Me and my brother (part 2)


  So some time passed between the time my brother fingered me on our vacation. Nothing really advanced or changed much since we were almost caught!
  To be honest, i was so scared of having sex, or any kind of sexual contact.   It may seem stupid now, but i actually thought that I could get aids just by being touched like that.   (i was young so. . . )
   The four of us, my two step brothers, and me and my sister, use to play alot of games when we would visit my dad on the weekends.   We used our imaginations, and played all sorts of crazy games that kids do at their young age.
  One of our games we use to play was what we called "killer in the night" I think i was orginally a party game, but we enjoyed playing it between the four of us.   The four of us would all draw a piece of paper that had the words either Killer, victim, or detective. (there was one killer, one detective, and 2 victims). Someone randomly would turn out the lights, and then in the dark of night, the killer would grab a victim and 'stab' or beat the victim, nothing hard, just playful. and then the lights would come back on after a set number of minutes. Then the detective would interview the 3 remaining live people and then try to figure out who the killer was based on the believability of all the statements.  
    So whenever Greg was the Killer, in our games he always made a note to know where i would be standing.   When the lights would go out, i would suddenly feel his body on mine.

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   Sometimes he took me down on the bed or on the floor, since no one could see anything, and the others knew that i was suppose to be getting "killed" the didnt think anything of it.  
    In our game, we had a 5 minute time limit. This was so that the person who turned out the lights, if they were the killer could move around slow enough as to not give it away that they were the killer.   So in one game, i guess Greg was really feeling horny, the lights went out, and i was standing next to the bed, my other stepbrother and sister were on the other side of the room.   Suddenly I felt Greg's body next to mine, i was wearing some cotton sleep shorts and tank top, i felt his body wrap around mine, and i slowly sank to the floor. He was on me and began to kiss on my ear softly. I didnt make a sound since part of the game was to be very quiet.   I felt his hand start to rub me through my shorts.   I responded instantly and spread my legs while he was now placing his hand up through my shorts.   When he came to my panites, he quickly manuvered underneath them and began to finger my now wettening pussy. I took his finger inside me and reached around his shoulders and held him while he worked his way halfway on my body and halfway off.   This was even better than the last time I thought! Knowing that others were in the room with me made me so excited.
  After a minute of fingering me, he quickly and quietly made it back to the door and hit the lights, I stayed sprawled on the floor and no one but Greg knew how wet my pussy was underneath my shorts.   We kept playing the rest of the night until it was time for bed.
   As i climbed into bed, with my sister next to me, (we slept in the same bed when we visited our dad) i could not stop thinking about what happened.

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    Without trying to make any  noise or movement my hands slipped into my pajama bottoms and into my panties.   I slowly began to feel the lips of my cunny start to get wet all over again. I closed my eyes and wondered if my brother in the room down the hall was thinking about me to.  
    With my hand slowly rubbing my slit, i could tell that i was not going to be able to be still or quiet for much longer. I deftly climbed out of bed and began to walk to the bathroom where i felt maybe i could really rub myself with out waking my sister.   As i approached the door, i looked at the door to my brothers room.   I wanted to climb in bed with him soo bad. I decided i would sneak in and just see if he was awake.
  As i walked in, I could hear his alarm clock playing music very quietly.   He liked to listen to music when he went to sleep.   I slowly walked to his bed and he was turned on one side facing away from me.   My other stepbrother had his own bed on the other side of the room, and from what i could tell was sound asleep.   I reached over and touched Greg on his arm.   Apparently he was asleep.
     "hey" i whispered as i shook his arm.

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    He turned over and opened his eyes.   He smiled at me and scooted over on his bed so i could sit down.
  "what are you doing?" I asked. It was a stupid question.
  "Sleeping" he answered.
"i had fun tonight, i like when we play those games"
"me to," He said.  
"will you do it again" i asked shyly
He looked at me a little confused at first, then smiled.   He glanced over at his brother, and said "lie down with me"
I got on the other side of him, against the wall, and he pulled his sheet over my body.   It felt good to be close to him and so relaxed.   He then put his hand on waist as i was facing him and he was facing me.   I then scooted close to him and could feel his head underneath my neck. He began to rub my waist and let his hand fall to my ass.   I reached across him and held him close to me while he started to move his hands inside my pajama bottoms.   I motioned even closer to him as I loved how i was feeling with his hands now on my bare ass.
     "mmmm" i moaned.

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   "that feels good"
    With his other hand he grabbed mine and placed it on his hardening cock.
 "see what you do to me?"
 "oh wow" i whispered
i kept my hand on it but didnt really move it. I didnt know how to make him feel good and didnt want to hurt him.
I started to unconsciously spread my legs and he worked his hand around to the front of my pajama's and started puling down the front so as to get access to my hairless cunny.
 I breathed in when i felt his fingers in the folds of my lips.
I slowly started bucking my hips and and grabbed his cock thru his underwear. It felt so good in my hand.   He then quickly slipped off his underwear and i replaced my hand on his hot cock.
Greg withdrew his hand from inside my panties and palced it on my hand that was on his cock.
"do this. " he said as he started moving my hand up and down the length of his shaft.   He then proceeded to try and take off both my pajama bottoms and panties.  
I got scared and didnt move my ass up to help him.
"no Greg" i whispered. I was scared someone would catch us, and not to mention i was scared of sex all together, no matter how good having his fingers in me felt.

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Greg said nothing, but I could tell he was frustrated.   I dont even know if he wanted to have sex, but knew i wasnt ready to be holding his cock and be naked right next to him.  
I slowly started to try and make it up to him by playing with his hard cock.   I used both hands and reached down to play with his balls.
He quickly laid back down and closed his eyes.
"yeah lore. . . yeah"  i sat up a little and looked at him while my fist was moving so fast up and down his cock.   I felt proud that i could make him feel this good.
He put his hand behind my back and was rubbing in cirlces massagingly on my back.  
"kiss me" I heard him say through closed eyes.
With my hand still working his rod, i leaned up and kissed him on the lips.   it was just a peck, and he reponded my really kissing me.   I felt his tongue in my mouth and started moaning along with him.

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    This was getting me worked up!  I could tell that he was really starting to enjoy it as his hips were meeting my strokes.
"Im gonna come lore. . . "
"ok", i brushed the hair away from my face with my free hand and started to stare at his cock sliding up and down my fingers.  
"mmmmmmmhhhmmmm" he moaned and then i could feel my hand was all warm and sticky.   I thought he peed on me at first, and i let go if his cock.   He reached down and played with it alittle more and asked if i was ok.
"yeah, what is that?" I asked.   Its called cum. It what guys do when they have sex.
He esplained what he knew about it, and i was no longer disgusted.   I was proud to know that me, his younger sister could do that to this older guy, my step brother.
We took turns cleaning up and then went back to sleep, in our own beds. .

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  . i started thinking already about what we would do, next weeked. . . .
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