Lil Country Girl


My dad, George, was fifteen years older than my mother, which made him almost 55 when I was born. He is a balding man that stands about 5'11" with intense blue eyes that seemed like they were staring straight into your soul when he looked into your eyes. He keeps himself in shape by constantly keeping active farming the fields or working around the house and yard. He likes to make off the wall little jokes that you can't help but laugh at, but for the most part he keeps to himself, letting my mother rule the roost. I have 2 older brothers. The oldest, Richie, is twelve years older than me and likes to drink a lot. He's about 6'1" and his body is slim but defined from his work around the farm. He is the one who raises and takes care of the animals around the farm. He has a few horses, cows, and pigs. Lots of chickens and 3 dogs and quite a few cats running around. My other brother, Johnny, is 11 years older than me and works a regular 9 to 5 job as a mechanic in town. He has never taken much interest in the farming or raising of animals. He's about 6'0" with reddish-brown hair and dark blue eyes. He likes to keep in shape and often works out at the local gym. My name is Beth and being the youngest of three kids and the only girl, my brothers always looked out for me and protected me. I was daddys little girl, he loved to teach me things about the farm and have me help him with little things around the house.

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   I have auburn hair and intense blue eyes like my dad. Everyone always said how pretty I was, which might be one reason my mom seemed to despise me. She loved to be the center of attention and I took some of that away from her. Being in the midwest it was hot and humid during the summer months and I would often run around on the farm in my bathing suit, sometimes in just the bottoms. No one saw anything wrong with it since no one else could see us and I was always considered a tomboy. It all started when I was around eight years old. I was a cute little girl with long reddish hair. My body was already starting to develop a little bit. Just a little bit of peach fuzz growing on my pussy and breasts that were starting to puff out a little. I was on the tractor with my daddy out in the field wearing only my bathing suit bottoms. The tractor was air-conditioned inside the cab but the air conditioner never did work to good when it was extremely hot outside like it was that day. "Daddy can I drive now, pleaseeeeee?" I begged, jumping up and down a little. Daddy looked at me and his eyes crinkled in the corners as he smiled. "Ok Beth, but try to keep it straight this time. Come on, jump up on my lap and grab the wheel then little one.

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  " I giggled and jumped up on his lap and grabbed the wheel. My back pressed against his chest, he put his arms around my bare waist so I wouldn't fall off. "Thank you daddy!" I squealed in delight, "I love driving the tractors with you. " His hands moved up to just under my little tits which were still nothing more than a nipple with a little puffiness surrounding them. "Anything for my little angel," he said. Just then the tractor lurched forward a few times and died. Daddy swore, "This damn thing! I thought I had it fixed, now what the hell could have went out in it. " He climbed down from the cab and went to check out the problem. A few minutes later I screamed out, "Owie, owie, owie, daddyyyyyyy. "Daddy came running and climbed back into the cab with a look of fear on his face. He never likes to see his little angel hurting. "What's wrong baby? Are you ok? What happened?" Daddy blurts out, almost out of breath. I have my right hand covering my left little boob and I cry to him. "A bee got in when you opened the cab door and it stung me. It hurts daddy, please make it stop.

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  "He lifted me out of the seat and sat down. Pulling me on his lap so I was stradling and facing him, he grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my little nipple. "Oh my poor little angel," he said tenderly. "Let daddy make sure that nasty bee didn't leave it's stinger in you. " He turned the light on in the cab and probed at the swollen area just above my left nipple. "OWIEEEEEE!!! Daddy that hurts. " I screamed out in pain. Daddy reached down and grabbed a needle nose pliers and very gently pulled the stinger out of my red and swollen skin. "Feel better baby girl?" He said as he softly rubbed his thumb over the swollen area, not realizing he was also rubbing my little nipple. Daddy always kissed my owies to make them feel better and this time was no exception. He bent his head and lowered his lips to the swollen area where the bee had stung me. He didn't realize, until his lips felt a little hard nub, that he had also kissed my little nipple which had turned hard from all the attention. I flinched as his lips touched my nipple and daddy immediately pulled back. "I'm sorry sweetheart, did daddy hurt you?""No daddy, it felt a little weird, but made it feel better. Can you kiss it again?" I sniffed, "it's still hurting.

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  "Daddy smiled at me and lowered his head to kiss my owie again. This time he didn't pull away right away. He wet his lips with his tongue and very gently kissed my owie. His lips grazing my little nipple making it even harder than it was before. He kept placing little kisses all around the red area then opening his mouth a little, he slowly slid his wet tongue over the sting and down to my nipple. I gasped as my breath caught in my throat from the feeling spreading throughout my little body as he licked my nipple. I kind of giggled from the feeling, "That's making me feel weird all over, all of me is kind of tingling daddy. " "Do you want me to stop sweetheart? Daddy is just trying to make you feel better, you know I don't like to see my little angel hurting," daddy said as he looked up at me. "No daddy, please keep doing that. It's making it not hurt so much. "Pushing me back so I my back was laying against the stearing wheel, he pulled my butt forward so I was sitting directly over his crotch. Daddy lowered his mouth back to my little nipple but this time instead of just kissing it, he started to gently suck on it causing my body to tingle even more. I didn't know what was happening, I just knew it felt good and I wanted more. "Daddy that feels really good when you do that, I don't feel the sting at all," I said, as I started to squirm on his lap. The more he sucked on my little nipple the more I squirmed.

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   As I was squirming I felt something hard under my butt. "Daddy, something in your pocket is poking me in the butt. "As he looked up at me, daddy pulled his mouth away from my nipple and brought his hands up to gently squeeze both my nipples between his fingers. "That's daddys cock baby girl," he said as he slightly lifted his hips and starting grinding against my little ass. "It's hard like that because it makes daddy feel really good when I make my angel feel good. Have you ever seen a cock Beth?" "You mean that thing boys have between their legs that girls don't," I asked innocently. "I saw Johnnys once when he was getting out of the shower. It was hanging between his legs but it looked soft and squishy," I giggled. Daddy chuckled at my innocence and said, "it probably was soft since he probably wasn't excited like daddy is. When a girl gets a boy excited, their cock gets hard and wants to be played with," daddy said as he continued to grind his hard cock against my little ass. Sliding his hands down slowly, he started to rub my stomach just above my bathing suit bottoms. "Girls get wet down here when they get excited," he said as he slid one of his hands over my little mound. Gently rubbing his finger up and down my slit, I heard him moan. "Mmmmmmmm my little girl feels like she's excited. Would you like daddy to help you feel even better angel?"I could feel my bathing suit bottoms getting wet as he slid his fingers up and down between my legs.

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   I started to squirm on his lap even more, not sure what I was feeling but knowing it felt good. "Yes daddy, please make me feel even better," I whispered as my breathing became more rapid. "Lift up a little bit honey, daddy needs to get this bathing suit bottom out of the way so I can make my little girl feel good. " I lifted my tiny ass up as he pulled my bathing suit bottoms down and took them completely off of me. Daddy leaned back a little bit and looked down at my puffy little girl pussy, with just a tiny bit of fuzz covering it. "You have such a nice pussy baby girl," he said as he softly ran his thumb over the lips, feeling the slight dampness on his thumb. Daddy looked at me and grinned, "I'm going to make you feel so good honey, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. You know how mommy is, she would get very mad at daddy if she found out I was making you feel this good. She might even call the cops and try to take you away from me if she ever found out. "The thought of me not being able to be with my daddy brought tears to my eyes, "I promise daddy, I will never tell anyone. I don't want to ever be without you, I love you daddy. ""Shhhhhhhh angel, don't cry, daddy doesn't ever want to be without his little girl either," he said with a calming voice. "You are my angel and no one will ever take you from me. "As he dried my tears with one hand, he used his other hand on my wet cunt. Sliding his fingers between my little pussy lips he put a finger at the entrance of my love hole.

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   Slowly sliding just the tip of his finger in then pulling it back out. "Your little cunt is so tight angel, you have the nicest pussy daddy has ever felt. " Sliding his finger up, I jumped when he reached my clit. "Oh my god daddy," I moaned. "That feels so good. " Grinding his finger in small circles over my clit I started to feel dizzy. My whole body was tingling and moving against his finger. He kept his finger over my clit, rubbing it in small circles as he brought his other hand down to my little cunt. Sliding another finger between my wet puffy lips he slid it into my fuck hole up to his first knuckle. I screamed out, "oh my god daddy, I'm going to pee. " I try to move off of him but he held me on his lap. "Your not going to pee baby girl, you are going to cum for daddy," he says as he slides the tip of his finger in and out of my pussy and rubs my little clit harder. "Don't worry honey, let it go. This is what daddy wants you to do. "My whole body tenses up and I feel myself start to shake uncontrollably.

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   I scream out and daddy leans down and sucks one of my nipples into his mouth. My little body is racked with spasms as I expeirence my first orgasm. I lay there with my eyes closed, unable to move. Daddy moves me back just a little bit and a few seconds later I feel something strange rub against my now, very sensitive little pussy. I open my eyes and look down, for the first time I see what a cock looks like hard. It looks so big next to my tiny pussy as daddy rubs his hand up and down it. "Daddy needs to feel good to angel," he says and he continues to stroke his hard 7 1/2 inch cock. "Would you like to help daddy feel good like I helped you feel good?"I nod, unsure of how I am suppose to help my daddy since he doesn't have the same body parts as me. "What should I do daddy?"He picks me up and gently stands me on the floor of the cab. "Kneel down on your knees baby girl and give daddy your hands. "I get on my knees next to him and he takes my hands, placing them on his hard cock. I can see the veins sticking out on his cock and the head of it looks so swollen. It looks like it's going to rip the skin open if it gets any bigger. "Now rub your hands up and down daddys cock, just like this," he says as he shows me what to do. "Doesn't it hurt daddy? It's so big and swollen," I say as I stroke his cock with my little hands.

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   He watches my tiny hands, not even big enough to grab his cock all the way around, stroking his hard cock. "No baby, it would hurt if you didn't make daddy feel good though. When daddys cock gets this hard and excited and it doesn't get played, it starts to hurt. " Daddy moans, "but you are such a good girl and I know you will make daddy feel good. "Feeling his cock throbbing on the palms of my hands, I rub it up and down a little faster. He looks down at me as I suddenly stop what I'm doing and move my hands away from his cock. "What's wrong baby girl? Why did you stop?" He asks as he see's the fear in my eyes. Not taking my eyes off the head of his cock, I point at the clear liquid seeping from it. "I'm sorry daddy, oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I was just trying to make you feel good. Please don't be mad at me daddy. " I am almost crying and hysterical as daddy gives me a questioning look. "What are you talking about Beth? You haven't hurt me, infact you've been making me feel very good," daddy says lovingly. "But daddy I made it bleed or something," I say as I point to the precum leaking out from the head and oozing down the shaft of his big cock.

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   Daddy starts to laugh as he explains, "Beth, sweety, that's just precum. It comes out like that when you get me very excited and close to cumming. When daddy cums you will see more of that stuff come out from that hole at the top of daddys cock there. " He says as he points to the head of his cock. "Only it will be thicker and kind of white but it doesn't hurt at all, infact when the cum starts shooting out of daddys cock, it will feel very good. "I smile, almost embarrassed at my innocence. "Can I keep rubbing your cock then daddy?""I would love it if you did baby girl, you are making daddy feel better than he has in a very long time. " Before he could finish his sentence I had wrapped my little hands back around the shaft of his big cock and started stroking it up and down again. Daddy moaned, "oh Beth, it's been so long since mommy has touched daddy. You are such a good girl for taking care of daddy like this. "I felt very proud to be doing something mommy hasn't done in awhile. I kept watching the precum oozing out of daddys hard cock, fascinated by it. Daddy noticed me watching it and spoke up. "You can taste it if you want honey, lots of girls love the taste of cum. "I hesitantly lowered my head and stuck out my little tongue.


   Quickly darting my tongue across the head of his cock as to not get to much of it in my mouth in case I didn't like it. I closed my mouth and savored the taste. "It's a little salty, but I kind of like it daddy. Can I taste some more?"Before he could answer I lowered my head once again. This time I lapped at the head of his cock like a kitten laps up milk. My tongue sliding back and forth over the head of his throbbing cock was more than daddy could take. He grabbed the back of my head and begged, "oh god, please Beth, put the head of daddys cock in your mouth and suck on it. Don't use your teeth baby, just suck it like you would a lollipop. "Wanting nothing more than to please my daddy, I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth. Sucking on it like I do a lollipop I heard daddy groan as I felt his hands tangle in my hair. "Harder baby, suck daddys cock harder. Your going to make daddy cum baby girl. Do you want to taste all of daddys hot cum?" He asked, barely being able to speak as he was breathing so hard. I nodded a lil and hummed a 'mmmm hmmmm' on his cock. I was caught up in what I was doing and didn't want to stop to even talk.

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   I loved sucking my daddys cock, it tasted so good. I was sliding my tongue over the head of it as I sucked on it, just like I do with lollipops. Daddy must have liked it because it wasn't long before he screamed out. "I'm going to cum Beth! OH MY GOD! Here it comes! Take daddys hot cum down your little throat! SWALLOW ME BABY GIRL!!! SWALLOW DADDYS HOT FUCKING CUM!!!"He raised his hips off the seat and shoved his cock further in my mouth. Then grabbed the back of my head and slammed my head down to meet his thrusts. He thrust his cock up one final time and at the same time pushed my head down. His cock slammed down my throat causing me to gag. I didn't have time to think before I felt a warm flood of liquid in my throat and mouth. I tried to swallow as fast as I could but I couldn't keep up with all the cum he was shooting in my little mouth. Finally daddy let go of my head and pulled me up. Cum dripping from my chin, I looked up at him. He smiled lovingly and lifted me into his arms. "Your the best little angel any daddy could ask for Beth. " I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my little cum soaked lips to his mouth and gave him a kiss. "I love you daddy, and.

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  . . . " I hesitated, a little nervous about asking what I wanted to. "And what Beth? You know you can tell me or ask me anything angel. " Daddy smiled, the love showing in his eyes. "Can we do this again sometime daddy?" I blurted out, looking down to hide my embarrassment. Daddy reached down and ran his finger over my naked little pussy causing me to shiver. "I would love nothing more angel," he said as the tip of his finger once again dipped into my wet pussy hole. Should there be a part 2?.