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Meanwhile Tina had positioned herself between my cunt lips and was sucking on my clit as hard as she could, my cunt juices spraying deep into her throat. By this time my fingers were planted deep in Nikki's cunt hole and it wasn't long before all three of us came again, cum spraying deep into my sisters mouth. It was such an enjoyable experience that every Saturday afternoon we would have a regular wanking session. Four weeks later we were unable to use our house for the session as my mum was at home so instead we went to Nikki's house. We quickly went upstairs to her bedroom and stripped our clothes off as fast as we could. We climbed onto the bed and lay in a line, with me in the middle, our legs wide apart to expose are wet fannies and erect clits, and set about having one of the best wanking sessions of our lives. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped through our bodies as our fingers worked overtime, our cum soaking the sheets. It was then I realised that we weren't on our own. Standing by the open door was Rick, Nikki's 16 year old brother and his friend Tom. They had their cocks out of their pants and were jerking them off for all they were worth. I hadn't seen a hard on before and was both frightened and excited by what I could see. Ricks cock must have been at least 10 inches long with a large purple cock head. Tom, on the other hand, had a much shorter cock, perhaps 6 inches, but it was amazingly thick. We later measured it as 9 inches in circumference. They moved over to each side of the bed facing us, and as we continued to wank, they pulled off their clothes and continued to jerk off. Soon, all that could be heard was the sound of five teenagers lost in a world of pure sexual enjoyment.

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   The moans from the boys was getting louder and louder as they reached their climax. Their balls stiffened and suddenly streams and streams of hot white cum splattered all over our bodies covering us from head to foot. The sight of this finished us off and all three of us had massive orgasms, streams of hot pussy juice spraying all over the bed. Tina and Nikki then set about cleaning the boys cocks, taking each one into their mouth in turn. They enjoyed the salty taste of the cum so much that another orgasm ripped through them. Meanwhile I was using my tongue to lap the last remaining drops of cum from Tina and Nikki's bodies. Sucking the boys had had the desired effect as now both their cocks were erect again. "I want you to fuck us, and fuck us hard" Nikki said to Rick. Soon both girls were on their hands and knees on the bed with the boys positioned directly behind them. Rick shoved his 10 inch cock deep into his sisters cunt hole. He moved in and out, the speed increasing all the time. Every four or five thrusts he would pull his cock right out and ram it as hard as he could deep into Nikki's cunt hitting her so deep that it seemed he would explode into her stomach. Each time this happened the screams from Nikki got louder. "Fuck Me harder, shoot your cum deep in my fanny you bastard" she kept shouting. Meanwhile Tom was trying to ram his cock into Tina.

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   It was so thick that he couldn't get it in so Tina was using here fingers to spread her pussy lips as wide as they would go. She was so horny that she needed a good hard fuck as soon as she could. By this time she had managed to insert her complete hand into her fanny and was fist fucking herself. She quickly pulled her hand out and as Tom shoved his cock deep inside her she let out a massive scream as a huge orgasm hit her. Tom's cock was so thick that she was cuming each time he thrust in and out. "Wow. What a fuck this is, do me harder fuck me deep" she said. Meanwhile I was still sat on the bed between them, frigging myself as fast as I could. As I felt myself cumming I positioned my cunt hole over my Tom's face and aimed my cunt juice right into his mouth. He later said how sweet it tasted. As Rick and Tom came, streams and streams of hot, sticky cum shot deep into the two girls fannies, filling them up so much that it started to run down their legs. As they pulled their cocks out, I grabbed both of them, and started to lick them dry, running my tongue up and down the shaft and cock head. The mixture of cum and pussy juice was so great that I had yet another orgasm. Meanwhile Tina and Nikki had got into a 69 position and were licking each others cunt holes out, enjoying the sweet mixture of cunt juice and boy cum as well as sucking each others clits. .

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   "Michelle, I think you should be fucked" my sister then said. I was so horny that I said "Rick, Tom Fuck me as hard as anyone you have fucked in your life, I want a really hard, fast fuck". Rick got me to kneel on the bed and he fucked me doggy style, his 10inch cock pounding in and out of my cunt hole. Tom had rammed his cock into my mouth and I was sucking him off as hard and fast as I could. I could feel him about to cum so I grabbed hold of his balls and as I squeezed them he shot gallons of spunk deep into my throat. Seconds later Rick came, pulling his cock out of my fanny just as the orgasm ripped through his balls and cock shaft, lines and line of steaming cum shot up over my back, neck and covered my hair as he came and came. We were exhausted after that so after having a shower we all went home. The following Wednesday I had come home from school early as the games lesson had been cancelled. As my mum was at work, I felt like fulfilling one of my dreams which was to wank myself off in every room in the house. I closed the front door and walked upstairs towards my bedroom, the thought of what I was about to do gave me a very wet pussy. As I passed my mums room I heard a strange buzzing sound. Thinking that here alarm clock may have gone off I opened the door to find my mum, lying completely naked on the bed. I didn't know why she was there, she should have been at work, but I found out later. My mum was 35 and had always looked after her body. She had huge tits, at least 46FF and an incredibly hairy fanny.

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   The buzzing was coming from the 8" vibrator which she was holding in her right hand. She was ramming it in and out of her cunt hole, every four or five times pulling it out a rubbing it around her clit. With her left hand she was lifting her tits towards her mouth allowing her tongue to suck and caress her nipples. By this time my fanny was on fire so I quickly went to my bedroom, ripped my clothes off and went back to my mums doorway where, I shoved three fingers up my cunt hole and wanked myself off as hard as I had ever done in my life whilst watching my mum masturbating with her vibrator. Her moans were getting louder and louder as her orgasm approached. I could also feel mine coming and was starting to let out some groans. My mum must have heard me as she looked up, smiled at me, then laid back down on the bed her vibrator flashing in and out of her cunt, juices dribbling down her legs onto the sheets. Suddenly she let out a massive scream, her orgasm causing cum juice to spurt all over the vibrator and right out of her cunt hole. At almost the same time I came, spraying cunt cream all over the door and carpet. My mum then proceeded to remove the vibrator from her cunt and, as she sat up on the bed looking at me, she sucked it dry. Mum then beckoned me to sit by her on the bed. I felt embarrassed but it was too late now. She went to her dressing table drawer and got out a 12" double ended dildo. She then told me to sit on the bed facing her, our legs entwined. After inserting one end into her cunt, she pushed the other deep into my cunt hole and started to rock backwards and forwards.

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   This rocking movement also meant that the dildo was pounding in and out of my fanny sending shivers of pleasure thorough my body. She pushed my head down to suck her hard nipples, whilst her figures were giving me a good nipple fuck. Moans of pleasure erupted from our bodies as we had massive orgasms, covering the dildo in our cunt juice. After pulling out the dildo and sucking it dry in turn, I laid on the bed, my pink fanny lips wide open for all to see. My clit was on fire and needed a good seeing to. By this time my mum had positioned herself between my thighs and was licking at my hairy fanny. I couldn't stand this any longer. "Fuck me mum, do my clit, please do my clit now" I cried. With that mum started to run her tongue over my clit in a circular motion. This was the best clit fuck I had ever had and cunt juice was spurting deep into my mums mouth. When I eventually finished coming we got into a 69 position and proceeded to give each other a good tongue fuck. It was at that point that I found out why my mum was at home, for standing completely naked at the bedroom door was my mums brother, Uncle Bill. Uncle Bill was in his early forties and had a massive cock, all of 14" long, which was jerking up and down as he watched us. Standing next to him was my 14 year old cousin George jerking his 7" monster for all it was worth. As they walked towards the bed my mum looked at Uncle Bill and told him that she wanted him and George to fuck her ass and cunt at the same time.

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   She ordered her nephew to lie on the bed and quickly straddled his thin 7" cock. As she started to buck up and down on the monster, her brother eased all of his 14" into her ass-hole ramming his cock in and out as hard as he could, screams of passion coming from my mums mouth. George meanwhile was sucking at my mums huge tits as his massive cock continued to pound in and out of her cunt hole. By this time I had positioned myself over my mums mouth so she was able to suck my sopping wet fanny whilst I was using my fingers to give my clit a good frigging. Bill and Georges breathing got faster and faster until first george deposited a massive amount of spunk deep into my mums cunt hole soon followed by Uncle Bill who shot streams of hot white sticky cum into mums ass-hole and right into her stomach causing her to bite my clit so hard that I also had yet another massive orgasm. We were exhausted after that fucking session so after laying on the bed for a few minutes, as we were all hungry we decided to go out for dinner. When we returned, mum suggested that we should have another fucking session before bedtime. We all stripped off and went into her bedroom. Mum then said to Uncle George that it was time he gave his niece a good hard fucking. I knelt on the edge of the bed, my fanny sticking right up in the air to allow my Uncles 14" into my cunt hole. "Fuck me, Fuck me hard, do my fanny" I shouted. He could only get in half way but that was enough for my orgasm to cover his cock in cunt cream. My mum was lying down on her back, her cunt hole positioned by my face. As I sucked her open wet fanny she was doing her clit as fast as she could. She was also sucking Georges cock as he knelt in front of her.

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   As the ramming, moaning and sucking got faster and louder, all four of us had massive orgasms, Uncle Bill shooting spunk deep into my cunt hole whilst my cunt juice shot down his cock to coat his balls, my mum spraying cunt cream into my mouth whilst cousin George filled my mums mouth and throat with hot white sticky cum. I still needed more fucking and was amazed at the speed that Uncle Bill and cousin George could get hard ons. I wanted both cocks at the same time so whilst George fucked my ass, Uncle Bill shoved his 14" monster deep into my throat almost chocking me. My mum stood watching, wanking as fast as she could. The thought of being ass fucked by my cousin gave me three or four massive orgasms, the last of which resulted in me biting Uncle Bills cock so hard that he shot loads of cum deep into my throat and belly. It tasted absolutely delicious, a bit salty but nice just the same with George depositing hot sticky white cum deep into my ass hole. My mum then passed me her 7" vibrator whilst she got out her 12" dildo. We both rammed them into our cunt holes, cum juice again spurting over our legs and sheets. Bill and George meanwhile were standing either side of the bed masturbating as fast as they could. It wasn't long before all four of us came, me and mum spraying cum from our cunts all over each other bodies as Bill and George sprayed masses of hot sticky white cum all over our bodies covering us from head to toe. I was so exhausted by then that I fell asleep. Sometime later I woke up my fanny throbbing and soaking wet. "Damn" I thought to myself, "This had all been a dream". But wait, I suddenly realised that I was covered from head to foot in pussy juice and cum and lying next to me in bed was my mum, wanking herself as fast as she could with three fingers up her fanny. INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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Shemale escort Malta - Malta TS escorts are charismatic and knowledgeable enough to excel in these professions.

The little island country of Malta, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, has become a sanctuary for individuals seeking unusual experiences, especially those looking for Escort Shemales, TS Escorts, or Escort Ladyboys. This specialised profession has gained in popularity in recent years, providing discerning clientele with a unique combination of companionship and amusement.
Individuals who have had gender reassignment surgery or hormone replacement treatment are known as Escort Shemales, also known as Transsexual or Transgender Escorts. They provide companionship services in the same way that traditional escorts do, but their own character and experience can bring a fresh viewpoint and attraction.
Shemales escort Malta

The prevalence of Escort Shemales in Malta is due to the country's progressive attitude towards LGBTQ+ rights. Malta is regarded as one of the world's most LGBTQ-friendly countries. This acceptance has made it possible for Escort Shemales, TS Escorts, and Escort Ladyboys to function in a secure and friendly setting.

Transsexual escorts, or TS Escorts, are a subgroup of Escort Shemales. They are people who identify as a gender other than their biological sex and have made efforts to change their physical appearance to reflect their gender identification. TS Escorts in Malta provide a one-of-a-kind and interesting choice for people looking for companionship.

Escort Ladyboys, on the other hand, are a phrase that is frequently linked with Asian nations, namely Thailand. However, the word has acquired widespread popularity and is now used to describe transgender women working in the adult entertainment business. Malta, with its open-minded population and strong tourism economy, has witnessed a growth in Escort Ladyboys, adding another dimension of variety to the island's companionship services.

Finally, Malta's acceptance and appreciation of variety, along with its growing tourism economy, has produced a climate in which Escort Shemales, TS Escorts, and Escort Ladyboys may operate freely and securely. These services provide another layer to the rich tapestry of experiences accessible on this Mediterranean island, providing a new and interesting choice for individuals seeking companionship.

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