My New Sister Part 2


My New SisterPart 2By Billy Jack
 I was in shock, here I was getting my first piece of pussy, and my dad and stepmother, catch me getting it from my underage stepsister.   I don't think Sarah even realized that we had been caught, because she kept on bucking her hips until my dick fell out of her pussy.   I jumped up off the bed dragging the blanket that I kept at the foot of the bed with me to try to cover my naked body, leaving Sarah's naked body exposed on the bed.  What the hell are you supposed to do or say when you are caught in this position?  All I know is that Sarah suddenly screamed, jumped out of bed and covering herself as best as she could with her arms she ran from the room, leaving me to do all the explaining.   In a way it was fair, since I was the oldest and I guess the one responsible.   So there I stood staring at my parents and they in turn were standing there staring at me, I guess they were waiting for my explanation.  I could tell from the look on dad's face that I was in big trouble.   I really tried to explain, but nothing that made any sense came out of my mouth.   My dad just stood there red faced and trembling with rage.   That is when my salvation came, my stepmother took control of the situation.   She announced that she would talk to me and that she thought it best if dad would go for a long walk and cool off.  Much to my surprise my dad walked out of my bedroom and I heard the front door slam.   Mom told me to get dressed and to come to Sarah's room when I was through.   She left and I got dressed as quickly as I could.   After all she had just saved me from certain death at the hands of my father.  I knocked softly on Sarah's door and heard mom tell me to come in.

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    When I entered I saw her hugging a weeping daughter and patting her on the back telling her everything would be all right.   Up to that minute I had not thought about, what if Sarah said I raped her, or it was entirely my fault.   Seeing them there like that brought out my worst fears.  After I entered the room mom told me to sit by her on the bed.   As I sat down she let go of Sarah and hugged me.   She started telling me how sorry she was that this had happened, like it was her fault.   I muttered that I didn't understand how it could be her fault.   If it was anybody's fault it was mine, I was old enough to know better.   Mom then told me that Sarah had told her that she had seduced me.   I was shocked, but it was true.   I just couldn't let Sarah take all the blame and punishment so I tried gallantly to take some of the blame.   Mom thanked me for trying but told me there were some things that I didn't know.   Mom said she should have told dad and I before she married my dad.   I still didn't understand and mom was reluctant to tell me what she was talking about.  There was a short silence between us before she began explaining.

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    As she spoke I could see the pain in her eyes.   She said she should have told us about Sarah's father.   He had raped Sarah when she was nine years old and had sex with her for a couple of years before she had found out and had him arrested.   Of course I hadn't even questioned how Sarah had known what to do, or how she had known how to give a blow job.   I didn't think about her not being a virgin when I had entered her.   I guess I was just too damn excited.  Mom told me that Sarah had been in therapy for a few years and that she equated sex with being wanted and needed.   That she had thought Sarah had gotten over this problem, but should have paid more attention to me when I complained about Sarah always hanging around.   Mom said she was sorry and would try to square thing between dad and I.   She knew dad was not going to be happy about her not telling him this before they were married, but that would be between her and dad.  I went back to my room and thought about what mom had told me.   I didn't know how I felt about it and was trying to get my thoughts together when I heard dad come in the front door.   I had left my bedroom door open and went over to the doorway to hear what was going on.   I guess dad was still boiling mad, because when mom stopped him halfway between the front door and my room and told him this was all her fault, all hell broke loose.  Dad started screaming for her to stop taking up for me, that it was my fault and she damn well knew it.


    Mom shouted back that if he would shut the hell up for a minute and sit down she would explain how it was her fault and not mine.   Dad was not used to being talked back to, I could see him straining to hold back his rage.   Dad must love her I thought, or he would have beaten the shit out of her instead of throwing himself in the chair.  Dad sat there as mom told him about Sarah's problem and how Sarah had told her that she had seduced me.   Dad asked her why she had never told him this before, and she said that she didn't know if dad would still want them if he knew about Sarah's problem.   She said that she loved him very much and was afraid of losing him, and that she had thought Sarah had overcome her problem.  I saw the rage drain from my father's face, as he stood and took my stepmother in his arms and kissed her tear-stained face.   I started to relax, it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.   I heard dad say that it really wasn't as bad because Sarah was not my blood sister.   He said that he guessed my hormones had over-ridden my judgement, and he would just have a word with me to make sure it didn't happen again.  I ran back to my bed, before dad got there.   He came in and said he would like to have a word with me.   I sat up in my bed as he sat on the edge.   He looked me in the eye and said he was sorry for getting so mad at me that he knew that I was a good young man and should have listened to the explanation before going off half cocked.   He said it was partly his fault, because he should have listened to me when I complained about Sarah always hanging around.

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    He said he was sure that I would never let this happen again, that it just wasn't proper for stepchildren to have sex.   What could I say, this was the first time my dad had ever said he was sorry, so I told him I would make sure it never happened again.  That night I laid awake for hours tossing and turning before I finally drifted of to sleep.   Then when I finally slept I had dreams.   I was dreaming of how good it felt when Sarah had sucked my cock, and when I entered her hot wet pussy.   I woke up at 1:30 am I had only been asleep for an hour or so.   I had a raging hard on and a empty feeling in my heart.   That's when it happened, I started thinking with the wrong head again.  I got up and quietly crept down the hall to Sarah's room.   Her bedroom door was ajar.   I eased it open and moved toward her bed, and looked down at Sarah's face.   She appeared to be asleep her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply.   I knelt beside her bed and called her name softly and she opened her eyes.   I told her that we needed to talk and she said she had been afraid that I would never want to talk to her again after I had found out about her.   As we whispered I realized that we were making too much noise and would soon wake our parents.

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    I suggested we move to my room which was farther down the hall from our parent's room.   She got up and I took her hand as we left her room for mine.  When we got into my bedroom I sat Sarah on the bed and sat down next to her.   I took her hand in mine and looked into her eyes and realized that she had started to cry.   I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she though I would hate her now that I knew about her and her father.   I told her that I thought that what had happened then was not her fault.   She squeezed my hand and smiled at me.   I reached up and brushed the tears from her eyes and told her that I could never hate her, because I loved her very much and I liked what had happened between us.    I put my arm around her and softly kissed her lips.   She melted into my arms and I was burning with desire again.   I stopped and pulled away so I could tell her that she didn't have to do this for me to love her, that I would love her weather she made love to me or not.   She smiled at me and told me that she knew it and that is what had made our first time special.   She had done it because she wanted to not because she had to.  With that out of the way we quickly removed our clothes and got on the bed.   This time I took the lead and slowly kissed my way down her body until I had kissed and licked every inch of her young body.

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    I ate her hot pussy until she begged me to stop because she didn't think she could cum again.   After a few minutes she got astride me and took my cock in her hand and rubbed her wet slit with the head of my dick.   Then she rose and lowered herself on my hard dick.   God she was so tight that I didn't think it was going to go into her.  Sarah started riding my cock like a bronco buster.   I just held on for the ride of my life.   It didn't take long before I filled her pussy with my hot cum.   She collapsed on top of me and we kissed for what seemed like hours.   She then slipped down my body and cleaned my dick off with her tongue.   How I wanted to stay like this forever but I knew I had to get Sarah back to her room before our parents got up.   As I got up I told Sarah that I thought it best if we kept our relationship a secret from our parents and she agreed.   I took her in my arms and told her I loved her and she said she loved me too.   She told me someday she wanted to tell me about her and her dad.    As I walked her back to her room I knew I would be back every chance I got.
The end of chapter 2But just the beginning of the story

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