My Brother, My Friend, My Lover


The following is a work of fiction. Any relationship to actual persons and their circumstances is purely coincidental.

My name is Hyori Malone and I'm a 20 year old college student now, buthow I got to where I currently am in my life is an interesting story andI thought that some of the people on this site would be interested toread it. Plus it gives me a chance to talk about something publicly thatI have to keep secret in real life for reasons which I'm sure you'llcome to understand.

I was born in Taegu, South Korea and I'm half black and half-Korean. Unfortunately,  Koreans have an obsession with blood purity and so I,the product of a relationship between an African-American GI and aKorean mother, didn't have much of a future in my  native country otherthan maybe the sex industry or something like that. I barely rememberwhat my life back home was like, but I do recall being picked on by someof the kids in my neighborhood for not being full blooded Korean. Mybirth mother, I'm assuming, realized the very limited future I had anddecided to put me up for adoption and, when I was six, I was taken by avery nice American family, the Malones. They thought that my real namewas cute and so didn't change it, but they did give me a middle name,Jeanette, after my adoptive grandmother on my mom's side.

The Malones already had a boy, David, who was two years older than meand always big for his age, which would be a good thing, as you'll see. My mom's pregnancy with him was hard for her and so my new parents choseto adopt their next kid. They're pretty liberal and perhaps thecombination of ethnicities in my background plus the heart tuggingaspects of my probable future made them want to select me as their newaddition, I don't know. The good thing, though, was that Dave was verywelcoming to me and we never had the kind of sibling rivalry that mostchildren do.

My adoptive parents put me into first grade straightaway and it wasrough because I couldn't speak english for a lot of that first year. Myparents and Dave helped me a lot, though and by the time I enteredsecond grade, I was just about fully up to speed. However, because I wasdifferent in a school that was mostly white with a fair smattering ofAsians and hispanics, this one kid tried to bully me.

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   My older brothergot wind of it and punched the kid to the ground and broke his nose andnobody picked on me during elementary school again. After that, when Iwould get scared of something like a big thunderstorm, I would go intomy brother's room at night and ask to sleep with him. I couldn't sleepwith my parents for obvious reasons. Therefore my brother was the onlyoption. We began to form a deep bond and I hung out with his friendsrather than other girls in the school. Eventually, just when I wanted tobe held and wasn't really scared, I would go into my brother's room andhe cuddled me. My parents were fine with that for the first few yearsand actually thought it was a nice thing for Dave to do for me.

Unfortunately, when my brother began to go through puberty, my parentssat us down, explained the birds and the bees, and said we couldn'tsleep together anymore. We ignored their order, though. Instead, ratherthan spending the whole night with him, we would set his alarm clock forbefore my parents got up so that I could run off back to my room whenmy mom came to wake us up for breakfast. However, I did notice, though,that I could feel something hard against my butt now when I was curledup with Dave. I was nine, so I wasn't all that cognizant of what sex waseven with the lecture from my parents, so I didn't care.

When I turned 12, my parents thought that to keep me in touch with theculture of my birth that I take Taekwondo lessons. Martial arts helpedkeep me fit as my body was changing. For example, I only had A cups inseventh grade, but then my boobs and my butt came in with a vengeanceover the next year and by the time I was 14 I was sporting D cups and aprominent ass.

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   My looks have turned out to be the best of my black andKorean genes. I have long,  straight black hair and a Korean face, butdark chocolate skin, a lean physique (other than my breasts and butt, ofcourse) and I'm now 5'9" and about 125 pounds. I still speak englishwith a touch of a Korean accent, which my brother thinks is super cute. Anyway , the Taekwondo training paid off in eight grade when I wasconfronted by the class bitch, who called me a "yellow nigger" duringgym class. What was funny was that she was two inches shorter than meand was taking a big chance, I thought. I kicked her in the head andbroke her jaw and then jumped on her and was punching her in the headwhen I was finally pulled off by my fellow students before the teacherscame out. The rules of the schoolyard being what they were, nobody toldon me as the bitch was loaded on to a gurney and taken to the hospital. Dave got a big kick out of that and asked me to teach him some moves. Sohe became my sparring partner and he would sometimes call me "Hyorisonsaengnim," the second word being Korean for "teacher," or what inJapanese is known as "sensei. " He eventually shortened that to "Sunny"and that became his nickname for me.

Of course, when Dave got a girlfriend, I would become very jealous. Infact, I would always try to sleep more with him when he was seeingsomeone. And to be honest, I never wanted any boyfriends other thanDave. We were so close that I didn't believe that I could form that samekind of bond with someone else since he was there for me right from thebeginning and I always felt so protected by him.

But Dave would quit seeing other girls pretty soon, too.

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   One nightduring a minor thunderstorm when I was 13, I came into his room with myfavorite pillow wanting to sleep with him. I had actually gotten overweather as something that scared me a while back, but it was one of mydefault excuses for sleeping with him. My sleepwear back then was just at-shirt and a pair of shorts plus panties. I've never liked wearingbras even though I have to most of the time. I still only had b cupsthen. When I got into bed and turned on my side so he could cuddle me, Inoticed him brushing his thumb against my tits as he held me. "HeyHyori," he began. "What is it Dave?' I replied. "I hope you won't getmad if I ask you this but can I see your breasts?" he requested. He wasmy protective brother, so I didn't see any harm. I tossed the covers offof me and sat upright and pulled my shirt up. "Awesome!" he quietlypraised. "Can I touch them?" "Sure!" I smiled. I was kinda wondering howmuch of my black breasts he could actually see in the dark. He  raisedhimself on his knees and faced me and then put a hand on each breast.

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   Hestarted to feel me up and rub my nipples and I remember thinking howgood that felt. Since I was in a playful mood, I asked him, "so sinceI've showed you my boobs can you show me your thing?" I giggled. "Surebabe," he enthused with an insolent grin on his face. He laid down andslipped his boxers off since that is all he slept in.

My eyes went from the well built chest I always thought was hot down tohis groin. He was 6'3" and over 200 pounds at 15. I could feel myselfgetting wet as I stared at his eight hard, thick inches of sausage. "Have you seen a guys dick before Hyori?" he asked. "Not in real life,Dave," I confessed. I wanted permission to touch it and he wasdefinitely up for it, so to speak. I took his fat prong in my long, thinfingers and felt the texture of it. "What's that stuff coming out ofthe head?" I wondered. "It's pre-cum. That happens when I get excitedfrom looking at a pretty girl," he instructed. "Do you think I'm apretty girl Dave?" I pondered.

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   "To be honest Hyori, I think you're thehottest girl I've never known," he commented. "Really?" "Your looks aretotal win, Hyori. I  guess middle school guys are so intimidated by howbeautiful you are that they aren't asking you out. ," he posited. "Actually Dave, I've had my share of chances and I hope you won't thinkthis is creepy or perverted or anything, but the only boy I've everwanted to be with was you," I stated, my heart racing due to not knowinghow he was going to react. "Oh my God Hyori! Really?" "Yeah. So how doyou feel about that?" I very tentatively inquired. He grasped my rightarm and pulled me back down on to my back and then I felt his weight onme as he propped himself against my hip on his side, droplets of precumdescending on to my thigh. He gently prodded my head toward him andleaned down and, wrapping his right arm around my thin frame, he kissedme heatedly and we began to make out passionately. . His hand mauled mybreasts and nipples and the latter were now achingly stiff.

He tilted his head down somewhat and I felt my left nipple beingdistended by his suction, causing me to let out a moan. "Shhhh, we needto be very quiet Hyori," he reminded me. "Sorry," I apologized. Heresumed pulling on my nipples with his lips and tongue whilemanipulating my soft boobs and I was stifling moans and sighs.

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   Hecontinued this for a while, but let his hand drift downward to rub myvulva. God, it is so hard to portray in words how amazing I was feeling. The boy I loved all these years was giving me so much pleasure I wantedit to last forever. He inserted two fingers into me, which hurtinitially because they were so big, but it felt so good once my openinggot used to the penetration. I reciprocated by stroking his manhood andwe became a heaving mass of sexual noises . I began to feel super hot asmy now erect clit was being stimulated over and over by his hand. Iwent over the edge and had an intense orgasm. I felt so warm andpeaceful inside once it subsided and it was neat that someone I loved asmuch as I did him did that for me.

In the meantime, his voice was rougher and raspier as my hand glidedover his penis time and again and, with a choked grunt, he shot a hugewad all over my stomach, the underside of my tits and on to right arm. My fingers were coated with it, too. After he wiped the mess up with oneof his t-shirts he had discarded on the floor, he took me into his armsand we laid there for a little while, exchanging kisses. "I love youDave. Please be my boyfriend," I pleaded. "Hyori, I love you, too, and Ialways will," he promised and from that time forward we have beeninseparable. I hoped that he would make love to me, but he didn't haveany condoms.

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However, he bought a box of them the next day. That Friday, my parentswent to a Christmas party at the company my dad worked for. As soon asthey departed, Dave and I were up in his room and getting naked. We madeout and his redwood was flying loud and proud. I was as wet as theColorado River. "Hyori, have you ever given a blowjob to anybody?" Daveinterrogated. "No," I answered meekly. "Do you mind if I show you?" Ireplied in the affirmative and he had me get on my knees in front ofhim. "Okay, start by stroking it like you did the other night," heopened. "Now lick up and down the sides of it," he continued. I used thetip of my tongue to tease his shaft. Then he had me put it in my mouthand move my head back and forth. "Play with my balls, too, but do itgently," he called. I used my lefthand to tenderly roll them in my palmand tried to generate a tingling sensation for him by grazing them withmy nails. He was moaning and the only thing I was interested in at thatpoint was pleasing him.

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   "I'll warn you when I'm about to cum," headvised while I swallowed more and more of his precum. I started tochange things up, just holding the head between my lips and sucking onit. "Ooooh fuccckkkkkk," he shivered. As his breathing became shorterand more rapid, I sped up the pace of my headbobbing and then he blurtedthat he was about to spurt. I loved him so much, though, that I wantedto show him how accepting I was and he soon jetted his thick, hot loadinto my yapper. I let his cock drop out of my mouth and displayed myprize for him and then gulped it down. The taste wasn't something Iwould choose to eat if I had a choice, but it wasn't so offensive that Icouldn't handle how salty it was or the texture.

"Fuck, that was excellent Hyori," he evaluated, kissing me deeply. I wasso happy that he liked it and pledged to myself to do it for him a lot. He then directed me to lay on the edge of his bed and spread my legs. He kneeled on the floor and had me hand him a pillow, which he put undermy hips to make it easier for him to reach everything on my vulva withhis mouth. As soon as his tongue hit my clit, a jolt of electricity ranthrough me and, from there, his sucking and battering of my little manin the boat would pile on more sensations. He inserted his fingers intome as well and was lightly tantalizing my g spot. When he sucked on theclit, I felt a rush of blood to it, which added heat to the othersensations and I was moaning and emitting puffs of air with each pass ofhis licker on and around the hood of my clit. When I got to the tippingpoint, I told him to suck it hard and I had a screaming, seeing starsorgasm.

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   As I huffed and puffed, I told him not to stop and he didn't,leading me to many more climaxes.

When he jerked his head out of my crotch, I was feeling very pacific,almost like I was on a nice pot high. He stood up and took theaforementioned box of condoms out of his dresser drawer and rolled oneover his thick thunderstick. In my mind, I was bracing myself becausethis was going to hurt. Yet, I wanted him inside me so badly. I wantedto be as close to him as humanly possible. "Don't worry Hyori, I'll begentle with you," he swore. I knew he would anyway. "I love you, Dave," Itold him. "I love you, too, Hyori," he retorted, kissing me softly. Heforced his big cockhead into my opening and I felt intense pressureagainst my vaginal walls as they were cleaved  by his massive dick. Hemoved it inside me another inch and I felt a sensation like having hitmy elbow on the corner of something. I yelped and he just held his penisthere for me to get used to it. He moved it further into me and haltedagain. I was writhing while my system attempted to cope with the pain.

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  He popped his rhythm stick another inch and he was now against my hymen. I could feel it being stretched. "Do it quickly Dave, let's just get itover with," I hissed through the hurt. "Okay Hyori," he acknowledgedand snapped his hips forward, stuffing me, but also causing me to feellike I was having a knitting needle being jabbed into me so sharp wasthe pain. I suppressed a scream and let out an "unnhhhhh" type of noiseon the back end of it. I felt something dribbling down my taint and itmay have been blood. He withdrew his cock and I did see a reddish hue onthe sheath that encapsulated his flesh spear.

I felt his cock being very gradually pushed and pulled in and out of meand it hurt like a bitch for about ten minutes, but after that it becamemuch more pleasant. "How are you doing Hyori?" he asked. "Oh God Dave, alot better now," I signaled and his  thrusts sped up and the fasterthey were the more it was feeling amazing and I dug my nails into hisback as he began to piledrive his hammer deep into my sex. "Oh fuckDave!" I squealed. "Keep that up, oh damn!" I spluttered. God, thefriction was just so vivid and the heat and moisture inside me created agumbo of sensations that was indescribable. My pussy was now a furnaceof passion, a pit of roiling pleasure and I was moaning and grunting. "Fuck me harder you bastard, fuck me!" I growled.


   "Okay bitch, you wantit, you got it," and he impaled me furiously over and over and I feltlike I couldn't breathe as the heat and the prickly sensations weremounting inside me. As he pumped his big cock into me with his hugebody, I could hear the impacts of his pubic bone against my ass while hedrilled me and my breathing hung up for a second, which boosted theintensity of the sensations, and then when I was able to inhale again Ihad this tsunami of pleasure barrel through me  and oh my God, it was soheavenly. "Oh fuck Dave! Oh fuck!" I yelled in a high pitched squeal asthe orgasm tore through me. "Fuck Hyori, you're so tight!" he remarked,indicating that he was going to cum soon. "Come on honey, flood me withyour sperm!" I begged and he grunted and then shouted, "Oh fuck!"before he tried to flush his balls into my pink cavern, his flow dammedby the condom. He pulled out and went to flush the rubber and thenwrapped me up in his arms when he leapt back  into bed.

"Oh my God Hyori, you're so gorgeous!" he flattered as he smothered mewith his kisses. "You know babe I was always disappointed when youweren't in bed with me. There isn't another girl like you and I want tokeep you for myself," he burbled. Of course, I was super happy to hearhim say that and also tell me that he enjoyed cuddling with me as muchas I did with him. I was also really grateful to my birth mom for makingwhat must have been a heart wrenching decision so that I could end upin the arms of this wonderful guy and have the life I now had.

I let him have me whenever he wanted after that and I also learned todeep throat for him. When I was a ninth grader and could walk to highschool with him every morning holding him I was so happy. Yeah, a lot ofpeople around us thought it was weird how affectionate we were witheach other, though we limited our kissing to only when nobody we knewcould see us. At home, I was always laying my head in his lap when wewatched a movie or tv.

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   I wondered if my parents knew just how intimatemy and Dave's relationship was. And yes, at night i was still heading tohis bedroom, only a lot more often. Neither of us went to prom becauseit would have looked weird for a brother and sister, though we weren'tblood relatives, to accompany each other. Instead, we drove to the beachand spent a few hours making out in front of a fire pit. We had sexoften times at motels once he had turned 18 and could rent rooms so wecould definitely be alone with each other. We even commuted to collegelocally in order to keep seeing each other every day. The good thingabout that was fewer people who knew us, so we could spend time justlaying on the grass in between classes and be affectionate with eachother.

He just graduated this past June and asked me to marry him. I acceptedand wear his engagement ring on my finger even though legally we can'tactually get hitched. He moved out of my parents' place and rented hisown apartment, after which I moved in with him. We are like husband andwife these days and, as far as my neighbors know, I am Mrs. Malone.   Hecomes home from work and I make him dinner and then we fuck. We sleepnaked, too, and many times I have awakened him with a bj. What keeps megrounded and from getting bored is thinking what could have happened hadI not been adopted.

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   As long as he loves me I'm happy. .

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