Little Renee: Showing Uncle Al - Part 3


“Do you know what you’re doing Renee?” I asked sincerely. “Yes Uncle. I want to make sex with you. I love you. Your weiner is hard again, so you love me too. ” She said simply, “My cooler gets so warm when you look at me Uncle Al. It feels so good. I want you to look at me all the time. Every single day. ” Her voice was sweet and totally innocent. I knew I had some explaining to do, but hadn’t a clue of how to go about it, especially when my cock was so hard, and my mind so enthralled. I opted for simple, at least for the present. “Sweetheart, even if my weiner didn’t get hard when I look at you, I’d still love you. Always remember that, okay? Love isn’t based on whether or not I get turned on when I see you. My love for you is because you’re a good, sweet, smart little girl. Okay?”“Okay.

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  ” She said, smiling, “But I still want to make sex with you Uncle. ”I sighed, the last of my resistance fading away. “Now, get in the tub and wash up good. Especially your cooler. ” I smiled as I gathered her dirty clothes. “Where are your panties Renee?”Easing into the warm water, she favored me with a smile. “I put them on your pillow Uncle, I thought you might wanna keep them. Like the others you know. ” It was clear she felt at peace again. Secure and safe. “I do want to keep them, thank you. ” I said, “Okay, be back in a few minutes. It’s kind of early, you hungry yet?”“Uh uh. ”I nodded and left the door open behind me. I placed Renee’s clothes in her room and tidied up the mess she’d made before we left.

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   Laughing, I studied the way she’d arranged her toys. Each had a special place it seemed, and my fondness for the child grew. Her sweetness was captivating, her sexuality irresistible. Now that I’d made a hesitant peace with myself, it was as if the weight of the world had been lifted. I would soon be enjoying her sexy little body up close, and without restraint. I ached for her touch, and my cock was once more iron hard. When I entered the bathroom again, she was sitting there, wet and clean, and ready to play. I lifted her out, knowing I didn’t need to, yet unable to stop myself from touching her. I had no plans, no agenda; I just wanted to be close to her. As close as possible. Taking a big towel, I wrapped her up and shooed her out the door so I could bathe. My pants were stuck to my cock from the huge amount of cum I’d expended in the video store restroom. I couldn’t help but wonder what the clerk would think when she went in and saw two big wet puddles of translucent white on the dirty floor. That led me to think about the old man and my intense reaction to what I’d seen when I opened that door. God, I was so aroused watching her display her lust for a total stranger.

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   Now that she was safe, I allowed my mind to explore that sensation, surprised at the feelings that still washed over me. She was hot and lusty, so sexual and so innocent at once. The image of her sitting on a filthy washroom counter and fucking her clit to orgasm was so nasty; the stranger watching only made it more so. My little sex slut, so ripe and ready to learn. I fisted my lengthening cock and beat the soap to a froth, but I stopped almost as soon as I started, wanting to save my cum for my little angel. Dressed in shorts and a tank top, I made my way to the living room. Still wearing only a towel, Renee was sitting in my big easy chair, her mind totally on the movie she had slipped into the VCR. It was Homeward Bound and the child was engrossed. Only a little sad that a movie about family pets making their way home through the wilderness had stolen her attention away from me, I went to the kitchen and ordered the pizza. Thirty minutes later, we were gorging ourselves on hot, thick slices of pepperoni pizza and watching the animals find a place to sleep for the night. Renee’s towel had slipped, revealing her chest to my eager eyes. It was nearly totally flat of course, but her nipples were almost brown so dark was the hue of pink that colored them. I chewed slowly, watching the rise and fall of her chest, admiring that her nipples were already showing that slight pucker that surrounded a woman’s nipples. I longed to suckle at them and feel them grow stiff in my mouth. She reached forward, slipping one slender leg to the floor as she grabbed her soda can from the coffee table.

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   The towel slid all the way down and crumpled on the floor at her feet, but she ignored it, helping herself to one more slice and munching quietly as she watched the television. Her tummy was sleek and narrow at the waist, spreading to slim hips, then down to tapered thighs between which was nestled her feminine prize. My mouth watered at the memory of her taste as my eyes devoured her from head to tiny, pink tipped toes. “Uncle Al, you’re staring at me. ”“Well, you’re all naked princess. You’re beautiful. ”She rose and came to me, her arms outstretched, her eyes aglow. I folded her in my arms and stroked her hair. It was like live black silk, slipping through my wide spread fingers, glittering reflections illuminating its dark depth. She snuggled up to me and sighed, her little arms encircling my neck, her legs pressed against the inside of my thighs. So warm… so hot… so soft. I pulled her closer and once more ran my hands up and down her body. God how good her ass felt; its tightness fitting perfectly in my hands. I squeezed gently, rubbing her soft cheeks, using them to draw her even closer. She remained still, not resisting, her breathing becoming short and shallow.

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  My lips sought her skin, breathing in her own special aroma of apples and sex. Burying my face in her neck, I stroked her flesh with my tongue, licking her earlobes and whispering softly. “I want you Renee. I want to taste you honey. ”The little girl simply nodded. She stepped back a pace and eyed me full on, her little body quivering with excitement. I moved her so I could stand, then scooped her up in my arms and headed for my bedroom. Renee put her head back and watched me as I walked. “Uncle Al? Can I touch your weiner?”I throbbed at her words. Would I let her touch me? Was I really going this far with my own little niece? Yes, I answered myself. Oh yes, to feel her hands on me would make me the happiest man alive. “Do you want to touch it Renee?”She gave me a shy grin and nodded. “Yes, I want to. I want it to c-c-cum like when you watch me. ”The word was new to her, but she’d heard me use it several times and picked up on its meaning.


   To hear it come from her little girl voice inflamed me further. I laid her down on my bed and knelt on the floor in front of her. By this time, I was shaking so hard I could barely move. My mind was on fire right along with my body. Somehow, it flew back in time revealing things about myself that I had denied my whole life. Snatches of memories… little girls running in the park, their dresses riding high to reveal their asses encased in tiny panties. On the train, unaware and innocent, sweet little girls climbing onto their mothers’s laps, letting their legs fall open, their beautiful faces exciting me almost as much as their cotton covered cunts. But none of these girls were so lovely as my sweet Renee. I was a pedophile, no different from the man in the video store, only I had lived a life of denial. The realization saddened me and excited me all at once. I spread her legs and looked deeply into her eyes. “I adore you Renee. I love you so much. If I do anything you don’t want me to, just say so and I’ll stop at once. Okay?” I heard my own sincerity, but I wondered if I could stop if the time came.

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  Her answer was thick with restrained passion, “Okay Uncle Al. ”My trembling worsening, I loosened my shorts to relieve the pressure on my pulsing dick. It leaked a constant stream and I worried that if I touched it, I would cum too soon. I longed to suck her cunt, and I wanted to fuck her too, but I wondered if I would be able to hold off enough to enjoy her both ways. As I looked at her pussy, I began to doubt that my cock would even be able to fit inside her without causing damage. …Oh God, her pussy… I want it…Using the palms of my hands, I drew them down her belly, and then up again, almost afraid to touch her, but wanting to with everything inside me. Seeking her nipples, I rubbed them gently, loving the way they sprang to life. The child twisted her head from side to side. It was clear she enjoyed my touch; her body was tight with need. I let my gaze settle on her breasts. So small, so lovely. I rose up and took a nipple into my mouth. Renee sucked in her breath and pushed towards me. I bathed that sweet protuberance; amazed at the size it grew to in my mouth. My own moans fell around us and she answered them in kind.

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   Sucking softly, I washed her nipple with my tongue as my fingers gently stroked her other one. And thus, I alternated, laving her breasts and nipples with my saliva as the child lay submissively. Her moans were growing louder as she sought for pleasure. Easing down, I brushed kisses across her soft skin, each electric touch sending her body lurching toward me. “Ohhhh, Uncle… please…. Make me c-c-c-cum. ”I grinned and continued lower and as her cunt came into view, I feasted my eyes on the prettiest sight I’ve ever seen. She was baby smooth; not a hair in sight, just uninterrupted little girl flesh. Her lips were puffy and plump, promising softness and youthful adaptability. Best of all, she was already wet. Her juice seeped slowly from between her snug pussy lips and trailed down to disappear between the cheeks of her ass. It oozed out with precision, her aroma drifting up to tantalize me. As I watched, she opened her legs farther and groaned, knowing my eyes were on her secret place. I leaned down and kissed her lips, coming away with a trace of her sweetness warming my mouth. She raised up on her elbows and I saw such longing in her eyes, such deep desire that I knew I had to touch her.

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  Carefully, I lifted my hands, enthralled at the sight of her. I placed them on her inner thighs and gently spread. She moved like water, easy and smooth, baring her pussy completely to my hungry gaze. I slipped a finger down and ran it up and down her soft lips, while she tossed her black hair and whimpered. Instantly, I was awash in her fluid, and I used it to moisten her entire mound until it glistened under the glow of the lamp. My body vibrated, matching her own fervor. She mewled and twisted, anxious for my touch, ready for my strokes. I began to insert my finger, wanting to feel the secret textures within. It must have been halfway in when I heard her take a sharp breath. Something inside me snapped and my cock released a torrent of thick pre-cum as I gazed down at the sight of her tiny, tiny pussy with my large finger stroking up inside it… Oh my God… oh my God… my tiny angel… your cunt… your pussy…Groaning loudly, I pushed hard and watched her pussy swallow my finger. She cried out, in pain, in pleasure… I’m still unsure, but I watched through a haze as her lips closed tight around me and I felt her muscles working hard. My cock oozed another copious stream and I leaned down suddenly, placing my tongue on her creamy little girl juice. I lapped hungrily, sliding my tongue around her skin, feeling my finger as it started to work itself out. She held me tight, clamping down and I thought of how good it would feel to have my cock there instead. I eased it back in, establishing a rhythm, finding a pace.

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   Very quickly, I was fucking the child’s cunt with my index finger and she was accepting it well. I spread her lips open with my other hand, a finger on each side, and her amazing clit came slipping from its hood. I delighted in the pinkish hue, in the way it grew before my eyes. I stroked it with my tongue, working my finger in to the second knuckle. Before long, I felt her start to move with me; she used her arms for leverage and slammed her pussy repeatedly onto my finger. Her voice was a sweet melody of passion heaving out her moans with strength. I pulled my head away, wanting to see her, and replaced my tongue on her clitoris with two fingers. I rubbed them up and down, exciting her and spreading those delicious juices all around her dripping slit. She surprised me with her orgasm. It lacked the obvious fire of her previous ones, but the tightly coiled body underneath me told me it felt at least just as good. She stopped in mid thrust, arched her back and released a huge, drawn out growl of pleasure, her cunt milking my finger as if it was my dick. “Ohhh Uncle…. Yessssssssss!” and her cry ended in a hiss of pleasure as she rolled her body up and down, chasing after still more pleasure. There was a change in her smell; it was spicy, aroused, and deeply sexual. I hungered for her, but pulled away, taking her into my arms.


   My entire body quivered uncontrollably with the feel of this tiny child so helpless and vulnerable under me… so naked and hot… so fucking sexy. “I need to fuck you Renee. Can I?”She was disoriented, confused. Her brow furrowed and she looked at me questioningly. “It means that I put my cock inside your pussy. ” Seeing her confusion deepen, I groaned in frustration and went on. “My cock… my weiner, inside your pussy… your cooler. Please baby?”She answered with a moan of pleasure, still feeling her orgasm, “But you said I could touch it. ”I groaned again, needing to be inside her, and right then. My cock was bursting and pulsing and my balls heaved dangerously. “Please Renee? You can touch it later, I promise. I need to fuck you. I need to fuck you now!” I had decided I was going to do it no matter what she said and was already moving into position. “It will hurt won’t it?” She asked. “Only a little… only for a minute.

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  ” I answered, sliding my big chest across her tiny one. The nod of acquiescence was the sweetest sight in the world to me. I eased my hand down, finding her pussy hole once more. My voice became gruff as I instructed her. “Open your legs Renee. Open them wide. All the way now. ” I whispered, “Oh God baby… I want to fuck you so bad. Come on, a little farther. Spread Renee! Do it now! Uncle needs to fuck you!”And at last, the flared end of my cock was snuggled between those impossibly tight cunt lips. I could feel the exquisite pressure already as I tried to thrust gently. I was lost to all, Renee’s frightened whimpers only fueling my desire. Pushing again, I squeezed in another fraction, and Renee gasped. She began to struggle a little, her body just too small to accommodate my big cock. I felt my temples throb.

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   I pushed again, flexing my ass and working my dick into her. Her splayed legs were trembling, her body resisting, her throat crying, and her long black hair flying. “Shhh, it’s okay sweetie. Let Uncle Al fuck you. Let me in baby and I’ll be good to you I promise. Come on… let me in!” I coaxed, my voice rising with every syllable. I saw a glare of accusation in her eyes just before she relented and slipped her hand down between us. I could feel her fingers digging at her pussy, searching for her clitoris and some pleasure in the sea of pain she must have been feeling. Her body relaxed as she found it and I held still for a moment, so close to cumming, so turned on. “That’s it baby, rub your little pussy. Make it feel good while I fuck you. ” My hips began to press again and Renee simply continued to stroke her clit. I slid in another fraction and felt a small pop as her lips enclosed my cockhead. …Oh fuck… she’s so tight…Renee was getting into it. She began to beg me to watch her, falling back on her familiar means of pleasure.

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   I ignored her and pushed on, opening her up with my cock, forcing myself into her. I heard a moan leave my lips, and I stopped all movement…. …no! don’t cum… not yet……as I waited for my body to recover. I realized with sick pleasure that I was a third of the way inside, her pussy so tight around me that I wondered if I’d be able to pull it back out. Renee moved quickly and started to flex around my cock as her orgasm came closer. She was moaning now, suffering the pain of my cock for the love of her Uncle, her delicate fingers plowing roughly through her lips and slipping onto her engorged clitoris. “Oh fuck Renee. ” I whispered harshly, “Don’t move. ” But the child was going for her pleasure with passion. She arched again, her legs tensing, her pussy grabbing, and I felt my own orgasm imminent and sweet. “Oh fuck, god damn it Renee, you’re gonna make me cum!” I hissed, knowing it was too late and I’d only gotten halfway inside her. Groaning loudly, I pulled my ass back and began to pump my cock in and out of her body, using little more than the head as that seemed to be all that would fit. She squealed and kicked her legs, juicing my cock. With a surge, I broke the barrier and plunged a bit more than halfway into her as Renee screamed out loud, a mixture of deep pain and the explosion of her climax rocking her tiny frame. “Uncle! It hurts! Stop… please stop!”I only pumped, fucking her swiftly as my cock began to fill her tiny pussy with cum.

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   It poured from my dick, and all I could do was hold on. I put my hands under her ass and pulled her close, my squirting cock easing in another small fraction. “Ungh! Oh my God! You’re so hot… you’re so nasty! Take Uncle’s cum baby…. Take it all!” And I collapsed atop her, breathing hard and still moaning with pleasure. Her urgent pushes brought me from my daze. I was crushing her and immediately lifted my shaking body, staring down my chest into her big solemn eyes. They were filled with accusation and pain, but I didn’t care, the memory of how sweet a fuck she was too fresh in my mind. “You said you’d stop. You lied. ” She accused. “I know,” I managed, “But it was too late to stop Renee. ”Exhausted, I rolled away, her tight pussy lips releasing my cock with a plop. I looked down and saw a startling amount of blood and her cunt was red and swollen. Regret flowed across my passion, washing it away instantly. “Oh my God baby.

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   I’m so sorry. ” And I was sincere, horrified at what I had done to her. “Will it always hurt like that?” She asked. “No. I promise it won’t. I should have stopped; you’re too small a girl for this. All I did was hurt you. ”“It didn’t all hurt Uncle. Sometimes it felt good. ” And she blushed sweetly. “I still like it when you watch me though. Did you like watching me in the bathroom today?”“You mean at the video store?”“Uh huh… yeah?”Wanting to either laugh or cry, I simply leaned down and kissed her. “Yes. It made me hard, but you have to promise you’ll never do that again. He was a bad man and wanted to do bad things to you.


  ”“But, I thought if you liked seeing that, you could… you know… watch too. It made me feel… very hot to do that. I knew you would come anyway. I know you won’t let anything bad happen to me. And just now? When you f-fucked me? Well, I want to do it again with you Uncle. ”Inside, my heart rejoiced. “Why baby?”“Cause it did feel good, and I like how much you liked it. I could tell you did. ”I stroked her face, realizing we’d never even kissed deeply and I was sorry about that. I was in love with my niece and I knew I’d let her fulfill her desires under my strict supervision. It was a new start. I rose and got a cloth to clean her with, then gave her another orgasm to keep her happy for a little while longer. Copyright 2003 Julie Hypnotic.

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