my cousin and her friend in a 3some


 I was at my cousins house and she had a friend over. (  cassey is my cousins friend shes 14 about 5ft and 100lbs brown hair and eyes big ass and sexy thighs and nice small b cups i would say. kirsten my cousin is about 14  5' 4  100   lbs brown hair and eyes c breast and smaller butt) We was all sitting on couch watching a movie had blankets on us, cassey was at the other end of te couch and kirsten was in the middle while i was on the end and kirsten was laying on cassey and kirsten had her legs up on me. Kirsten and I have fooled around for sometime now and i start to rub her feet and inner thigh under blanket and i could feel the warmth comming from her pussy. i had my foot under my leg and she grabbed it and pushed up against her pussy and start to push my toes in so i start to toe fuck her thru her sweat pants. i looked over and she was bitting her bottom lip trying to keep quite so cassey didnt know what was going on.
So then my foot started to get tired and i put it on the floor and then reached back and started to rub her with my hands and i could tell she wanted it so i reached in her pants and started to finger her tight pussy, her clit getting real hard and so wet.
I could feel kirsten cummin on my fingers and as she did cassey pulled the blankets to get extra she was cold and she seen me fingering her.
" jason and kirsten what the hell are you two doing?"
I kinda freaked out and kirsten said " cassey shut up, I told you that me and him have been fooling around for a while"
You did what? I said to kirsten
Cassey started to laugh and looked at me and said " jason its ok the only reason im here is because me and kirsten are bi together and she told me about you two and i wanted to join in on the fun" I was shocked to hear this but I was very excited.
So kirsten and cassey start to kiss each other and fondle each others breast and then i seen cassey reach down and feeel how wet I had gotten her.
" damn Jason shes soaked"
" I know " i said
Kirsten and cassey took at there clothes off as i watched Kirsten said " You aint gonna watch ur gonna join in boy get naked"
So I did as she said and got naked in a flash to let me tell ya.
Cassey told me to lay on my back on th couch so i did and she said " jason even though i have sex with Kirsten i still have my cherry and i want you to pop it"
I shocked but said " ok"
There I was laying on my back and cassey starting to sit down on my cock. She lowered her self dowwn slowly and easly till she popped and got used to the feeling. As she popped she screamed loadly " oooohhhhh shit, that hurts Jason, ohhh godddd" then she got used to and started to ride slowly gradually getting faster i had my hands on her waist till kirsten sat on my face and told me to eat, so i started to tounge my cousins pussy and i slowly licked her soaking wet slit and nibbled on her clit as i did so she moaned" ohhh god yess. . .

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  . . . . jason eat me out baby. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . ohhhhhh. . . . . yessssss" then  i heard cassey moan " ohhhh jason YOUR COCK FILLS SO GOOD IN MY TIGHT PUSSY. . . . . ohhhhhh yes and i felt her jucies run down my dick to balls and as i felt her cumm i started to moan " ohhh casssey im gonna cum deep inside you" . . .

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  " ohhh yes jason i wanna feel ur warm cum feel me up". . . i thrust my hips a couple more times and started to cumm and i was moaning " im cumming" and i feeled her pussy full of my cum.
Cassey got off me and got down on her knees next to couch and started to lick my balls clean of all jucies.
Kirsten was still on my face and i was eating her out between my moans i could feel her pussy tighten around my tounge and she screamed" ohhhh yess jason im cumming baby im cumming" I felt it all over my face and got what I could, Kirsten got down and start to kiss me and lick my face clean of her jucies.
Then Kirsten said " Jason it's my turn to ride you"
I said " ok you do that kirsten Im ready for you "
Kirsten got up and strattled my cock and lowered her self down on me slowly and startd to go faster instantly, she was used to my cock by now.
Cassey got up on my face and i started to lick her big plump pussy lips and she was so sweet tasting the best i have ever tasted. I put my tounge around her clit and as i did she jumped and mad a sexy lil chirp noise and said" o that felt good" so I dont that more and she cam faster this time as i licked her clit and fingered her ass hole. she had such a tight ass hole it was good to.
As i was licking cassey kirsten leaned forward and they started to kiss each other as kirsten rode my dick hard and cassey rode my face.
I was in heaven, and i mean it pussy heaven.
I felt kirsten tighten and tinse up and she scream " I'm cumming jason cumm with me this time"
So she rides harder and i thrust harder and as she cums her pussy like jucies my cock and i cum at the same time deep inside her.
Cassey said " I'm cumming to jason"
Next thing I know my face is covered in cassey jucies and the both get down.
There down by my cock and they both start to lick my cock and balls clean then they start to kiss passonatly and i see there tounges caressing on anothers.

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" you to gonna fuck and let me watch?" I said
They looked at each other and giggled and said " sure, jason for you anything"
I got up and sat down in the chair next to the couch.
They started to kiss and rub eaches bodys as they both feel on the couch kissing. Cassey was on top and Kirsten on bottom and Cassey started to lick and kiss her neck working each nipple slowly as kirsten moaned in pleasure, then cassey licked her stomach and then down her inner thigh and her legs to her feet where she slowly lick and sucked each toe. This is what turned me on the most out of them two is what about to happen next. Cassey puts her foot in kirsrtens face and cassey licks her feet as they both lick and suck each others feet.
Then cassey starts to foot fuck kirsten pussy one toe then 2 then 3 then 4 toes next thing i notice is, is all casseys toes was inside kirstens pussy, giveing her a footjob, as kirsten started to do the same back to cassey. There was a lot of moaning load moaning. " oohhhhh goddd thats tight, oohh yea work those toes in me baby ohhhh" Kirsten screamed out then cassey started to scream " ohhhh kirsten is hurts, oohhhhh god but it feeellllsssss. . . . . . . .

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  . . so damn gooddddd"
They foot fucked for what seemed to be an hour Then they both got eager to taste each other and sucked there feet clean then cassey started to lick and suck kirsten pussy and clit as kirsten started to cumm all over casseys face.
Then cassey layed back and kirsten ate her pussy out till she cam in Kirstens mouth.
They both looked over at me and i was jacking off and and Cassey said " jason let me do that for you"
I said " ok"
Next thing I know shes pushing her ass down on top my head and Im anal fucking her virgin ass hole.
I started to thrust in harder and deeper, i got her down on all fours and fucked her tight ass so hard. she was screaming " omfg jason that hurts, but dont stop it feels so good"
I thrust harder and deep and told her " cassey im gonna cum baby"
"Ohhhhh. . . . . . . . .

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  yes jason cum in my virgin ass hole. . . . . ohhh god yes  baby fuck it hard till you cum"
I finally cumm deep inside her virgin ass hole and i pull out and see my cumm ozzz out her asshole and Kirsten gets to it and licks it clean then licks my cock clean.
Then we all took showers and got dressed. When kirsten was in shower me and cassey talked and she asked me " Jason, Do you think we could go out?"
Of course i said " yes"
And Cassey and I are still dating she is 15 now, we have been dating for 8months now. Kirsten is kool with it we still have 3 somes but i like it cuz Cassey brings her sister into it now and we dont do it as often with kirsten. Casseys sister is 13 and so sexy and tight but thats another story for you all. If you like it respond and tell me if u want me to write about her sister and us.


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