Mum Sister and me 2



This is part two of my sexual crusade in fucking my mother and sister
If you have read the previous story,you know what we are up to so far,if not,read the first part
Anyway,when we had finished fucking i went back to bed and i thought about it for the rest of the night.
For the next few weeks we did not say anything about it,we threatened my sister that if she told anyone,she would go to jail for it,she was dumb enough to belive it.
But i knew that i had to fuck my mother again, and that this time, it had to be as hot as the last time.
I planned this very carefully, when she was giving me a ride to work, i put my hand on her leg, and at every traffic light, i rubbed her pussy and she rubbed my cock, but that was about it, when we went home at the end of the day,we found out that my sister was staying at a friends house and that my stepfather was at work again.
Well,i didn’t want to waste this perfect opportunity to fuck her again,so i waited until she got into the bath to start.
When she got in,i got undressed and got hard,i dimmed the lights and got all the oils,vibrators and dildos out that i could find in the sluts draws
I had also found some chocolate in the draws, and decided to have some fun,so i melted down the chocolate,waited for it to cool down for a bit,then covered my cock in it,it started to harden,but i kept my erection
Then suddenly i heard the bath empty and the whore got out and started to dry herself off,so i went and lied on her bed with my chocolate dick in the air
She walked in and gasped, and dropped her towel and put her hands 2 her mouth,so it gave me a perfect view of her freshly shaven clit n her perky tits
Her eyes were fixed on my chocolate cock
“I know you like chocolate,wana taste this bar?”
“OH FUCK YES!!!” she said
And she dived onto the bed and deepthroated my cock,and with her heavy breathing,she melted that chocolate so quickly,i didn’t even realise she was sucking yet.
She slowly sucked away the chocolate and finally i felt her wet mouth over my cock,it felt so good that i came within two minutes.
When i did,she kept her mouth closed and got on the ground and opened her mouth and showed me my deposit,it looked sooooo sweet her gargling it into her mouth and playing with it,she gave me an opportunity to takes some pics of it,until she finally swallowed it
Then i put her up onto the bed,spread her legs so that her feet were being held by her hands behind her head and her sweet juicy pussy was spread wide.
I dove straight into it and lapped up all of the juices that were pouring out of that underfucked cunt
She moaned and groaned in pleasure as she put her legs back down and rubbed her tits,and i grabbed a vibrator and a dildo and shoved both into her ass.
And i obeyed her commands,and as i did,i lapped up the tastey juices that poured out of her cunt when she came in my mouth and i drank all of the cum that poured out of that sweet pussy.
We lay there for a while talking and laughing until we felt horny again,or at least it did.
There willbe more to this story and others soon guys