well I want in on it too!” said Lindsey “im sorry Lindsey, but im afraid im completely spent. ” I said “its ok kyle I had something else in mind, follow me to the barn” said Lindsey me and kerin got up and followed Lindsey into the barn where their two horse’s Henry and Rufus and their dog Rocky was there. Lindsey slowly started undressing too her bare skin and called Rocky over “ now kyle this is going to be a special show for you” she got down on all floors Rocky started sniffing her pussy and licking her. Pretty soon he was full on slurping her pussy and she was making very load moans and groans “ rocky mount me! Fuck me now!” she screamed rockys dick was about 8 inches long with a huge knot in the end of it. Rocky then jumped on Lindsey  and started poking and proding with his dick trying to find the sweet spot. Finally he hit it with Lindsey letting out a lil moan he prodded it in her pussy again going a lil deeper Lindsey moaning loader. Rocky then rammed all eight inches into lindseys pussy and started aggressively fucking her Lindsey making lil screams every now and then. I started jerking off at the sight of my cousin being fucked by a dog. “you seem to be enjoying yourself kyle” said kerin. I nodded. “well let me show you a real show” she said she went over to rufus who clomping his hoves at the excitement kerin bent over on all fours and called rufus over. Rufus egarly mounted kerin and with a huge 13-14 inche dick started poking around for my aunts pussy. When he found it he rammed 11 inches of cock into kerin “aaaahhhh” yelled kerin with every huge thrust of rufus’s dick going into her. After abut 6 thrust rufus came in kerin and his huge dick slowly started to slide out of kerin’s raveraged pussy with a load pop when his dick came out of her and horse cum comes flowing out kerin slowly got up after rufus dismounted her. “that was intense” I said as kerin came staggering over “you weren’t the one being fucked by a horse” said kerin whose pussy was gaping open and red and swollen around the edges. Lindsey started screaming as she climaxed her third time with rocky.

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   Rocky quickly dismounted and went to lick his member. Lindsey also came staggering over her pussy the same as kerin’s. “that was great ladies” I said “oh I’m not done” said kerin who went over to henry and already was starting to bend over “isn’t your pussy had enough” I said “oh it has, but my ass hasn’t” she said henry’s dick was smaller than rufus’s at about 8 inches came over to kerin ant stood there his dick at full size. She grabbed his dick and slowly started to push it into her ass “kyle since im doing this teach your cousin anal” I then position Lindsey in the doggy position and pushed my dick into her open pussy and pulled out so it got lubbed up from her pussy and rockys juices I then placed my dick against her butthole and started to push. Lindsey moaned and started to figit as I tried to push my dick “loosen up Lindsey, your butthole’s too tight I can’t get it in” I said “it hurts kyle” she said “I know it will the first couple of times just relax” I said. I started to rub her fragile injured pussy and she gradually started to relax. Soon i was pumping in and out of her and she was moaning like crazy. Kerin was also moaning like crazy as she was pumping henry’s member in  and out of her “oh kyle keep going fuck my ass” said Lindsey “oh cuz your ass is so tight I don’t know how much longer I…. Im going to cum!!!!” I yelled as I blasted my load into her asshole. “oh god” yelled Lindsey who then violently organism as well. I pulled out my dick to see cum drip out as well. “shit, oh god” said kerin who then came as her juices came dripping out of her. She pulled henry out of her asshole but couldn’t get up. “are you alright kerin?” I asked “come look at my asshole and ask this again” I walked over and saw that her asshole was stretched about 3 inches wide, I could easily fit my whole dick into it and not touch her pussy. I went home after that but they both had my mom promise to bring me back in about a month.

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To Be Continued……. .

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