Me and my Brother


     one summer night when i was 14 and my brother 16 we did something unforgetable. before i tell the story let me descibe myself .i am a blonde b-cup boobs blue-green eyes and slim about 5''5. my bro is 6'' brown hair brown eyes and muscular and i will say very attractive.
       it was a summer friday night and me and my bro had no plans so we decided to watch a movie and hang out at the house our parents were out of the house for the whole weekend on a buisness thing together so we had the whole house to our selves. in the movie there was a very sexy sex scene that i could tell made my bros cock rise and my pussy grow wetter than it has ever been. 
     a couple minutes later i made a decision in my head that i would touch my bros cock and see wht he did so i touched him cock and rubed it and then my bro started kissing me and i kissed back acouple minutes later we were making out naked then i got on top of him and slid his 8'' cock in my tight pussy then it came to my hymen and he said are u sure and i said yes so i went down quickly and it hurt so bad but it soon wore off and we fuck for a long long time then after this we laid down next to each other and kissed i told him i loved him and wanted to have his baby and he said that would be an honor.
plz be nice and leave comments this is my first story.

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