My new auntie


I was busy masturbating in my room and did not notice my auntie poke her head in and see me.
My 'Auntie" is 5 years older than me. My father remarried a much younger woman and my "auntie" is her sister.
I reached orgasm and began to ejaculate and as I watched my cum spurt and fly out I saw her standing there smiling and touching thecrutch of her shorts.
I said holy fuck how long have you been watching/
She replied long enough to get hot. I am going to have to do the same unless you can help me out.
I stood up and walked toward her and without a word I kissed her and she responded and as we kissed she undid her shorts as I was undoing her bra. Within a minute she was naked like me. I maneuvered her back toward my bed and she went willingly kissing me passionately as we went.
I pushed her back onto the bed and she broke our embrace and said that will need to be stoked up again and then positioned herself to suck on my cock which has subsided to about half hard after my wank.
After a couple of minutes I was hard and I pulled away and then went down on her and she had a fairly strong taste an said - god I haven't washed it since I showered this morning - it will be real ripe.
I didn't hesitate and licked and sucked on her cunt and clit.
After i had cleaned her up I began to position her in order to fuck her.
She knew exactly what to do and I was inside her in less than a minute.
She moaned as my cock spread her lips and slid easily down through her hair and into her wet and wonderful vagina. I was deep inside her before we said anything.

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Shit that feels good she said. Its been nearly two months since I have been fucked and I have been fingering myself almost every day - this feels absolutely fantastic.
I lowered my head to her breasts and sucked each nipple and she moaned again. I was still fucking her with a strong steady rhythm.
Then we kissed and she said I was strong wasn't I, I can taste it still.
I said nothing I was enjoying the sensation of her cunt tightly encasing my cock as I fucked her and realized she was a good fuck and knew how to make it feel better for me as she tightened her muscles around her cunt and squeezed my cock as I was fucking her.
Then she saidlets go doggy and I pulled out and waited for her to position herself ready to resume me fucking her - this time from behind.
I went back into her and I resumed the best fuck I had in months. I fucked her fairly hard and she worked her cunt in the same rhythm and as I went in she came back and our fuck was hard and quite furious. I suppose we had been fucking for another five minutes and she said OK it cowgirls turn now and I pulled out and got down ready for her to get on top of me.
As she faced me she used her hand to guide me into her now juicy cunt . Once more she took control and began to fuck me. Fortunately my cock is long enough for her to be able to really work herself hard on me. I was really enjoying it.
I said do you do reverse cowgirl and she said sometimes but I like to see the guys face I am fucking.

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We went at it fairly hard for a while then she lowered her tits down and as she fucked me her tits were rubbing my chest and I fondled her nipples and as I did she said squeeze them - hard, and as I did she said pinch them harder and I increased the pressure between my fingers and was really squeezing her hard red nipples. Then she said harder and as I did she came andshe was having one of the noisiest orgasms I have heard for a while. She was really having herself a great time. As she was almost finished I was working my cock up her hard and then I came and flooded her cunt with my cum and I really enjoyed the feeling as I pumped shot after shot of cum into her.
After we were both spent she pulled herself up and off me and as she did she slid down and took my cock into her mouth again - this time covered in the wonderful mix of my cum and her cunt juice and she looked up into my eyes and I knew she was having a great feast off me.
After she had removed all the quim off me she said that was fantastic - we are going to do this again and often.
I said they are going out tonight - we can have few hours of it if you like.
Fucking wonderful she said, I will clean up and shower and we can get into it as soon as they go.
Two hours later she and I were in her bed and we were working ourselves up to a long strong fucking session. She was ready for it and I could provide what she wanted. She was fantastic. If she is half as good as her sister I know why my father married her sister.
We fucked for four hours and I had five orgasms and she had six - that was just through fucking and we both had two more having oral, I had never sucked girls cunt after I had cum in her before and it was a bit strange me sucking my own cum out of her. She laughed at my difficulty at first but I soon got used to it. I had never tasted as much cum as that before - just a drip or two after I had wanked off and it got onto my fingers.


We decided to stay together in bed and not let the fact I was fucking my step-mothers sister worry us.
There was a few words said about incest the next day but we decided to ignore the technical side of things - we were not blood relatives so what the fuck - we kept on fucking and now she sleeps with me and we fuck every day.


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