Lil`something for mom


 My mom couldn`t have kids anymore and she got remarrried about two years ago to a really great guy. So I thought I`d help her out a little. My new stepdad was a nice guy and I thought he was pretty hot for his age. I`d gave it some thought before about seducing him. I know he thinks of me. I caught him checking out my ass a few times. He`d always look away when I`d catch him,but I`d  just smile at him and go on with what ever we`d be doing.
  My husband and I have two kids of our own,One girl and one boy. But I wanted to have more,he didn`t. Then one night I was talking to my stepdad and he said that he always wanted to have kids,but never did. And now it was to late,because my mom couldn`t have anymore either. Thats when I came up with my plan. I sat there looking at him and thought if me and him had a kid together he or she would turn out to be a pretty good looking kid,boy or girl. I look just like my mom,same hair color,same build,except I do have bigger boobs than my mom. We even act a like most of the time. And besides I want more kids and I know my mom would like to have another one with her new hubby.

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  Then It hit me,my new baby would end up being my little brother or sister too. I had to laugh,is seemed funny at the time. But could I handle that and how would my mom take it when she found out.
 What the hell I started to think up my plan that night. The more I thought about it after that night, the more I wanted it and him too. My kitty would get wet just thinking about it. I started fingering my pussy and getting off  thinking about fucking my stepdad. About 3 weeks went by and on a friday night I dropped the kids off at moms house and planned on going out and having a good time with my girlfriends. I stopped in the garage as I was leaving where my stepdad was working on his truck. As I got to the door,I opened my top more so I knew I`d get his attention. I also had a short skirt on. I went in and said hi,ask what he was up to. working on his truck he answered. I told him that I was going out for a while and made the comment that he should come out to,working all the time was no fun. I moved around the truck giveing him the best shots of my tits and ass that I could with out being to obviuse.

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  But I know I got he`s attention I could see it in the bulge in his pants. He said he might and I made him swear to it. He said ok,that he`d be out around 9 o`clock. With that I left and I knew my plan was going to work. If I got drunk I knew he`d give me a ride home and that was when I`d make my move.
  My stepdad showed up about a hlf hour late,I was starting to think he wasn`t going to show. He sat with my friends and I for a while while we played pool. I`d bend over in front of him so he`d get a good view of my ass under my skirt when ever it was my shot. i know he liked it because he`d just smile when ever I`d look back at him. my friends started to get bored after awhile and wanted to go to another bar. I told them to go a head and I`d meet up with them in a little bit. They left and I ordered another shot for daddy and myself. we played another game of pol,thats when i started to act like I was getting smashed. We were having a good time together,I didn`t know he could that much fun. I see why my mom liked him so much.

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  anyway after a while I said that I had had to much to drink and thought I better get home. Like I thought he offered to give me a ride. I said ok and out the door we went. After I got in te truck I said my head was spinning and I layed down in the front seat. I put my head on he`s lap and had my hand on he`s thigh. H` didn`t say a word,just started to drive. As I layed there I started to move my hand a little bit,rubbing he`s thigh. It didn`t take long and I could feel him getting a hard on under the top of my head. I worked my hand up closer to it. I felt him squirm around a little,but he didn`t say anything. It didn`t take long for him to get me home. As he pulled in the drive way he ask if my hussband was home from work yet. I said no and that he wouldn`t be home until morning. He was on graveyard shift. I sat up and as I did my top came open and my tits about fell out of it right there.

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  I could not of planned it better. He just laughed and said that I should put them sweet things back in before I gave him a heartattack. I smiled and jumped out with out even caring. I fell to the ground and I`m glad I landed in the grass or my ass would have been hurting. He got out and came aroung to help me up. I told him he might want to help me into the house. He helped me get up and put hes arm aroung me and started for the door. The whole time he just stared at my boobs. As we got in the front door I turned to him and said thanks and reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and said thats ok. I feel into him as we reached the couch and we both fell on to it. he fell right on top of me,with he`s face right in between my tits. I grabbed hes head and stuffed he` face with both of them. When I let go he jumped back and said he was sorry,I laughed and told him that it felt good and not to worry. I got up and went to the kitchen to get him a beerAs I came back I handed it to him and said that I needed to go to the restroom and I`d be right back.

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  When I came out I had taking off my top and all I had on was my skirt . He just looked at me and smiled. Ask if I`d forgot somthing. I said know and sat down right beside him. He said this might get him into trouble with my mom and I answered back It`s for her. He looked at me like he was lost. I got up and turned to him and sat right down on he`s lap with my tits in he`s  face. That was all it took,he leaned up and put one of my tits in he`s mouth. started to suck away on it. I coldn`t believe how wicked it made me feel,have`n my stepdad sucking on my tits. I started to move my hips back and forth rubbing my pussy on he`s now very hard cock. I could feel it under those jeans he had on. After a few minutes of that I slid down and started to unzip he`s pants. He`s cock stood straight up. It was bigger than I thought it would be,I bent up and put it in my mouth.

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  I gave him a really good blowjob before he ended up fucking the shit out of me. It felt so good having he`s cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I stayed on top and when he came I could feel it shoot up into my tummy. I thought to myself theres my baby boy right there. I got him to cum inside of me twice that first night. And I fucked him for about 2 months after that. Come to find out it didn`t take that long for me to get pregnent,must of happened about the second or third time I was with him. But I must say I enjoyed fucking my stepdad. About nine months later I gave brith to a 8 pound baby boy. You might want to know how my mom took all of this,well when she finds out I`ll be the first one to tell you. Until then she is happy that she is a grandmother againAnd she thinks it`s really neat that he for some reason looks a lot like my stepdad. lol. . . .

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   I`m still fucking my stepdad,we`re trying for number two. And he just loves to suck on my milk filled tits. My husband thinks that we`re down with have`n kids. He said he`s going to get cut,Hope daddy gets the job done before that.   I`ll let you know how it turns out. Until then my life is great.