Me, Mom and Kathy - Part 2


"Good. " I said without looking up from my comics. Mom sat down across the table from me and started sipping her V8 from the container. I would occasionally look up to see what her facial expressions looked like and each time, she was looking around the room. I could see the intent desire for her to start speaking, but I imagine she was just looking for the right words. "Eric?" Mom questioned, "Did you get my note I left for you this morning?""Yes I did. " I said. Oh geez, here we go. I guess it was better to get this over with now than later. "I wanted to have a talk with you about something. " She said as she paused, again searching for the right away to approach this delicate subject. "I'm sure you know that I had walked in your room to mention something to you last night, and got more than what I had expected. " She added as she grinned and looked away. Her face was bright red, as was mine. I was speechless, I did not know what to say. I think this may have been the most embarrasing moment in my life that I can recall.

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  "Eric. I don't want to beat around the bush. I know you know what happened between me and Kathy last night. " She said now staring directly at me as I pretended to read the paper. "Kathy said she saw you looking in from outside my window. "I could feel the heat from my skin rise as I felt her eyes peircing me. I put the paper down and briefly looked up at her. She was not angry, but had more of a quizzical look on her face. I did not know what to say. On thing I did pride myself on and my mother for teaching me was honesty. "Yes, I did!" I spat out. She looked at me and kind of hung her head down a little. It looked to me like she was more ashamed than angry or upset with me. I am pretty close to my mom, and I did not like to see her that way. "I'm sorry" I said, "But as I walked by to come in the house, I walked passed your window and just naturally looked in as I walked passed.

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  " I said pretty straight forward. I knew then that the explanation did not give reason to why I came back and watched the entire episode. I was now on the spot and I put myself there. "Why did you come back and look for so long? Kathy said she had noticed you several times over the entire thing. You didn't hide yourself very well. " She said as a smirk came over her face. "I dunno" I said as I slurred my words together. I could not look at her anymore. I sat there looking like a 5 year old boy being scolded by his intimidating father. I was so embarrased to be talking about this with my mother. Other guys would have already been talking to their friends bragging about this experience, but I had more respect for my mom. "Did you enjoy what you saw?" She asked trying to follow my eyes as they drifted all around the room giving every attempt not to look at her. "You can be honest with me. We have never had a discussion about this before and I think maybe it's about time. Better late than never right?" She said hoping to lighten the mood in the room.

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  "Yes I did. " I confessed. "Are you ashamed that I was with another woman?" She asked in a lower voice. I could sense she was hoping that I would say no. I thought about what to say. I knew what I wanted to say, which was that it was a fantasy come true, that most men never ever get to see except in those dirty movies. I wanted to confess my sexual excitement about it, but I figured mom just wanted me to answer her questions. I paused for a while searching for words to help comfort her, but I could not find anything astounding. "No. " I said "You seemed happy to me, so as long as you are happy, so am I" I managed to get out. 'Happy to me?' I thought to myself. God! Was I concentrating on mom that whole time and overlooking Kathy? I coulnd't have been. I've never looked at mom that way. What am I doing?"Eric, I have been with her for a little while now. Almost 5 months.

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   She does make me happy. " She said almost about to cry. "Then I am happy for you, mom. " I said now looking directly in her eyes. I did not like seeing her like this. She smiled and took another drink from the container. I went back to reading my paper thinking this was all she wanted to talk about. I tried to concentrate on my comics, but all I could think about was mom and Kathy. 5 months was a long time, I wonder why I never noticed before. "Do you like Kathy?" She said as she paused. "I mean the way she looked? her body?" She added as her emotions were not as into the question as before. She had more of a grin on her face. Oh man! Why does she have to ask me these questions. I continued thinking when I felt a small pain in my shin. "Well?" She said as she kicked me lightly.

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   Don't leave me in the air like that. I think she knew what my answer was going to be. If Kathy told her that I was watching, surely she must have mentioned that I wasn't watching her, but had my eyes glued to mom almost the whole time. I just looked up and very sternly said "I don't know, I wasn't really watching her. "Yep, she knew what I was going to say because she was not shocked. Her grinned turned to a smile. She put both arms on the table and leaned over. I looked up just enough that I could see she was wearing a low cut shirt. I could see far enough down it that I could see she had a black satin bra on that hardly covered her tits. It wasn't a split second after I started looking that I looked up further just in time for her to ask:"Eric, am I attractive to you?" She questioned as she tilted her head in that cutsie child like manner. Mom had taken on a playful tone now and did not seem shy at all talking about this with me. "Well, yeah. I'm not gay, ya know. " I said kind of laughing. "Do you like the way my body looks?" Mom asked without skipping a beat.

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   I think this is what she wanted to talk about the whole time. Maybe she was just feeling me out on the subject to see if I would even talk about it at all. "Like I said, I'm not gay!" I said as I felt the conversation begin to pick up speed. I don't know if I was trying to hurry it up, or if maybe we were both just comfortable talking about. I guess since we were alone in life, we had previously shared more together than most moms and their sons. After all, she would ask me about the men she was seeing. Men! I wonder if she just liked women now, and men were just a show she put on, or if she liked both. I decided not to ask. "I know you're not gay, and that is not an answer. " She said. "Yes I do, I think your body is very nice. " I stammered as I admitted what I did not conciously know. "Did it turn you on watching us?" She said as her tone became more cautious. I wasn't sure where this was leading, but I was getting turned on just just talking about it, much less watching it. "Yeah" I mumbled.

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   I sometimes think honesty can be a curse in situations like these. I can't lie about anything because I feel so guity immediately afterword, but right now, I wish I could just say 'not really' and get it over with. She paused for a moment, I'm sure trying to figure out which direction she wanted to go with this. I'm old enough to know that the direction I think she was headed was a taboo topic and should not even be thought by people, but the idea started to turn me on. My mom did have a nice body and like I said before, my hormones were raging like the average teen. I felt my dick starting to harden in my pants. I need to go to my room and take care of this before mom noticed. "Have you ever had sex before, Eric?" She asked. I dropped the paper on the table, and replied "No. ""Why? Have you not had the chance, or have you just not wanted to for some reason?"I have had the chance a couple times with the girls I was dating, but as out of control as my hormones were, I knew that I had to be safe about it because I did not want my life ruined like I have seen happen at my school. A couple of the guys on the team talked about their misfortune with sex and pregnancy. "Yes, I have had an opportunity or two," I admitted, "But, I didn't want to risk anything. Plus I guess I am just scared about my first time. I don't want to act like an idiot my first time up. Then I will be talked about all over school!""I'm glad to hear you haven't yet.

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   I always wanted to talk to you about that, but never really had the nerve, and when I felt like I did, I didn't know what to say to you. " She carried on. "Don't worry, mom. I think I learned about what to do and what not to do and the risks involved like any other person my age does. It's just the first time is what I am worried about. " I casually said. She had seen dirty magazines in my room before so I think she knew what I meant. "So you know about using condoms and such?" She said. I could see her face getting red again. I kind of laughed when I noticed that. "Why are you laughing?" She asked casually. "Your face is getting red!" I pointed out to her. "So it is. " She admitted. "Do you masturbate?" She very slyly asked.

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  I knew she was going to ask me that sooner or later, because she was too embarrased to tell me that she saw me doing it last night. By this time, I was getting braver with my words. I think now I realize that I was then getting into the groove that Mom was in and was maybe trying to seduce her, if that's what you call my ramblings. "You saw me last night, didn't you?" I said. It was more of a statement than a question. I knew she had, but I figured I would bring it out in the open, since she was not going to. I was definately getting brave by this point. My hormones were not in control of my mouth, and my dick. My brain was almost completely shut down by this point. Her face was bright red. The conversation had now come around to it's starting point thanks to me and I don't think she was ready for it. She started just spitting out the starts of sentences before she found what she wanted to say. "Were you masturbating thinking about what you saw last night?" She inquired. "Yes. " I said finding myself not able to look at her.


   As horny as I was, you would figure I would have just asked her to come with me to my room, but my brains were obviously still in some kind of control. "Would you like if Kathy were to 'assist' you sometimes?" she said making quotations marks in the air. Was she asking me if I wanted to have sex with Kathy? My face obviously showed this question I was thinking. "I'm not talking about sex, Eric, Maybe she could show you some things. She had mentioned that she thought you were kind of cute and ask about you today. Kind of like the questions I have been asking you. " She said as if it were quite an interesting thing that I should know. The woman had to be in her late 20's if not early 30's! Why would she want me?"Mom! This is getting embarrasing. " Was all I could spit out. It was true. My face had become bright red and again I could feel my body temperature rising. "Don't be embarrased honey!" She said as she scooted her chair close to me, "I understand your fear about your first time with a girl and would rather save you the embarrasment if it is ok with you. ""But mom. . .


  " I started to say as she butted in. "Would you be more comfortable if it were me? I know that it may sound wrong to you, but I find nothing wrong with teaching you the way of the world and how to make it without making simple mistakes easily avoided had someone showed you the way. " She added. My mouth was just gaped open. I did not know what to say. I wanted mom to teach me and show me her body again, but it was wrong! I was in a sexual turmoil by that time. Mom obviously saw the confusion in my face. If ever someone could say my hormones were raging, it was right then. My dick was hard as a rock, and I needed relief! Without a logical thought running through my body, I leaned over kissed my mother square on the lips. My mind was running rampant with sexual desire and my passion was being expressed in my kiss. She put one hand in my hair and ran her fingers through it, and the other was on my knee. I think she expected this as she did not fight and seemed to want it just as much as me. To be Continued ---*Note - Sorry about the lack of climax in this one, but I feel the drama built up and the things left to the imagination were erotic enough for this chapter. I wanted to build a sound foundation for the events about to occur, and quite frankly, this chapter of the story is getting to be quite long! More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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