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After about a year of Joe dating his girlfriend, he got bored with the sex, and broke up with her. Heturned hs attention back to his little sis, who had long fogotten about him. Joe would come home from work at night being so horny from all of the hot waitresses at his work, he would normally go to bed, ad rub one out. But on this Wendsday that he came home from wrok he went down to his basement bedroom, right next to where his sister takes showers, ad no one else comes down there at night. So Joe got the brilliant idea to spy onhis baby sister in th shower. He waited for hr to ge hoe from religion class, and when she entered the bathroom, he slid a tiny mirror underneath the door, and watchd her undress. Her body was so perfect. She had beautiful blonde hair, perfect b-sized tits, a nice shaved pussy, and the nicest ass he had ever laid his eyes on. He watched her claim into th the shower, and he pulled the mirror away. He went to his room, and masturbated 3 times that night. Joe now knew he needed his sister more than ever, no matter what te cost. He would have to think of a plan. He drifted off to sleep. When he woke up in the morning he knew his plan, his parents wre leaving for out of town this weekend,and it would be just him, and Beth. Tha nighwhen his parnets left to go ot of town, he asked hissister if they should celebrate their parnets being gone for 3 days byhaving a couple shots of vodka. She agreed.

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   So joe poured 2 shots for hm both, only Joe had a half full beer next to him that he intended to spit his liquar back into so he could get his sister trashed. After about 7 or 8 shots in an hour. Joe thought she would be pretty gone, and she was. She sarted to feel woozy, and lost her balance a few times. Joe thought this was the perfect oppurtunity to take advantage of. He walke her down to his room, she questioned where they were going, but Joe gave no response, and Beth was so drunk she went along with the idea. He laid her down on the bed, and laid on op of her. She started to become a little nervous, and asked him,"What the hell are yo doing. " No response from Joe. He just panted his lips on her. She tried to puh him way, but couldn't help , bt feel kind f turned on right now, and starting to feel her emotions forhim come back. She knew it was wrong, for one because he was her brother, and for 2 she had a boyfriend. She kissed him back. Joe slowly started to rub her nipples through her tank top, and could feel them getting hard. He knew he had her now.

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   He removed her shirt, and with one snap of the finger her bra was gone too. They both were panting heavily by now. Joe started licking, and sucking on Beth's nipples. making her scream with pleasure. Joe then moved down , andkissedher stomach with soft slow kisses, tha she could tell were very tender, and dear. Joe took off his own shirt, and proceeded to take off her pants leaving her in a black thong. He was very big by now, and he knew she was sill a virgin because of talks they had. He loved her, and wanted to take her virginity. Joe removed his pants, and boxers revealing his 7 inch pecker. He pulled off her thong, and doveright into her pussy. He sucked, and licked her clit, sending Beth into a frenzy. He then dove his tounge inside her tight, wet, cunt. He then proceeded to lick around her cute little asshole, and back up to her pussy, and clit again, sending Beth into a massive orgasm. She came all over his face, and Joe hungrily lickedit up. Beth knew it was her turn now, even though she had never done this before.

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   She moved hr big lips to herbrothers erect penis, and slowly lowered her mouth onto it. Making Joe moan with pleasure. She mved her mout up, and down on the shaft, slowly at first, but picking up speed after time. She tried getting his whole thing in her mouth, but coughed and decided that could wait for a diffrent day. Joe could feel hs balls tightening. He screamed out, "That's right bitch!!! Suck my cock!!! I'm gonna come you lil cocksucker!!! Here I come!!!" Joe came in Beths mouth and she swallowed it down like a pro. They both dropped on the bed, exhausted. Joe could feel himself coe alive again as he lay on his naked sister. He said," Its time I finally get to fel your pussy. "He slid the head of his penis into her opening. She winced in pain. Joe thought,"my god what a tight pussy. this gonna be fun. " He slid in a little bit further until he hit her cherry. He rammed past that, and the rest of the way into her.

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   She screamed in pain, and the lay there for a minute, Joe slowly started to pull back out then back in. He started to pick up momentom as his balls slapped against her pussy. She started to like the feeling, and started bucking back. "Oh god, im cuming again!!!!!" yelled Beth. Joe could feel his balls tigtening, and he shot load after load into his siter as they both climaxed at the same time. Once again they lay there over powered by tiredness. Joe started to feel himself rising to the occasion again. He said,"Now its time for the dirty stuff. "She asked what he meant, and all he said was flip over, and put your feet ont eh ground. She did as she was asked. She assumed he was going to fuck her doggy style, she was wrong. She felt some pressure o her nic asshole, and asked what he was doing. He just smiled, and said,"what i've wanted to do for 2 years. " He slid his tiff cock into her ass. She groaned i pain, but Joe did't care for he had been obsessed with this ass for too long.

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   He starting fucking the shit out of her ass. She was in so much pain at first, but got used to it. She started to enjoy it, an worked his cock into her ass. He pulled out just before he was about to cum again, and stuck it in her pussy, and fucked her hard until he sjot another load deep inside her pussy. they fell back onthe bed, and Joe said, "I love you sis. "And she said," I love you too. "They had 3 more days of fun, and never got it on again after that. THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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