My Baby Girl Daughter II


There I was. In the shower. Just me (for now) thinking of what I had just done to my 13-year-old daughter. I had sex with her. Made love to her, maybe. It’s hard to tell whether it’s love or just carnal knowledge when the subject is your teen daughter.
The warm water ran all through my hair, when I hear the door open. I think to myself: “Ah, there you are Melanie. Was I expecting you?”
She pulls the curtain away and she jumps in behind me, closing the curtain. She immediately wraps her arms around my waist and rests her head on my bare back.
I can feel her nakedness. Soft skin. Hard nipples just above my own butt. (She’s only 5’2. ) And my dick is already hard and up for her.
“Melanie,” I started, “I’m not sure this is a good idea.

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Without a word, she grabs my cock with her little hands and strokes him.
She says, “I beg to differ, daddy. ”
I turn around to face her and I clutch at her shoulders.
“You know,” She continues, “It is every little girls dream to be with her daddy. ”
“Like this?” I ask, fighting urges.
“Like this. ” She responds, leaning up to kiss me.
I give in.
Once again I kiss her soft lips, sucking on her bottom lip. The amateur sucks my upper lip.
Then I run my hands down to her delicious butt. I respect my daughter, so I reframe to calling her tush “ass,” but right then, my thought was different: “I wanted to fuck my daughter’s ass. ”
I run my fingers along her crack, digging in deeper with each stroke. I can tell she loves it because her lip-sucking becomes more intense.
I break the kiss and start sucking on her baby neck.

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   It still smells like baby powder. “Oh. That feels good. Daddy. ”
I caress her asshole. It was so tight! My finger tip goes in a little.
“Wait daddy. Won’t that hurt? Do my kitty cat. ”
“Kitty cat?” I ask.
“Pussy. ”
“But baby, I’m so horny and I don’t have a condom on me. Just turn around baby. ”
I spin her around and begin kissing her neck while stroking her “kitty cat. ”
“Oh daddy,” she groans in both pleasure and doubt, “It’s gonna hurt. ”
I squeeze her little hairless vagina.

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She moans loudly and begins to cum all over my hand.
I rub her cum on my dick to lubricate, because it will hurt.
Then I start sticking my finger up her little butt.
“Ah! Daddy!”
She struggles little. I bend her over.
My girl bends over and holds on to her ankles.
Her butt is completely exposed. I spread her cheeks more. Despite my attempt to be gentle, I thrust my dick into her small asshole.
She screams: “Ahh! Daddy! It hurts!”
“Just for now baby. ” I whisper as I begin to, I’ll say it, fuck her.
It is so tight and warm. Feels like I am doing a super virgin. In all her screams, I can hear pleasure, but I’m not sure, ‘til the end.
Due to the tightness, I begin to cum inside her rather quick.

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   I still go for another minute, slamming my body on hers, smacking her little ass cheeks. Then I pull out.
My dick shoots cum all over her little ass.
She kneels down, exhausted and in pain, but she turns around and puts my dick in her mouth as it continues shooting the warm liquid.
“That’s my baby girl. ” I say. Pain and all, she liked it. My dick goes down to her throat for the second time. She holds her breath, squinting her eyes as I shoot the last of it down. Then I pull out.
“Come on baby, you need to go to bed. ”
“Daddy, I’m having a hard time walking. ”
I turn the water off. Then I carry my teen in my arms and step out.
“Thanks daddy.

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  ” She says as she begins sucking on my chin.
In her bedroom, I help her put her nightie and then I tug her into bed.
“Remember, don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”
“I promise daddy. ”
I notice I left some hickeys on her neck, which prompts me say, “You should stay home tomorrow. No school, okay?”
“Cool! You should stay home from work too!” She replies excited.
“No honey, I gotta put food in your mouth don’t I?”
“You can put other stuff in my mouth. ”
“Smart ass. None of that around people okay. Now, sleep tight. I love you sweet heart. ” Strange as it is, it feels natural for me to kiss her lips lovingly for a long minute.
“Night daddy. Wet dreams. Think of me. ”
I smirk at her remarks and leave my baby girl behind, wondering if I should pay her a visit at THE END







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