Moving In with Daddy - Chapter Two


His cock still had some of his juices on it; they were dry until my saliva moistened them, giving me an instant fix for my craving. It was short lived though, as I sucked them off quickly, leaving me wanting more. I was merely a fuck doll for him as he fucked my face, just like he had fucked Melinda’s pussy. He didn’t seem to care that I was gagging and struggling to breath, he wasn’t thinking like a Daddy then, he was a madman fucking his slut. He leaned over me and grabbed the dildo still in my ass. Holding onto the base of it, he twisted it and wiggled it, moving it around inside me. His balls were slapping against my chin as he stuffed his cock in my mouth repeatedly. I felt just like slut too, and I was a slut, I was his slut. His thrusts became harder and faster as his ball got tighter. He started ramming the dildo in and out of my ass slightly, but forcefully. My whole head seemed to jump as his cock pulsed in my throat. The first shot of steamy seed landed and it burned as it slid down to my tummy. He shots load after load of sperm down my throat, while pushing the dildo deeper and deeper in my ass. I could feel the base of it inside me, and then I felt the hole close around it. He had pushed it all the way inside me, leaving none of it outside of my shit hole. He pulled his still erupting cock from my mouth, allowing the next spurt to land on my face, and the next too.

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   With his cock dangling inches in front of my face, he pushed the other dildo in my pussy the same. I felt the hole try to close around it. He then grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me to my feet. It was both painful and pleasurable having the dildos buried inside me completely as I moved around. “You like watching me fuck Melinda?” He asked. “Yes I do. ” I said wincing in pain. “Good, cause I’m going to tape you next, but that’ll come later. ”He then opened one of the boxes on the bed and pulled out a strap with buckles on it. He put between my legs and over the boxers. It was like a pair of panties the way it fit, like leather panties. He fastened the straps on it around and over my pussy and ass. “There, that should hold those in place. ” He muttered. He then left the room telling me to leave the dildos in or he’ll punish me.

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   As he walked down the hall, he yelled behind for me to come with him. I followed him to my room, where he had some clothes he was laying out for me. “Put these on. ” He said while handing me a tank top and some very small and tight soccer shorts. “We’re going to go out for dinner tonight sweetie. ”“But Daddy, I can’t wear those like this, for one the boxers are longer than the shorts, they’ll show, and so will the dildos. ”“You never mind the dildos, they’ll be fine, but come here and I’ll remove the straps so you can remove the boxer shorts. ”I laid on the bed and he took the straps off, and then the boxers. Then he quickly returned the straps, and he made them even tighter this time around. He told me to get dressed and he’ll wait for me in the car. Unwilling at first, I waited there for a few minutes before I gave in and dressed. Once I was dressed, and had my tennis shoes on, I walked uncomfortably to the car and got in. It was now painful alone having the dildos strapped inside me, and sitting in the cars seat didn’t help any. As we drove along, the dildos became increasingly bearable. By the time we reached the restaurant, I felt slightly aroused by the whole thing.

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   I was in public, about to be eating, with my father, while there was a big dildo fully inserted in my ass. What a way to conclude my first anal experience I thought. I was walking a little funny as we entered the restaurant, and I thought for sure that everyone was staring at me, knowing what a slut I was. We were seated, we ordered our food, and we ate. It was simply pizza, my favorite food. I had all but forgotten about the dildos when we finished eating, but I quickly noticed they’re full effect as we walked to the car. I couldn’t believe it, but I was getting really aroused from it. We started driving along for a while; we didn’t really seem to be going anywhere, just driving. Then I noticed we turned on the street my Mom lives on. “We need to go by and get the rest of your stuff sweetie. ”I panicked at the thought, what if Mom knows, surely she can tell. We pulled into the driveway, but I didn’t get out with my father. “Jo, come on sweetie, lets get your things. ”“No way dad, I can’t, not like this. Mom will know something is up, she will.

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  ”“Nonsense, now get out of the car. ” He ordered. We went inside; where we found Mom sitting in the living room watching TV. “Hey Mom, what’s up?” I greeted her as casually as I could. “Oh hey honey, what are you doing here?” As she got up to give me a hug. It wasn’t until after the hug that she noticed dad was there. “Oh, hey Barry, what do you want?”“Hello Maggie, we just stopped by to get the rest of her things, we couldn’t get it all yesterday. ” He replied. I grabbed Dads arm and pulled him with me towards my room, mouthing to Mom the word stop as we went. We went into my room and grabbed the last few boxes that were left in there. They were small so Dad was able to carry most of them at once to the car, but he left behind one big one, it was light, but still big. I picked it up carefully, and walked through the house and out the door to the car, Dad took the box from me and told me to go back in and say bye. Mom and I always got along ok, but I hated what she did with my father. She had slept with a guy she works with, and didn’t even try to hide it. She had the bastard come pick her up at home one night while Dad was sitting right there with her, as she waited for her “Stud” to get there.

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  When I got inside the house again, Mom was sitting and watching TV, again. I walked over to her for a goodbye hug and a kiss, but she didn’t get up this time. I had to bend down to hug her, which made the dildos move around and poke a bit, it made me jump. “What’s wrong with you honey?” She asked. “Um, nothing Mom, why?”“Well you’re walking a little funny and you’re real jumpy, is something wrong?”“No, nothing is wrong, everything is a-ok, what could be wrong. ” I said trying not to over do it, unsuccessfully. “Ok, well you have fun with your Dad, and don’t give him any trouble. If you have any problems, I’m here for you, ok?”“Yeah Mom, ok, I gotta go so I’ll see you later. I love you, bye. ”“I love you too Jo, call me. ” She added as I closed the front door behind me. I got in the car, Dad had this shit eating grin on his face. “Oh shut up dad, you know she almost caught us in there. ”“I know. ” He said while laughing.

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   “You’re mother and I used to this all the time. ”“Oh dad, I didn’t want to know that. ” I whined. He continued laughing as we made our way back home. Once there, we carried the boxes up to my room. “Goodnight sweetie, I have a long day ahead of me, so I’ll be off to bed in a few minutes. ”“But what about me dad? Can I take these things out of me now?”“No, you need to leave those in for a few days. ”“A few days, are you kidding me? I can’t stay like this for a few days, I’m supposed to be meeting with some of my friends tomorrow. ”“I’m sorry sweetie, you’ll just have to make do, don’t forget who started this. ”He then walked out and went to bed. The straps were split just enough that I could still pee, but it took me the better part of an hour to manage it. I took my nightly shower, and brushed my hair, just as always. Then I spent another 20 minutes trying to pee. Afterward I went to bed. I awoke the next morning midway through a dream that lasted all night.

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   In it, Dad and two of my friends were fucking me. My guess is that was my brains attempt to try to justify the abnormal penetration. I had to pee bad so I ran to the bathroom, which is where I stayed for the next hour. This day would be impossible if I have to pee while I’m out with Sarah and Jane. When I came back to my room, I noticed on my desk a note from Dad. Dear Jo,There is some money in the kitchen for you and your friends today. It’s in the jar on the fridge, take as much as you need and have fun. Love,DaddyGreat I thought, this day might not be so bad after all. I went to the kitchen and got the jar, there was over a thousand dollars in there. This was going to be a great day. I ran to my room and dressed in jeans, a simple shirt, and my tennis shoes. I called Sarah and told her to meet me at the school in an hour, and then I called Jane and told her the same. We spent all day shopping, which was fun, trying on clothes with the straps and dildos. I came home only to find Dad had a woman moaning loudly in his bedroom. I crept to his room and opened the door, he was doing her just as he did Melinda on the tape, wait a second, it was Melinda.

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  She was complaining about not having the black rubber dildo, so Dad got up, went to his bathroom, and returned with a shampoo bottle. She cooed as he inserted it into her asshole. Just as I noticed the moisture between my legs, Dad noticed me standing there. “Oh hey Jo, come on over here and meet Melinda. ”Melinda jumped saying “What the hell! Who are you?”“Relax Mel, this is my daughter Jo. She is going to join me in making you scream. ” He chuckled. He told me once again to come over there, so I did. He told me to take off all my clothes and show Mel why she can’t have her dildo. I stripped and move in front of Mel, her face lit up when she saw the bulge inside me from her favorite fuck toy. “Oh, I see he’s got you too. ” She giggled. I just shook my head and smiled. Daddy instructed me to finish inserting the bottle into her pink ass hole, and so I did. It was hard getting the bottle in; her anus seemed to squeeze the bottle tightly as it sank in, causing resistance.

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   As I stopped pushing it in, due to it being in all the way, I felt her ass cheek on my hand, it felt better than my own ass and I loved the feel of it. Mel was only about 10 years older than me, and was in great shape. Her whole body was nice and firm, she had muscular thighs, a six pack, and huge tits. They were the size of my head almost, and the nipples were so small, they made the tits look bigger. With me only a foot away, on my knees right beside them, Dad sunk his cock in her sopping wet pussy. It glided in with little or no effort. He started fucking her wildly, while he played with my tits and nipples. He went on for about 10 minutes before he came inside her unprotected womb. While Mel stayed in place on the bed, Dad went to the closet and grabbed what looked at first to be just another dildo, but I soon saw it was a strap on dildo. Dad fastened the strap on to my pelvis and told me to fuck her. I looked at him with uncertainty, so he guided me to her entrance, and then he placed his hand on my bare ass, and pushed me to her. I don’t know what I liked more, my Dads hand on my ass, squeezing and pushing, or the feel of Mel’s pussy gripping the strap on, causing it to move around a little. Either way I was getting extremely aroused, and I could feel my juices starting to run down my thigh. Dad kept encouraging me to fuck her hard, so I did. I never knew the work that men had to do to keep us satisfied.

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   Mel was just beginning to moan a little, and Dad had his fingertip in my ass, moving the dildo around. After only 5 minutes, Dad told me to stop, with protest from Mel. He instructed us to position ourselves with Mel on top of me, riding me. We got that way and picked up our fuck. Dad yanked the bottle from Mel’s ass causing her to both jump and yelp from the pain. He quickly replaced the bottle with his cock. There we were, my Dad and me fucking with a helpless blonde between us, I was almost in heaven. All I needed was for that wonderful cock to be inside me, not her. After another 5 minutes, Mel leaned down to me and started kissing me, her tongue running rampant in mouth. I was a little nervous about it at first, but I loosened up and kissed her back. Every time I thrust into her, the dildos in me would move around, in an undulating motion, causing a fast approaching orgasm. I fucked her hard, just as Dad did. Through our entwined lips, Mel and I were both moaning and breathing heavily as the orgasms swelled inside us. When she started cumming, her mouth became really moist and warm, her tongue became incredibly soft, and her saliva tasted like metal, a certain sweetness that I loved. We kissed passionately as she came, and soon, as I came.


   The leather straps encasing my crotch were soaked with the first rush of orgasmic pleasure. The straps for the strap on went right on top of my clit, and every stroke moved the strap over my clit, enhancing my erotic thrill. Dad grunted as he unloaded his seed inside her ass, and after a minute, I relished in the feel of it as it slid down her slit, down the dildo, and over my pussy and ass. Once he had finished, Dad pulled Mel from on top of me, breaking our kiss. He then removed the strap on, and the straps holding the dildos in me. Next he pulled the dildos free from my clenching pussy and ass hole, it was no easy task. He had Mel put on the strap on, but changed the dildo out first. He placed in it the big black dildo. Mel then lay where I had lain before, and I climbed on top of her, sliding the dildo in my small pussy as I sat all the way down. She wiggled it a bit; to make sure it was in fully. Dad stood behind me and placed his cock head at my cavernous butt hole. I threw my head back and moaned as I finally had my Daddy’s dick in me. They both started fucking me, just as Dad and I had fucked Mel. Within a minute, Mel and I were kissing again, probing our tongues around each other’s mouth. I felt Dad’s balls slapping loudly against my tender flesh, his fucking was anything but tender though.

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   He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. He reached his hands up, pinched, and pulled on my fully erect and tiny little girlish nipples. Sending chills of pain all over my body, I was his for the taking. He kept pulling my nipple down and rubbing it against Mel’s equally erect nipple. Her body felt so good against mine. Another orgasm was taking me and I couldn’t wait for it. I humped Mel’s rubber dick hard, she sucked on my tongue, making it tingle. I felt the cum squirt from my cunt, soaking my Daddy’s nuts. Mel reached under me and pressed hard on my clit, knowing I was cumming on her big fake dick. Daddy pulled my head back using my hair as a handle, my mouth wide open. Mel stretched to my tits and started biting on my nipples, one at a time. I was cringing from the orgasm; my tummy seemed to spasm it was so good. I steadily rocked my hips on the cocks filling me. My orgasm was prolonged when I felt the first rush of Daddy’s cream spill into my anal tract, sending shivers through my anal muscles. His thrusts were hard, jerky, and fast as he pumped his baby girl slut full of his cum.

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   My orgasm lasted for minute after minute. Every time I felt his jism squirt into me, it seemed like a completely new orgasm came over me. He was pulling my hair hard, allowing me very little movement. I was chanting loudly the words Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me Daddy. Mel thrust hard into me as her orgasm took her. She bit down hard my left nipple causing me to yell, it hurt like hell. Though I didn’t dare say so, I didn’t want her to stop. The three of us kept humping each other for another 5 minutes, until we weren’t really even humping anymore. We were just gyrating against each other. As soon as Daddy let go of my hair, I immediately returned my lips to Mel’s for another long and passionate kiss. It ended with Dad and Mel still inside me, Mel and I were kissing, and Dad was rubbing my back. We stayed that way for a half hour before Daddy pulled his limp dick from my ass, spilling even more cum onto my pussy. I climbed reluctantly off Mel, and broke our kiss. Mel took the strap on off, gave me a long kiss goodbye and left, without even getting dressed first. Dad and I talked for a few minutes about what had just happened.

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   He kept exploring my thoughts on it. I told him I loved it of course, I did. Just as the cum stopped seeping from my ass hole, Dad pointed out to me that the camera was running the whole time, I got chill bumps from it. We stayed up late that night watching the tape, while Dad ate my pussy out, and I sucked his dick. The next day I was so sore, I couldn’t hardly walk. That was ok though, cause I just laid in Daddy’s bed all day until he got home, then we fucked again, just him and I. The End.