Me and Daddy-The First Time *Improved*


"Do I look alright daddy?" Karen says as she smiles. "Whoa, Yeah sweetie you look grrrrr-reat". She giggles at hearing he mimmick Tony the Tiger. She was exactly 5 feet tall, with the bluest eyes you've ever seen, she had long black hair that went past her bum, 36 b size breast,a round bum, and dark features. "Ok sweetie, we gotta go now""Yes daddy," She says as she walks outside with her father. They walk to the car, a 2001 Honda Civic. She jumps in the front and he starts up the engine. They drove for about 10 minutes. And he pulls over. "Ok, baby, now you need to close your eyes. . . . no c'mon you need to close your eyes baby" He says as he smiles. "Yes daddy. .

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  " She giggles. As they drive up, she opens her eyes a little. "Sweetheart. . I need you to close your eyes. " Ben says sternly. She gets excited. "Ok daddy!""Kay sweetie, We're walking up to the door,be careful, don't trip, hunny. " He said as he guides her to the door. "Ok baby, I'm going to take off the blind fold" He takes off the blind fold and opens the door. "SURPRISE!!!" Everyone screams. "OH MY GOSH!! Wow!! This is terrific!"She squeals. "Karen!! Girlfriend! You look great!!" Jaren say as he looks her up and down. She giggles "Thanks J" "Wanna dance?""Sure!!! As long as it's dirrty dancing" She winks as she walks onto the dance floor with Jaren. "Hahaha.

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  . . You haven't changed a bit babe. "All of a sudden she feels a hand go down her dress. . Jaren's hand. . she giggles,knowing Jaren has had a crush on her since she was 10. . "Babe, I want you. . I want you bad" He whispers in her ear. She giggles and feels a tapping on her shoulder. She turns around and it's her dad. "Oh hi daddy""Hi sweetheart, Can we go and talk?""Um sure.

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  . Daddy. . Jaren it was great dancing and talking with you. " She says as she slips him a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah okay, I'll talk to you later then" He says very quitely. Her dad pulls her into a room. Holding her arm very tightly. "OW! Daddy you're hurting me!""Sorry hunny. " He says as he lets her arm go. She massages her arm. And stays standing. He gives her a stern look and says "Karen, honey, I don't want you talking or even looking at Jaren Smith""But daddy!! He's my friend!!!""All he wants is sex, that's what they all want. ""But he's different!!" She screams. "I saw him put his hand up your dress.

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  . Did you like that Karen?""Y. . yes. . . I did. . "He pushes her onto the bed harshly. And rips her dress off. "Daddy!! What are you doing?!""I'm taking your cherry baby. Don't you want me to?""Well. . . .

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  Yes. . Yes daddy!!"He rips her underwear and her bra. He smiles,looking at her stong agile body. She giggles as she watches him take his cock out of his pants. "Suck me off""OOO Daddy! It's SO big!!"She grabs it and strokes the head, she giggles anxiously as pre-cum shoots out. To Be Continued. . . . Please Leave Comments!!.