Lucky Wednesdays


His practice schedule for football kept him busy on Thursdays and Fridays, his mother worked the second shift at the hospital on Mondays and Tuesdays, and then his dad was around most evenings and weekends, which left only Wednesday afternoon for any regular private time between Jason and his mother. The high school sophomore was in good shape, thanks to a strong interest in sports, and knew that the run would hardly wind him. His 190 pound, five foot ten inch frame made him look older than his actual 16 years, and the sandy hair and bright blue eyes he shared with his mother certainly helped him to get admiring looks from a lot of the girls at school. Still, his only interest was in one woman, and she waited at home for him. His mother, too, considered Wednesday to be her lucky day. Sharon Wilson was only 33 years old, and as much as Jason looked older than his real age, she looked younger. She had had the good fortune to get pregnant by and older man (he was 28 at the time) when she was 17. She had the extra good fortune that he really loved her, was fairly wealthy, and was a decent husband and father. Yet Sharon had begun to feel something was missing in her life. She wanted more than just decent, and she had found it. Standing at 5 foot one inch and weighing about 115 pounds, Sharon had a striking figure of 36C-25-35, with naturally dark blonde hair, blue eyes and still a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Most often, she still got carded in bars, and she liked it that way. Now, she had discovered someone who enjoyed it as much as any man ever had, and this guy was, for her, one of a kind. Jason readjusted his backpack and headed into the home stretch, rounding the last bend in the street. He quickly checked the lamppost in front of the house to make sure it was on, which was the signal he hoped to see. It meant that everything was a go; no visitors, no dad home early, no obstacles.

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   A broad smile stretched across his face, and he felt his cock start to get ever harder than it had as the anticipation had built on the bus ride. His heart beating quickly, Jason ran to the front door and walked into the entryway of the house. He was meant by the gentle strains of soft jazz from the living room’s sound system. Although he did not think that his mother did it on purpose, he had figured out a kind of code for these Wednesdays. If the music she had on was soft, she wanted to go slow and have a romantic time together. If it was harder music, she wanted it quick, now and straight to the point. As a sixteen-year-old, he usually liked to get it going right away, but had learned to enjoy the slower version of screwing too. "Mom?" he called as he dropped his book bag and jacket on the floor. "Living room, baby," came his mother’s voice. Jason stepped into the living room and saw his mother there, dressed in high heels and a short light robe. As he smiled at her, Sharon loosened her robe and let it fall open, revealing that all she wore was a pair of deep blue thong underwear and a half-bra that pushed her tits up and in to form an incredible cleavage. "Damn, Mom, you look so fucking hot!""Thanks, baby. You know how I love to hear that from you. " She looked down at the bulge in her son’s pants and added, "I can see you mean it too. " Taking a few steps toward her son, Sharon asked in as normal a mother tone of voice as the circumstances could permit, "So, son, how was school today?"Jason wrapped an arm around his mother’s waist and pulled her up against him.

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   "Very funny, Mom. How about we leave that for boring dinner conversation with dad? I’m more interested in hearing that little squeaky moan thing in your throat you do when I’m making you cum with one rolling orgasm after another!"Sharon laughed as one of her hands found her son’s ass and the other reached up behind his head to pull it down closer to her own. "Soon enough, lover. First, let’s get you out of some of these clothes. "Jason pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it aside, as Sharon unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans down to his ankles. Stepping out of them, he wore only his briefs, which bulged obscenely with his cock. "There it is," Sharon sighed. "My hero!" Her hand moved around to the front of Jason’s cock and squeezed the thick, seven inch dick of her son. Jason slid the robe off of his mother’s shoulders, and immediately grasped her tits in his hands, kneading and squeezing them. Sharon moaned as her son played with her breasts, and increased the firmness and speed of her stroking his cock through his shorts. Even in her heels, Sharon had to lean up toward Jason’s head to kiss him. Their tongues wrestled together, and then Jason broke the connection to kiss along Sharon’s neck and behind her ears. She loved when he did that, and he had caught on early that it was a fast track to getting her ready to fuck. He enjoyed foreplay – he really did – but he did not want to take longer than necessary to get into his hot mother’s pussy. After all, they only had a couple of hours.

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  Sharon felt her son’s cock pressing against her belly, its warmth passing through the fabric of his underwear and making her skin burn with anticipation. She knew what he wanted, and she knew that the only way to slow him down at all was to take the edge off of his teenage horniness. Sliding down his body, she let her tits rake over his hard on, then pulled his briefs off. Kneeling before him, Sharon took her son’s large, hard manhood into her mouth, expertly dragging tongue along the bottom of his shaft as she swallowed him up to his balls. If was going to concentrate at all on anything other than fucking, she had to top him off. With tongue and lips and a little nibble here and there, Sharon soon had Jason groaning as he held the back of her head firmly against his crotch. Jason appreciated the quick release that his mother’s blow job would give him, and he knew he would owe her a nice, slow, intense fuck for the favor. As his mom’s head bobbed back and forth over his cock, Jason remembered the day, just over six months ago, when he had finally succumbed to his mother’s efforts to seduce him. In fact, he had been the one to start them down this road, with all of the looks and even the tentative touches. It was normal enough, and he never thought she would catch on or respond favorably, but she did. Before too long, Sharon had started to look back, and she saw in her hunk of a son someone she both loved and lusted for. Yet, when she started to give back the looks and touches, Jason had freaked, and tried to ignore what was happening. Sure, he had jacked off like a fury after each incident, but he was not sure that he could do it with her. What if she was just kidding? What if they tried it and he messed it up? What if she realized after that it was wrong?She had not given up on it though, and after a few weeks, the dam burst. It was at breakfast, near the end of the last school year.

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   His dad was gone already, and as Jason sat at the table, his mother brought in his eggs and toast. She was wearing nothing else but one of Jason’s old team t-shirts, which had been ripped down the front to show off her mammoth tits. She bent over as much as possible, and Jason saw it all. He was hard as a stone pillar, and knew he had to have release. The decision just came to him in a flash, sudden resolve to step up to the plate and be a man. Jason walked past his mother, called his friend who was going to give him a ride to school, and told him that he was staying home because he was sick. Sharon had turned, looked at him and said, "What are you doing? You’re not sick. "Jason looked her right in the eye and replied, "Yes I am. I’m sick and tired of being good and noble, when I keep getting offered the best fucking body on the best looking mother in the world!" He reached out, ripped the shirt completely open and scooped Sharon up in his arms. He carried her into the living room, knelt down on the carpet, laid her out and began to pull off his pants as he lowered his head and hungrily took a rough mouthful of his mom’s tit. Sharon cried out in surprise but tugged at her son’s head to keep his sucking mouth in place. He was stronger, though, and once his cock was free, his pants no farther down than his knees, he swung himself around, grabbed his mother’s ass to position her, and drove his cock deep inside of her. Sharon screamed in shock and surprise, but arched her back to meet Jason’s thrusts. Although he took only a couple of strong drives to feel his cum rising from his balls, the response of Sharon was nearly as fast. She had waited so long for this moment, and had begun to doubt if it would happen.

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   But now, she had her son buried all the way into her pussy, his face contorted in pure lustful pleasure and she knew she had him where she had desired him for so long. When Jason unloaded his cum into her body, Sharon cried and gasped, in joy and love and a massive orgasm unlike she had had in many years. The memory of that first incestuous orgasm brought Jason back to the present. The familiar feeling in his balls signaled his release, and he thankfully spewed load after load down his mother’s throat. As the cum subsided, Sharon rolled back on her heels, licked her lips clean, and smiled. "Good enough, sweetheart?" she asked. "Hell, yeah, mom, it was perfect, as usual," Jason replied. "Then how about you return the favor?" she said, as she laid back and spread wide her legs. Jason knew what she wanted, and since he would need five minutes or so to reload his rifle, he knelt down over his mother’s crotch and removed her thong. There it was, the pussy that he had left sixteen years before, only to return to triumphantly a few months ago. He was amazed that it seemed almost as tight as the teenaged one he had screwed last year, but no hot little ninth grader could possibly match the talent or the enthusiasm that his mother brought to bed. Jason placed his face against his mother’s pussy lips, separating them with his tongue. He flicked his tongue up and down her slit, spreading around her juices and teasing her clit. He knew that she did not need a long oral session, but only wanted to get her first cum of the afternoon out of the way also. He focussed on her clit, sucking and licking at it in between darts of his tongue into the warm smoothness of her pussy.

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   Sharon bucked each time he touched her love button, and Jason picked up the pace as her moans grew more insistent and he felt his cock reaching hardness again. In her head, Sharon recognized the building pleasure of orgasm, something she had not known for quite a while until she and Jason became lovers. The mother-son bond had not been damaged by the sexual nature of their new relationship, but made stronger. With him, she was secure in her pleasures, she a true lover in every respect, and, she admitted without embarrassment, a stud that wanted it all the time and could deliver without fail. She let herself go, doing that "little squeaky moan thing" Jason found such a turn on, and let the waves of delight overwhelm her. Jason kept up his oral attentions for a few minutes longer than necessary, just to give a little extra enjoyment to his mother. As she lay open before him, Jason raised himself up and brought his hard, muscular frame over his mother’s panting body. The two unlikely lovers saw their special kind of love and lust mixture in each other’s eyes. Without another word, Jason lowered his mouth to Sharon’s lips and kissed her, mingling his juices in her mouth with her pussy juice in his. At the same time, he pushed his cock against her open pussy, and entered her slow and deep. The grip of her cunt muscles around her own son’s cock squeezed the entryway tighter, but Jason increased his pressure until he had bottomed out in her. There was no hurry now, though, and the two lovers kissed and caressed without rushing into the actual motion of fucking. Jason lifted his body enough to unpop the front latch on his mother’s bra, releasing her tits to crush against his chest as Jason pressed down again against her. Sharon lifted her legs and locked them around Jason’s lower back, which signaled to him her desire to begin lovemaking. Jason began to pump in and out of his mother, each push bringing a gasp from her as the friction of his cock against her inner pussy walls and the weight of his body combined to envelop her.

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   As he pulled back, she sucked in her breath and groaned at the sweet slowness of his movement. Jason fixed his eyes on Sharon’s tits as he slowly fucked her, loving the way they jiggled and danced. He too grunted as his tempo increased, driven on by the insane pleasure of his mother’s tightening pussy, the sound of his balls slapping against her firm ass and the sounds of contentment rising from her throat. Sharon shuddered through several orgasms, one following in the wake of the last, as Jason maintained a rhythm that filled his body with fierce satisfaction, slowly building to the point that he could no longer keep himself from exploding. Sharon looked up at her son, his eyes now closed and his teeth clenched as he struggled to hold back his explosion. She sighed in complete satisfaction at the young man he had become. He had been such an innocent, really, until he had placed himself into his mother’s arms and taken her as his lover. Now, she had everything, and she desired nothing more than to keep things just as they were. But now it was time to remind him that she was the parent, and the adult, and the more practiced lover. Sharon pulled Jason’s head down toward her and whispered into his ear, "Fill me up, my lover. Fill up your mother with all the manhood you have saved just for me. Empty yourself into me and make me yours again!" As she spoke, she squeezed again her pussy, undulating now as another orgasm swept over her. At the feel of her cunt and the words of her mouth, Jason surrendered to the most primitive desire of any young man, and he came with one powerful stream into the willing, wanton body of his mother. The two rested for a few minutes, side by side, feeling the beating of their hearts and listening to the slowing of their haggard breath. Jason caressed his mother’s breasts, playfully rolling his fingers around her erect nipples.

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   Sharon ran her fingers through Jason’s chest hair as she traced one painted fingernail along the semi-flaccid length of his cock. "We should hit the showers, kid," she said. "A little more fun there, and then back to normal. "Jason groaned at the reminder, and pulled his mother closer to him. She pushed away, though, and smiled as she kneeled over him. Playfully swinging her tits just inches from his face, Sharon said, "But if you are a good boy, and fuck me nice and deep in the shower, then I might tell your father that it is okay for him to going on a golfing weekend with his buddies this Saturday without me. " "Really? Oh God Damn!" Jason almost knocked his mother over as he rolled up at the unexpected good news. "Come on," she said as she stood up and started to race to the bathroom. "First one in gets to cum first!"Jason chased his mother down the hallway, happy that this lucky Wednesday would be nothing next to the lucky weekend coming up. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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