My daughter Sally - Part 5


Topic: Heather and KatieHeather and KatieMoving on a couple of years, when Sally had had two daughters by me and Megan the one, I was lying in bed one Saturday morning dozing, recovering from a rather sweet screw with Megan. As per normal on a Saturday when I woke I had fucked Helen who then got up for a shower just as Sally slipped into the bed desperate for my cock having just fed Mary her younger daughter. I'd only just finished satisfying her when she was replaced by Megan. She was also still in milk so, by way of foreplay I drank her dry before she impaled herself on my huge bloated cock, riding me with a passion cuming time and again before I had to give in to her tight cunt and deposited my third load of the day into her beautiful, still bald pussy. Anyway I was lying naked dozing on top of the bed when I became aware of someone getting onto the bed beside me. Stirring I turn and see that it is Heather. She pressed her naked body to mine her hand going immediately to my groin. "Hi Dad! Know what happened last week?""No don't think so. " I replied. "My first period! Now its time for us to make a baby!" she declared. Chuckling, I pinned her down on the bed and looked my daughter over. "You do have rather nice little tits and your pussy is just gorgeous! Think you'll manage to get my cock into her? He is rather large. " I said indicating my already massively erect cock. "Gosh isn't he! But Megan must have been younger than me her first time and if she, and Sally, could manage don't see why I can't! You'll just have to get me nice and wet first! Mind you I'm rather wet already - I've been playing with myself all morning listening to you screwing the others. "I kissed her, finding her mouth eager for mine, and fondled her petite tits coaxing her nipples to hardness. "Nice tits Heather.

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  " I complemented before dropping my mouth to one, my hand in turn going lower to her pussy finding her to be as wet as she had said. As I switched sides on her chest I asked "Did you get yourself over? Did you cum?""Yes Dad. Lots! Three or four times! I'm all ready for you - lets fuck!""Not so fast young lady. I want to eat you out first. Love eating virgin pussy!" That is a fact but I don't get the chance to indulge myself very often - virgins with whom I come into intimate contact don't tend to stay virgin very long! Still, can't have everything!Heather smiled at me "Sure Dad - no one has every done that to me!" She spread herself wide running her hands up her pussy obviously relishing the thought of me eating her out. Which is just what I did making her cum big time as I kissed her sweet flesh and probed with my tongue into her secret spots. She came again when I nibbled her little clit. Satisfied she was ready for more I slowly kissed my way up her body pausing to suck on each of her tiny tits once more and then felt my knob just naturally grazing her pussy lips. "Yes Dad put him in me! Make me cum and make us a baby!" She grabbed my rod to make sure he didn't slip away as she bucked her hips up at me forcing my knob into her. The transient pressure was immense making us both cry out but soon my huge cock was slowly boring its way into my young daughter, she doing her best to relax as she experienced a cock violating her for the first time. Soon she was rocking and rolling matching my every action, cuming time and again before my cock exploded in her driving her to an even higher plain of pleasure. I pulled out of her gently and lay down beside her my cock still erect. "If that doesn't make you a baby I don't know what will! You were fantastic Heather!" Before I realised what was happening I felt another, obviously virgin cunt being forced down my cock! My eyes snapped open to find little Katie with her cunt spread wide, impaled on her father's still bloated organ. "Katie!" I exclaimed. "I'm not going to be the only one in this house who doesn't get to fuck!" she declared as she rode me for all she was worth.

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   (Actually she wouldn't have been when you took my semi-granddaughters into account!) I just sighed and let her do whatever she was happy with - it was too late for anything else after all. I did mentally note that she wouldn't be a virgin when I got round to eating her pussy but right now, with her tighter than tight little cunt wrapped round my cock, I forgave her that one! She rose and fell on me instinctively knowing how to fuck and give (and receive!) pleasure. Heather came behind her to play with Katie's nipples which swelled to hardness. "Hasn't he got a lovely cock?" Heather cooed into Katie's ear. "I hope he's got me pregnant. You'll need to wait a bit but maybe you'll be like Megan!" (Meaning, pregnant the first time she ovulated!). Katie was obviously loving her first fuck despite her tender years and was very, very vocal in her orgasm. Her noise as she came hard on my cock brought the others into the room to see what was going on clad only in robes. I suppose they expected to see me and Heather fucking but what greeted them was the sight of our youngest daughter riding her father's giant dick while her sister played with her nipples. Nothing however fazed Helen. She just came and kissed Katie running her hand over her cunt and my still pounding cock saying "Having fun?" Katie just nodded as another climax hit her. "Good!" she declared pulling Heather away. "As for you - I want to suck your cunt!""Sorry Mum - not right now. I want all of Dad's stuff in me. I want a baby like those two! I could eat you though - I've never tasted pussy before.

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  " was Heather's reply. Helen settled back on the bed saying "Come on then - on the condition I get to do you some other time. ""'Course you can Mum!" Heather gleefully replied as she started to lap at her Mum's very succulent pussy. The other two came to Katie and I as we continued to fuck passion rising all the time. They talked as though we weren't there. "Isn't she stretched wide?" said Sally. "Yeah isn't she?" replied Megan. "Love to fist her - looks like she can cope. ""Yeah well anyone who can take Dad's dick can take your fist! It's not very big. " came the response. "Try this then!" I watched astonished as Megan balled her fist and thrust it into her sister's pussy going deep. Sally, being Sally just simpered and tried to take her deeper. Watching all of this and with Katie's tight little cunny coating my cock was just too much for me. Game time! My cock was like a firework mortar delivering salvo after salvo of jism into little Katie. She collapsed onto me exhausted as she had every right to be following her first fuck but she wasn't allowed to rest for long as Helen pulled her from me.

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  "Now you I can taste - no danger of you getting in the family way - yet!" she declared as she probed into Katie with her tongue and then her fingers keeping her cuming and cuming and cuming. Sally and Megan were mutually fist fucking leaving Heather looking a little forlorn even though she had just finished eating her Mum's cunt. I went to her drawing her into a tight embrace. She ran her hand up my still semi-hard dick tickling him to new life. "Love how quick he gets hard Dad! Want to fuck again - you've not been in my arse yet?" she asked. It was true that my recovery time was remarkable and yes I was only too willing to fuck Heather again so I got her up doggy fashion with her anal virginity in mind and plunged my rod into her hot wet pussy for a second time bringing her off in nothing flat and coating my cock in her slick juices. As I withdrew I scooped up more of her juice and smeared it over and into her arse before forcing my knob into her back door. She squealed a bit but soon relaxed enough to allow me to slide into the depths of the smooth, tight, tight rear. "OK honey?" I asked as I bottomed out in her. "Yeah Dad - feels great! So big! Don't think I could cope if he was any longer or wider! Wider especially!" was the reply. Slowly I withdrew all the way out just for the shear pleasure of penetrating her again. This I did several times until she came then I really started reaming her getting faster every time she came, which was frequently, until I flooded my sperm into the depths of her rear. Pulling away from me Heather declared. "Wow! That was wicked - don't think I'll be able to sit down for a week! You really should try that Katie!"Having been eaten my her Mother and having returned the favour Katie replied "Think I'd like to - you were well gone Heather!" I however had my doubts. "You're a bit young Katie.

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  " I cautioned. "Fitted my pussy! Why should it be any different?" she replied. I looked at Helen who just shrugged. Katie's pleas became ardent as she wiggled her arse at me. With the others egging me on and with my dick still rock hard despite everything which had gone before, I got Katie up just like I had Heather not long before and plunged my pole into the steaming depths of her tender little cunt fucking her good style till she came, and then, again just like Heather, I set my knob at her little virgin anus. She sort of fell back on me as soon as she felt my knob at her pucker almost sucking my knob into her. Shit, she was just born to fuck easily accommodating my manhood in her rear as I reamed her. Soon she was yowling out orgasm after orgasm until I saited myself in her rear blowing jet after jet of cum into her. As my cock slowly deflated and slid out of Katie she said "That was wonderful Dad - I'm going to want to do that lots!""Cunt or arse?" I asked. "Either - both" was the reply "and I want to learn how to take you in my mouth!""Let me show you. " said Sally sucking my limp pecker into her mouth. Predictably she got me hard again petty soon. When she judged me hard enough she pulled me out saying to her youngest sister "There you go! Why don't you try now?" So Katie did, wolfing my knob into her mouth before slowly sliding my full dick into her throat. She had obviously been watching Sally very carefully for she knew just what to do bobbing on my cock with a passion. All too soon I had to declare "I'm going to cum! I'm cuming!" At the last moment Megan pushed Katie away and I came all over her chest! The others smiled and rushed in for their share of my cream, drinking at Megan's breasts as they did so.

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  Saturday was now far spent and so were we. Heather was not to be disappointed - she is with child and due any time now. But meantime I love seeing her full fat belly bounce up and down on my cock as we fuck. And her milk is already in. . . As for Katie, time will tell but we fuck so often she'll probably wind up pregnant as soon as she is physically able - all my daughters are sweet but Katie is probably the sweetest and probably the best lay I've ever had and that includes her mother, my twin sister. . . -----
This concludes this story.


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