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  So one misty summer afternoon, I turn to Dave and pass the plain of going to Maine to spend the weekend together in my uncle’s cabin. Not telling him that my sister was coming with use. I wanted to see the look of surprise on his face later on knowing that we won’t be alone. After five minutes of thinking about it he finally said “yes, that sounds like a great idea. ” “It would be lovely, and it would give us time to relax”, I said. As soon as Dave dropped me off home and said are good bye’s I immediately ran to my Liz’s room. “Hey sis, what are you doing this weekend”, as I splurged it out. With complete shock she said, “Nothing why?” “Why don’t you come with Dave and me to uncle’s cabin over in Maine?” Jumping for glee, Liz, “ok I will join you two love birds. ”
    Friday came; man did the week go buy so fast. Dave and I started loading up the car. As soon as Dave saw Liz coming up to the car with her things he turns to me and whispers, “She’s coming with us?” The look on his face made me all happy inside. I was hoping that I would get to see my boyfriend of seven months ram his thick cock in my sister’s tight pussy. “Yes, do you have a problem with that?” I said calmly. “No not at all…you could have told me. ” Dave helps Liz with put her things in the car and the three of us took off.
    With Dave driving the car Liz and I thought of ways to keep us occupied.

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   It started out as just making words out of the letters on peoples car’s but it turned sexual. All of a sudden Liz turns around from the front set and looks at me with wanting eyes. I winked at her. She then liked her lips slowly, gesturing that she wanted something. I blow her a kiss. This continued for so long, the little things like biting are lips, or touching is self’s etc…, till we had to stop. Not only were we turning each other on Dave was concentrated on us instead of the road. He begged for use to continue but I reassured him that we had to get to the cabin safely.
    Nothing had really happened when we arrived at the cabin. Looked around, unpacked, and started putting stuff away in are rooms. We had arrived pretty late and we were exustaed too. So we all went to bed.
    All day Saturday the three of use relaxed. Did are own thing and started drinking around noon. As the day progressed I was getting antsy.

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   I really haven’t seen any hints from Liz or Dave wanting to have sex. Of course as usual
I was horny. All I could think about was Liz going down on Dave or Dave ramming his thick long cock into my sister’s wet tight pussy.
    Liz and I started cooking dinner around five; While Dave turned on the TV to watch what the weather was going to be for the ride home tomorrow. As I was turning the pasta I was trying to think of some way to leave the cabin for a bit, so I could look through the window to see if Liz would do any thing. I couldn’t wait any longer I wanted to see and feel the three of us enjoying the pleasure of sex.
    “I am going to the store for some things that we need for dinner that we don’t have here. You two stay here I will be back in twenty minutes. ” Liz, “are you sure you don’t want one or both of us to come with you?” “No I’ll be fine. ” Dave, “ok be careful, love you. ”
    I left the cabin went down the dirt driveway and waited for about ten minutes. During these ten minutes Liz took the advantage to slowly walk over to Dave and start kissing and caressing his chest. Dave was so intrigued by the news that he didn’t notice what was going on till he felt soft smooth hands touching his bare chest. The tenderness of each others lips touching with every kiss gets Dave’s mind working. The rolling of each others tongues gives Dave the idea of Liz sucking on him.

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   He starts to pull down his bathing suit shorts and looks at Liz and say’s suck my dick. With out any hesitation from Liz she went around in front and got on her knees. She looks in Dave’s eye while she flicks the tip of his dick with her tong. Then she starts to cover the whole tip with her mouth. Making it all wet and warm.
    Dave is taken a back by the way Liz knows how to suck a cock. How she forms her big soft lips around his big juicy dick.
    After the ten minutes goes by I come back and peers through the window. To my surprise I see that my little sister Liz is sucking off my boyfriend. But instead of being mad about the whole thing, I am quite turned on. As I watch Dave undo the top of Liz’s bathing suit and start caressing her breasts. Dave tugged on her nipples a little and Liz’s response to that she begins to suck a little harder. With the luxurious lips and the warmth moisture of Liz’s mouth almost makes Dave almost want to but a nice big warm juicy load right in her mouth.
    Suddenly finding out that the warm wet feeling on my hand is from me rubbing my clit from watching the both of them; I quietly come in the cabin. Making sure to only catch Liz’s eye, I pointed to the cushioned dock out side.


    Both of us helped Dave out of his bathing suit and took him outside, underneath the star filled sky, onto the dock.
    I took my bathing suit off and lay on my back on the cushioned dock. Liz then got down on all fours and started to eat my moist twitching pussy out. The tender taste of wanting pussy invites Liz’s mouth to do its job. Liz is taken back by the candy sweet taste of her sister’s pussy. Dave practically ripped off the bottom half of Liz’s bathing suit and slowly pushes his dick into her tight wet pussy. As Dave’s motion becomes a little faster, Liz starts to make this humming sound from the pleasure. The cause of the humming sound vibrated Liz’s lips, making Sarah scream of pure pleasure and almost making her orgasm.
    Dave feels Liz’s very wet pussy start to tighten. So he grabs her hips and began ramming his pulsing cock into her even harder and faster. ‘Cause of the sudden switch in motion, Liz stops what she is doing and screams at the top of her lungs until she orgasmed all over Dave’s dick.
    Dave’s throbbing dick has yet to come.   Knowing that I want more then what was given at that time; he takes me by the hand and brings me to the room to continue the sexy erotic sex. . .

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for a while now that my sister has been wanting to have erotic sex with Dave for
sometime know. So I plain to take the weekend off and spend it with Dave and
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