Mommy and Lindsay pt 2


Mommy and Lindsay pt. 2

I woke the next morning. It was Saturday. I got out of bed and went to go make coffee and breakfast. I heard the bed in my daughters room squeak. The next minute I saw Lindsay walking out in a short nighty.
 Good Moring! We both say.
 So mom, I was thinking about what I was doing night before last and I came up with an answer. I want to learn.
Learn what? Oh learn…. I get it now.
 So…. . what do u say mom?
 Well I guess I would rather have u learn here at home than with some creep  u think u love. So that’s a yes. I will teach you young grasshopper.

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 Thank you, o great teacher.
 (This was just a joke… this is not a story about having masters and slaves. )
 So I guess we should have some rules.

1. you cant tell anyone
2. No clothes in the house unless we have company. Even then no panties or bras.
3. No secrets either

Are those fair enough Lindsay?

So go get dressed and remember the rules!
As soon as we were dressed we went to go do some shopping.

3 sheer thongs
2 short nighties
1 new vibrator

Mom's shopping
4 thongs
1 nighty
1 strap on dick
2 tubes of lube

So we got home and ate something. Then we decided that we were both kinda stincky from shopping, so we took a shower together.

We got in and i started on my daughter. While lathering her up with soap, i asked her an oodd question. . .

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   "Hey, have u ever shaved ur you want me to?"
Yes please! she said eagerly
So i grabbed a new razor from the shelve and started my work.
I gave my daughter a little strip going up her pussy.
"wow mom, i love it!"
Good! Im glad u do.
So do you know the most basic way of pleasuring urself?
Im not sure. . .
Do u want me to show you?
Yes please!
Okay lets get out of here and go lay on the bed.
So once we were laying on the bed stark naked, i started rubbing my pussy to show Lindsay how to do it. She was mirroring me.
First i started with circling around my clit. The once i was horny and wet i put my finger in my pussy entrance.
Going in and out i slowly worked myself to my first orgasm of the day.
I saw Lindsay wasnt getting herslef anywhere and went to help.
I went down on her to get her wet.
"Unh oh oh yes ahh" she was moaning.

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Feel good baby?
"Unh oh yess fuck yeah! im cumming mommy! fuck! yes unh unh ohhh yes harder with ur tongue. yesss" was what i got in reply.
I started squeezing her nipples until they were hard as rocks.
"That was great mom!!" She says. "Im getting tired and hungry. wanna get something to eat?"
sure kid!
so we went and made a small meal of tomatoe soup and then went to ************** More later. Please no emails!**********