Mum Sister and me



This is about the first time that I ever had sex with my family.
When i was 17 i first started seeing my sister in a different light, she is 16,massive tits, a nice round ass and looks like she is always begging to be fucked.
My mother, she is 40,she has huge tits also, a nice fat ass and a little tummy but that does’nt bother me.
One day i came home from work and my stepfather had gone out to his night job and he would not be back until the late hours of the morning.
I had gone to bed early because i was tired,but my mother and sister had stayed up to watch a movie on tv.
At about 11:30pm i awoke to get a glass of water, and i had noticed that the tv was turned off,so i assumed that everyone had gone to bed.
As i drank my water, i had heard a faint sound coming from my mothers bedroom, but i thought nothing of it, so i kept on drinking, but yet again i had heard the sound, so i put the water down and i went to see what the sound was.
And as i approached the door i saw that the light was turned on and the door was just slightly ajar, and what i saw next gave me the biggest boner i have ever had in my life.
There were my mother and sister lying in sexy lingerie on the bed making out and feeling eachother.
I could not believe my eyes that this was going on just on the other side of the door,and it was making me so hot.
I saw that my sister was wearing a corset and a t-string with thigh high boots,and my mother was wearing pasties with a g-string and fishnet stockings.
I could not let this rare opportunity go to waste, so i whipped out my 8 incher and started wanking, and the faint moaning sounds from my experienced mum made me almost cum in just a few seconds of wanking.
I started to go faster,and faster until i slipped and hit the door. They both stopped and looked up, and my sister got up and came to the door, opened it and caught me putting my cock back into my boxers.
My sister gasped with embarresment, but my mum said “its alright chrissy, he can join in if he wants, i miss the taste of a cock”
So i walked in and my sister stood behind me and just looked, so i said”if this is going to happen,there are a couple of rules ok?”
“ok”said my mum and sister
“First, im incharge,whatever i say to do,you do it,i don’t care how weird it is,how painful it is,how it makes you feel you do it understand?”
“Yes”they both said
“Second, you will both swallow my cum,gargle it,swap it,wash in it and that goes for swallowing eachothers and your own,understand??”
“Yes”they both said with worries looks on there faces
“Lets get started then,mum,you and chrissy will dance for me and get naked,then you will suck me off,then il think about what to do next,understand sluts??”
“ok”they said
So off they went,they got up while i got undressed and layed back on the bed and started to strip for me,and they were pretty good at it
This went on for a few mintues or so until i told mom to use chrissys ass like a drum,and the slut did as she was told
Off she went,she spanked that little whore until she screamed out in pain and her ass was as red as an apple
“Stop now you dumb sluts,take of ur cloths and suck me NOW!!!”
They did as they were told,the crawled towards me,my sister looking as though she was going to cry but my mother had a smile on her face that made me grow another inch
They started licking,they licked and licked and licked until mum took over and took the whole cock in her slutty little mouth
She then handed it over to my sister,but she resisted.
“i cant do it” she said,and she started to cry
I looked at my mother,and she roled her eyes,but i wanted to fuck them both
So i did something i never thought i would do,i grabbed her arms and tied one to the bed post with some rope beside the bed,then the other,and then the legs,until she was strapped to the bed with her legs spread open
She was howling
“Lick her cunt mum: i ordered”and stick your ass in the air”
“ok baby” she said eagerly
I walked behind her,and rubbed my mums cunt while she ate her daughter out,i got her pussy juices and rubbed it on her asshole,she moaned
“mmmmmmmmm,what are you doing baby?”
“shutup” i said
Then without even thinking,i shoved my entire 8 inch cock in her ass intill my balls reached her gooch
“arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh” she screamed
I didn’t listen,i started pumping,bringing it all the way out,then all the way back in
“WAIT” i said,”i just had an idea”
I pulled out of my mums ass,and untied my sister and flipped her limp body over and tied her hands to her feet
“Eat her ass NOW!!” i demanded
She did as she was told,and then i went right back to pumping her sweet ass
Then i wanted my sister,i started fucking her in the ass while i sucked my mums huge double E tits
I kept going until i was going to cum,so i pulled out,pushed m sister of the bed still tied up
And i ordered my mum to suck my cock
She did and kept going until
“im guna cum,im guna cum uughhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh
Wave after wave of hot cum exploded from my balls and shot down my moms throat,she swallowed every last drop.

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I still had sum cum left in my balls that hadn’t decided to erupt yet,so i pushed together my moms tits and fucked them whilt my mum looked into my eyes and licked my knob
Then finally i came again,more than last time,onto my mums chin and in to her mouth, as i caught my breath,i watched my mum scoop up all the cum and put it into her mouth,also licking the rest off of my cock
Thanks for reading,there will be more soon


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