Love Josie, Grampa - Grampa's Hand Sequel


"Of course. It's going to be a long time before you start to feel better. We can do anything and go anywhere you'd like, your old gramps is going to make sure you're taken care of," he replied, smiling softly and patting Josie's thigh. It was a warm, clear early afternoon and the gentle rustling water eased Josie's mind. Her heart alternated between numb and aching, but somehow she knew her grampa was right, he would be able to help her through the loss of her parents. "Grampa, tell me about gramma," she said, the tears again filling her eyes as she tightly wrapped her arms around herself, trying to stop the pain she felt from deep inside. Michael's hand went to his eyes as they became blurry, "Ah, she ah, umm," he coughed and felt as though he might get sick. The memories of his dear sweet wife, all the days of their wonderful life together and it all ending as he watched her slowly slip away as the cancer drained the life from her eyes. It was all just too much. Sitting down next to Josie, her grampa put his arm around her and they leaned against each other. There they sat, slowly rocking back and forth, tears streaming down their faces as they let their pain go. Their arms around each other were the only things in the world that they could rely on. They loved one another so very much, all the more so since that special evening they shared just a few short years ago. Finally Michael was able to begin speaking; "Jessica was the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Her warmth and kindness seemed to be without end even in my younger days when I would often be less than a gentleman. She had this limitless capacity for forgiveness and love.

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   She was so special to me, just as special as you are my sweet little girl," Michael held Josie tight; his voice was shaky and cracking. Josie had never heard her grampa so emotional before, so soft and sensitive. She responded by turning toward him and caressing his face with her delicate hand, then she kissed him lightly on the lips saying, "Thank you so grampa! I never knew you felt that way toward me. ""The truth is, you've been my special girl since she died. I've been afraid to show you just how much I love you, because I don't think I could go on living if I lost you too," he said as he kissed Josie on the cheek. "You'll never lose me grampa! I'll always be your little girl, I'll always be here for you. "Josie and her grampa smiled and wiped away their tears before cuddling and again rocking back and forth as they soothed each other from their heartache. They continued there together at the river for most of the afternoon until finally returning to the car and heading for Josie's house. As they pulled into the drive, Josie's face sank and she felt cold and sick all over. Michael held her hand and said, "You can stay at my place tonight, but you do need to get a few things. I'll come with you," he said, trying to reassure her. The house seemed completely alien to Josie; it felt so empty, so lonely. She began crying again and sank down to her knees as she realized she would never again come home from school to hear her mother baking and cooking in the kitchen, to smell the warm sweetness of her favorite cookies the way only her mommy could make them. This house had been filled with so much love and happiness, but now it seemed dead, just as dead and lost as Josie felt. Michael knew Josie's feelings all too well.

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   He fought not to think about the warm, loving home Jessica had kept for them and the beautiful daughter that she had bore to him. Now they were both gone. All he had left was sweet young Josie, his only grandchild. She meant so much to him, he vowed to spend every last moment of his life with her. He helped her up and they went to her room to collect a few things so she could stay at his house for a few days. Then they quickly left. Josie breathed a sigh of relief to be out in the fresh air again, the house seemed to close in on her and the memories just hurt too much. As they drove to Michael's house, not a word was said. Each considered their own lives and those of their lost loved ones. Each felt happiness for the good times and regretted that they hadn't spent even more time with them while they had the chance. But who ever thinks they won't have another day?As the evening wore on, Josie and her grampa talked about her parents and they talked about Jessica, and they considered how they would lead their lives now. Michael suggested that they not change from their routines right away. But before retiring for the night he left Josie with the possibility that after they had adjusted, there was the option for them to move away somewhere to enjoy their lives together to the full. Later, as Josie lay on the bed in the guestroom, which would now be hers. She stared up at the ceiling.

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   It was dark with just a sliver of the moon casting an eerie light across the room. She shivered, partly because of the uncomfortable feeling that light gave her, and partly because she realized she was still laying on top of the covers in just a T-shirt and panties. As she snuggled in under the covers she closed her eyes and tried not to think of anything. As the night pressed on, Josie's sleep was filled with dreams. At first they were frightening, all about her being alone, abandoned, feelings of terror and hopelessness filled her mind. But then her grampa appeared, his strength chased away all the scariness and she felt his arms circle around her and his body pressed against hers. She felt safe and secure and slowly her dreams shifted. Josie began thinking about the evening her grampa played that new game with her. She started to feel warm and her skin tingled all over as she remembered how he touched her little pussy and made her feel so good. Out of all of these lovely images and memories, she started to feel very sad that she had not been able to feel his cock inside her that night. She wondered why he hadn't played with her that way since, and she realized then just how much she wanted to make love to her sweet old grampa. Her dreams continued, getting sexier and sexier. With her need building, she could feel that familiar wetness between her thighs. Suddenly Josie awoke. It was very early dawn, and her room was painted in a deep warm orange light.

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  Josie felt between her legs, she was dripping. She also noticed how she was panting. She jumped out of bed and quietly left the room. Peering down the hall she could see her grampa's bedroom door was open, so she softly padded down the hallway and looked into his room. Michael was still asleep, curled up in his bedding, obviously he had had a restless sleep as well. Josie crept across the room towards her sleeping grampa and upon reaching the edge of the bed leaned over and looked closely at him. He snored gently just then, and Josie barely suppressed a giggle as she very carefully lifted the sheets. Yes, her grampa was sleeping in the nude. So Josie slipped off her shirt and panties and climbed into bed, snuggling up to her grampa's warm body. "Huh? Wha?" Michael snorted as Josie's movements woke him up, "What's going on?" he asked in a groggy voice. "It's just me grampa, I need to be by you. "Turning over, Michael's smile of welcome to Josie quickly turned into a panicky frown as he realized they were both naked. Josie smiled knowingly and softly kissed her grampa's face. She snuggled up closer to her grampa, opening her legs and pushing her pussy against him. Now he relaxed because he could feel how hot and wet she was.

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   Her hand made its way down and eventually cupped his full testicles. Gently she caressed them and Michael moaned quietly deep in his throat at the pleasurable touch. When he spread his legs a little Josie moved up to his slowly swelling cock. She thought back to the evening that she'd played with it, it was so hard and so big. Now it was much smaller, but she could feel the powerful pulsation's as it filled with blood, growing longer and thicker and harder. Michael groaned again as Josie's small hand squeezed his now nearly fully erect penis. At that he turned more toward Josie and his large heavy hands found her waist. There they caressed and squeezed, roving down over her ass and up all the way to her shoulders. Josie released her grampa's cock and followed his lead in exploring their bodies. Her hands were all over him, feeling his softening and older but still strong muscles, running her hands through every patch of hair on his body. She reveled in his perfect combination of masculinity and gentleness. He seemed to be the perfect man. Of course Josie was just as wonderful a creature to Michael. He thoroughly enjoyed feeling up every part of her tender young body, her skin was so soft and smooth, her body so young and fresh, delicate yet supple. His erection twitched and he too thought back to their missed chance at love some years earlier.

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   It had seemed so long ago until this very moment, now it was like the loving had never stopped. Josie was beginning to get uncomfortably hot and excited. She had already dreamed very sexually most of the night, she would have been happy to take her grampa's cock right when she'd come to his room. But this was nice; she so enjoyed the way her grampa played with her, unlike the boys at school who seemed only interested in breaking world speed records for getting into her pants. Her grampa teased and excited her, making her want him all the more. Although older and not quite as ejaculation-oriented as in his teens. Michael was feeling the strong ache, the stirrings of desire in his now fully engorged and throbbing cock. He turned further, pushing Josie over onto her back and half laying on her. He caressed her face and softly patted her cheek affectionately, smiling back to her ever so loving gaze. He looked deep into her eyes and they made that lovers-connection, as if their two souls had intertwined. Michael had had that special connection with Jessica; the only other woman he'd ever made love to. Now he found that he needed to share the same bond with Josie. Josie in like kind patted her grampa's face and showed by the sparkle in her eye that she felt exactly the same way. They were no longer grandfather and granddaughter; they were now just like those star-crossed lovers and sentimental souls the greatest love poets have ever spoken of. To seal their new union Josie's hand slipped behind her grampa's head and pulled him down towards her.

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   Their lips met and their mouths melted together as they slowly slipped away to a special place that was all their own, where love, pleasure and sexual need met and were all satisfied to overflow. Gradually and ever to naturally their bodies followed their minds, hearts and mouths, melding together in an unspoken but fully understood joining. It took some time before Michael's cock disappeared between her welcoming lips, but it didn't matter to either of them. Intercourse itself was now just one aspect of their coupling, an embrace that was sexual yes, but also encompassed the rest of their bodies, and more importantly their hearts, their minds, right down to their deepest inner selves. The sexual act of being 'inside' each other, was just the physical expression of what they were feeling emotionally. This was true love making in its purest and most complete form. The love just seemed to flow from every part of their bodies. The screams of pleasure and delight, which neither of them could hear, would have confirmed to anyone listening that an expression of true love was indeed taking place. As they churned and writhed, their enjoyment of each other grew. Josie thought how this went so far beyond what she had imagined. So much more pleasure, so much intensity of emotions. Her head began spinning, and she focused on how wonderful it was to have her grampa laying on top of her, cuddling her, inside her. Their lovemaking continued on building and growing. Finally it reached the high point. Michael humped and thrust in wild abandon, even as Josie pushed her hips up to meet him for each and every loving stroke.

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  "OHH Grampa!" Josie wailed. "Cum with me baby," Michael begged. Suddenly her grampa howled and thrust deep into her, reaching down at the same time and grabbing her ass, pulling her onto him. Her pelvic bone was pushed almost to the breaking point that is not even to mention the extreme pressure on her soft little cunt. But Josie loved it. She wanted all of her grampa in her never mind just his cock!He nearly lost consciousness as he felt his cum speed through his cock, squirting out into Josie's pussy with incredible force. Michael felt Josie's body practically turned inside out beneath him and when he felt her pussy milk and squeeze him he was just sorry he didn't have another orgasm to give her. "I love you grampa," Josie said, with a soft smile, as they lay side-by-side. "You really are my special girl," Michael replied, looking at her just as a husband looks at his wife. The years went by and Josie and Michael had a happy life together. When she was finished with high-school Michael insisted that Josie go to university. To keep nourishing their relationship, he would drive up to the university or she would come back home almost every weekend. They also phoned and wrote. Josie loved writing sexy letters describing what she planned to do to him the next time they were together. After university, they moved to a nice little cottage on a quiet lake and lived there together as a couple until 15 years later when Michael died in his sleep.

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   Josie lay by him for a long time before she could let him go. She didn't feel that he had abandoned her, but she was very sad their life together was over. In a goodbye, she wrote him this letter:Dear Grampa,I've loved you all of my life, but that night when mom and dad were out and you touched me sexually for the first time; that was when I fell in love. Later we went on to make love and have a wonderful life together, but I will always remember that night as the start. Thank you for showing me so much love. Thank you for helping a shy and awkward girl through her teen years and raising me to be a good woman. I hope I was a good wife to you, I hope that you were happy with me. I don't think I will ever be so happy as I was all of our years together. Thank you my love, you will always be my heart and body. I miss you. Love Josie, GrampaThe End. Copyright 1999 Moist Dreamshttp://get. to/moistdreams - Story archive & Mailing list info. [email protected]. com - CommentsMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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