Making The Squad


As she entered the house, she longed for someone to tell, to scream to her mom and daddy about her good news, to have them share in her joy with her. But she knew they weren't due home from work for another hour and a half or so. She ran up to her room, and leaped on her bed, letting out a little shriek of joy to herself, and hugged the backpack to her chest. She had to see, had to try it on. She had imagined herself wearing this outfit for so long, now she would actually see it on. She quickly pulled off her jeans and blouse, leaving her in her tiny panties and lace bra. She pulled the uniform out of her bag, and laid it out on the bed. She was just going to try it on, so she didn't bother with the panties that came with it, which were much less revealing than what she had on. "Besides" she thought to herself, "This will look really sexy with these on. . . " She giggled at the thought of being so naughty, even though she was by herself. First she slipped the sweater over her head, then pulled up the skirt and looked at herself in her full-length mirror. She took a long look, and loved what she saw. The sweater hugged her breasts tightly, showing them off nicely, and the skirt only barely covered the soft curves of her ass, made even more revealing by the small thong panties she had on. She smiled to herself, did a little kick with her leg, bringing her heel up towards her butt, and flipped her skirt up teasingly, showing off her ass to herself in the mirror.

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   She again giggled with glee at the sight. Suddenly, a noise from behind her, a throat being cleared. She spun around to face the door, and her older brother Stephen was standing in her doorway, watching the little show, smiling to himself. "Nice performance, sis, i take it this means you are a cheerslut now?" She grimaced at the derogatory term, a name her brother and his odd friends had coined for the cheerleaders. He was always hanging out with the fringe element at school, rejecting the more established and accepted cliques. He was dressed in black as usual, black jeans and a black, long-sleeved turtleneck, and he still had his sunglasses on. "Too bad" she thought to herself, "He really is cute enough to be very popular, if only he wasn't so. . . . weird". "Don't call me that, dipshit, and how long have you been standing there?" She yelled at him, embarrassed that he had seen her little dance of joy. "Long enough to see how much you're in love with yourself now that you've got that uniform. . .

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  now that you've been accepted by the 'in' crowd. " he responded, with a sarcastic tone. "Why do you have to be so weird and try to spoil everything for me?" Chelsea asked. "You always have to be such a downer. Why don't you go get a life?" "Because, this seems more entertaining, watching you make love to yourself in the mirror. " he chuckled. She raced toward himto give him a shove out of her room. "I was not doing that!" she yelled as she came at him. When she reached him, he quickly reached out and grabbed her wrists with an amazing strength, and stopped her in her tracks. "You're cute when you get all riled sis. . . as much as I hate to say it, that uniform looks really hot on you. " he said as he gazed down at her, being nearly 6 inches taller than her. She looked up at him and saw a strange look in his eyes.

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   She was a little frightened by it, but something deep inside her stirred. "Let go of me. " she meekly said, trying to pull away from him. He held her fast. "No, not quite yet Chelsea. " He backed her up, still holding her wrists tight. She tried to struggle a little, but felt almost hypnotized by his eyes. "What are you doing?" she asked, backing up awkwardly with him holding fast to her. Soon, she felt the back of her legs hit her bed, and she tumbled backwards onto it with a little shove from Stephen. Her skirt flew up a little, exposing her thin white panties. Stephen looked down at her, and his eyes moved down to her crotch. "i just want to get a good look at you in that uniform sis. . . on your back in bed seems the most appropriate way to see it.

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  " "Why are you being so mean to me? Just cause you're a loser and i'm popular, doesn't mean you have to take it out on me!" she shrieked. He looked down at her, and a fire flashed behind his eyes. "That's all you care about, who's popular, who's not. There's more to life then everyone liking you!" he shouted, and as he did, he fell forward onto her, and grabbed her wrists, pinning them to the bed on either side of her head. His face was inches from hers, and his nostrils flared as his breathing became heavier. Chelsea could feel her brother's cock stirring in his pants as he pressed his hips against hers. Her fear was growing. She had never seen her brother like this, he was being REALLY weird now. . . but she also felt something else, something she was subconsciously denying. "What the fuck is up with you, Stephen? Get off me!" But her pleas were ignored. "C'mon sis, this is what you 'popular' girls are supposed to do. You give it up to whatever guy wants it, right?" He ground his cock into her pelvis harder as he became fully erect. "Stop it, Steph, i'm not like that, i've never fucked a guy!" He looked down at her.

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   "Well now that you're a cheerslut, i guess that'll be changing soon enough. Maybe sooner than you think. "Chelsea's mind began to race. What the hell was going on? The day she had dreamed of, now her own brother was ruining it by going psycho on her. "C'mon Steph, you prick, I'm a cheerleader now, you can't talk to me that way!" This just fueled his fire, and he pushed into her harder. "You think you're so superior now? I'll show you what you are, you're a TRAMP!" And with that, Stephen let go of her wrists, put one forearm across her throat, and held her down as he used his other hand to unsnap his button fly jeans with one quick motion. Kicking his pants off, his cock pressed out through the hole in his boxers. He ground it into his sister's pelvis, and reached under her sweater and grabbed her breast as he did. She shrieked in surprise. "Stop it! You're my brother! What are you doing?" A tear trickled down her cheek as she said this, but she suddenly realized she had been pushing her hips upward into his brother's cock, as he humped her. She felt his hand fumbling around her pussy, felt him pulling at her panties. Soon, she felt his finger find her hot button, and he rubbed it roughly. She realized her snatch had become soaked throughout this whole experience, and she heard the wet sloshing noise his finger made as he pumped it in and out of her pussy with quick short srtokes, making sure not to break her barrier. "This is why you wanted to be a cheerleader, right, sis? Isn't this what you wanted? Boys to want you? Well, i want you. .

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  . and i can feel it, you want this to, don't you?" Stephen shouted at her. "NO!" she cried, but her hips said yes as they bucked against his fingers inside her. "I mean. . . " she said breathlessly, "Not with. . . my own. . . broth. . .

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  oh godddd!" her hips pumped against him as his thumb found her clit while his fingers continued to work in and out of her. He knew he had her now. He slowed his pace just a bit and asked, "Should I stop?" She looked up at him, wanted to tell him yes, wanted to tell him this was sooo wrong, wanted to tell him to leave her alone, but instead heard a loud "No! God no, don't stop!" come from her lips. Her body flailed wildly against his hand, and she felt the muscles throughout her body tighten, and a strange sensation sweep over her body, starting in her cunt and spreading out over the rest of her. It was her first orgasm, she realized, and her brother was giving it to her. This thought sent her over the top, and she exploded with a high pitched shriek, and her pussy soaked the hand of her brother as her body spasmed out of control. After what seemed an eternity, the feeling began to subside, and her body slowly calmed. Her brother looked down at her, his hand in her snatch, and seemed to only just now realize what he had done and what he was doing. "My god, sis'" he said, coming to his senses some, "I don't know what got into me, i can't believe I. . . " But before he could finish, she leaped up and kissed him hard on the mouth, shoving her tongue into his mouth, probing it deeply. She rolled him onto his back, and straddled her legs over his crotch, and could feel his still exposed cock between her thighs. "Shut up, brother, now you've got to finish what you started. " With that, she reached between her legs and pulled her panties aside, and raised up a little.

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   She grabbed her brother's cock, and began to lower her soaked pussy onto it. As the head of it popped into her, Stephen moaned with pleasure. Chelsea dropped herself lower, and felt his cock press up against her virgin cherry. the pressure was incredible, the intense pleasure becoming mingled with a small sense of pain only heightened the feelings. Stephen just laid back, letting his little sister control this moment, watching her lower her cheerleader clad body onto his waiting, stiff cock. She pushed herself harder onto him, and felt him push her open with a sharp yet bearable pain. She clenched her teeth, and let out a low moan, and with one last great movement she impaled herself onto him, forcing his cock into her completely. She shrieked in pain, sat still for some seconds, before she started to slowly gyrate her hips on him. . The feeling of her virgin walls wrapped tightly around his cock, and her movements on top of him, was almost too much for a teenage boy to bear, but he used all the willpower he could muster to keep from exploding into her right there. Chelsea began to move more quickly, enjoying the completely unique experience of having a cock inside her for the very first time. Soon, she was lifting her body up and down, slowly raising and lowering her pussy on her big brother's ample manhood. The pain of the initial break had subsided, and what was left mingled sweetly with the intense pleasure of the act. She moved her body faster and faster, up and down, and began to grunt and moan with each movement. Her brother thrust his hips upward in perfect synch with her downward plunges, and vice versa.

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   they fell into a quick rhythm, increasing their pace together as they each neared climax. Stephen could feel it first, the pressure building again at the base of his cock, right above his balls. As this feeling came on, he heard his sisters breathing increase, and her chirps and squeaks began to get louder. He looked into her face and saw an intense look of pleasure. She looked down at him. He spoke. "I think I'm gonna cum soon, sis. . . " he warned her. "Me too big brother. . . don't stop, i wanna feel you cum inside me. .

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  . " With that, he arched his back, threw his head back, and drove himself deep into his sister with renewed force. She responded by increasing her pace, and slamming herself down on him. She bucked and rocked onto his cock, and watched as Stephen's face began to contort as his hot cum spewed into her freshly deflowered pussy. The sight of him and the feeling of the jizz spurting inside her sent Chelsea over the edge. Her body tensed again, and she let out a loud moan that started low and grew and grew as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her body. Her brother's sperm continued to pump inside her as her own juices flooded around his cock, and spilled onto him. Again, their orgasm seemed to last for minutes, and their cries mingled in harmony with each other. Finally, their liquids spent, Chelsea collapsed onto her brother's chest, exhausted, sweating. Stephen ran his hand across her back, gently rubbing the soft fabric of her sweater, now soaked with perspiration. They lay there for several minutes, not saying a word. Suddenly, they heard a door click and open downstairs. "I'm hoooome, anybody else here?" they both heard their mother call. They looked at each other in panic, and Chelsea scrambled to her feet. Her brother grabbed his clothes and ducked into his room before their mother saw him.


   Chelsea burst out of her room right behind him, and ran down the stairs to meet her mother. Her mother saw the uniform and threw her arms around her daughter. "I knew you could do it sweetie! Congratulations!" "Thanks mom. " she replied. "But why are you so sweaty, dear?" mother asked. "Ummm. . . I got soo excited, i wanted to try my uniform on and practice some cheers. I guess i overdid it a little. " she lied. Her Mother smiled down at her. "You silly girl. Did anything else exciting happen today?" Chelsea smiled, and hoped her mother didn't notice the trickle of her brother's sperm running out of her pussy and down her leg before she got back upstairs. "Not really, mom, pretty boring day otherwise.

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  " With that, she turned and raced back upstairs. .

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