My Sister Amanda Part 1


My Sister Amanda Part 1

Now, me and my sister didn’t get along to well when we were growing up. That’s probably due to the fact that I always gave her hell because my secret was that I wanted her, I wanted her badly. Now my sister Amanda is 20 and stands about 5’5”, dark brown hair that goes down to about the middle of her shoulder blades, gorgeous 36C tits, and the perfectly round ass you have ever seen. I mean she was HOT!!!

At the time I was only 18 and was in my senior year of high school. Well one day I got out of school early and since all my friends were still in class, I had nothing better do so do I just went home. Amanda has been working at this game store and going to college. So it thought that I would be alone when I got there. I walked in the door and start to head towards my room and I notice that the shower is running. So as I walk up to the bathroom door was still open a crack. As I peak in I see my sister rubbing her breasts and clit, moaning as she did this. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe my luck. For the longest time I have wanted to see my sister naked and here she is, not only naked but masturbating. As I stood there I felt my cock start to get hard, so I pulled it out and slowly started to stroke it as I watched her. I noticed her breathing was getting shorter and her moans were getting louder and I knew she was about to cum, so I picked up my pace because I wanted to cum with her. As she screamed out her orgasm I grunted as well as I shot my load all over the door. I was glad she was screaming loudly because I was sure that if she didn’t, she would have heard me to.

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   As she finished up cleaning herself up and finishing her shower, I cleaned off the door and ran into my room. .

I sat down at my computer and started checking my email when I heard the shower shut off. Now I left my door open a crack to watch her walk by. I always have done that because I like to watch her in nothing but a towel. I have dreams about her getting out of the shower and coming into my room and dropping it in the floor and just fucking me, but it never has happened and I’m sure it never will. As she walked past my door she stopped, then peaked in and I thought I heard her gasp. As I looked up from my computer she looked at me with a horrified look on her face. “Are you alright Amanda?” I asked her. She just looked at me as if in a daze then nodded slightly “Yes. Yes I’m fine. How long have you been home?” I looked at her and knew that she would kill me if she knew I watched her masturbate in the shower and knew she would hate me for life if she knew that I jerked off to her so I lied ”Oh not long. I just got home. Got out of school early today and had nothing else to do, so I thought I would come home. ” “Oh okay.

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  ” she said as she walked out and into her room, which was right next door to my room. A few minutes later she came knocking at my door and walks in, fully dressed, which was disappointing to me. “Hey little bro, do you know if anyone else was here before you because I thought I heard someone grunting while I was in the shower. ” At that instance my face turned red, I’m sure of it. I didn’t think I was that loud or could be heard over her screaming. All I could do was shake my head at her before managing to speak any words at her. “No, no one was here as far as I know. I came home and the house was empty. ”She looked at me for a while with a quizzical look on her face before nodding and saying, “okay, just wanted to make sure” as she turned around and walked back out. As I heard her door close shut I breathed a sigh of relief, I couldn’t believe she had actually heard me and even better was, she believed me when I told her that Ididn’t know who it was.

Later that night, after we had all eaten, we were all sitting down watching TV. I didn’t like what was on so I decided to get up and go to my room and watch some movies online or something, but I would probably end up thinking about what happened earlier that day and jerk off again. As I sat down on my bed, I must have fallen asleep cause I started dreaming about my sister in the shower earlier this evening. Somewhere in the background in the dream, I heard my sister call my name. It sounded like an echo, and then I noticed that everything was shacking.

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   That’s when I had realized I must have fallen asleep so as I woke back up I saw my sister there, shacking me calling my name out. As I laid there for a second staring at my sister I heard her say “Damn Billy, it’s about time you woke up. I wanted to talk to you. You got a few minutes?”Rubbing my eyes and nodding my head at her “Yes sis, I got a few minutes for you. ” Hell yea I have time for her, I love her being near so I can stare at those tits of hers. She sat down at the edge of my bed and looked down at the floor, occasionally looking up at me like she was shy or something. She finally looked up and smiled at me and said, “Did you like what you saw earlier today while I was in the shower?” my jaw dropped. I could have sworn she didn’t see me. All I could do was stutter, not able to get a word out. “I know you were looking in Billy. I saw you watching me as I masturbated. At first I was upset but then I noticed that I got even more excited knowing you where watching me. ” All I could do was just stare at her, still not able to speak. “I’m glad you were watching me Billy. I have been dreaming about you for a while now.

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  ” As she said this she stood up and let the pants she was wearing fall to the floor, then took her shirt off and threw it on the ground. I couldn’t believe it, there she was, my own sister, standing there in front of me with nothing on. My cock started to get hard and all I could do is just sit there staring at her.

My eyes would start at her beautiful firm tits and move down to her shaved pussy. “You like what you see little brother?” she asked me and all I could do was nod. As she smiled at me she got on her knees on the bed and took her left hand and started to rub my hard cock through my jeans. Now mind you I don’t have a small cock my all means. It’s about 9 inched long and about as big as a toilet paper roll tubing. “Oh my, that thing feels huge. Let me see it. ” As she said that she started to undo my pants and reach in and started to rub on it and stroke it before pulling it out. As she pulled it out her eyes got big and wide. “Holy shit that thing is huge. I have never seen one this big before. I’m not sure I could take it all.

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  ” She said while slowly stroking it and rubbing the pre-cum that was already leaking out all over the head. Feeling her soft hands all over my cock was almost too much for me. My wildest dreams were finally coming true for me. She must have seen the look on my face because I heard her giggle then felt her warm tongue swirl around my head, licking up all the pre-cum. I looked down at her and she smiled at me and winked and then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking it and I could feel her tongue swirl around my head again. “Oh my god Amanda, I have wanted you for the longest time. I want to fuck you so bad right now. ” I told her. All she said was “You will, just not right now. I want to have some fun with you first” as she winked at me again and her head just engulfed my cock and slowly slide down my shaft.

I felt the back of her throat and her gagging a little, and I saw that she had only taken about ¾ of it. I was impressed and loving the feeling of it, so much that I almost exploded in her mouth. I guess she knew I was about to because she pulled my cock out of her mouth and told me “you’re really horny aren’t you? Well I hope you up for a long night then cause I want this cock in my pussy before morning. ” As she then giggled again. “Oh Billy, I want to taste your cum.

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   I want you to cum in my mouth. ” She said as she started to bob her head up and down my cock faster this time as she massaged my balls. I gasped as all I could say was “Oh my god Amanda that feels so good. I’m about to cum, oh yea I’m going to fill that mouth up with my cum. ”Just as I finished saying it I exploded, empty my balls into her mouth. I heard her slurping as she tried to keep up with it but some of it started to leak out from her mouth. My cock was pumping more and more cum into her mouth till my balls were empty. I could feel her swallowing with each squirt, her throat closing tighter around my cock each time she did. The whole time I felt her massaging my balls as they emptied inside her warm mouth. As my balls emptied, she sucks hard as she slowly pulled my cock from her mouth, sucking every last drop she could. Gasping from pleasure,”Oh my god Amanda, that was the best blowjob I have ever had. ”Having many from other girls around school, I could honestly say that. She look at me with cum dripping from her chin as she smiles at me and said “I’m glad you enjoyed it, I never imagined you would taste that good. I’m so wet and horny now. ”

She sat on her feet and held herself up with her hands, causing her tits to be squeezed together by her arms, I sat up and got on my knees and leaned in and started to run my tongue around her areoles, not touching her nipple.

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   She gasped as she wrapped her arms around my head and trying to push my face closer to her tit. I finally flicked my tongue at it and then took it into my mouth, biting softly on it while rubbing my tongue across it while it was in my mouth. As I sucked on one nipple I used my other hand to massage her other breast, and finally found how just how firm they really were. I heard her gasping in pleasure and she managed to say “I want you to lick my pussy. Oh Billy, will you please eat me out?” I pulled my head away from her tit and looked at her with a smile, by then she must have licked up the cum from her chin and ate it cause it wasn’t there anymore. She knew what the answer was and laid down on the bed and spread her legs open for me, bringing her knees to her shoulders. I got between her legs and just stared at her beautifully shaved pussy. I could see her juices slowly leaking from her lips and I couldn’t wait any longer. For a long time now I have wanted to know what that pussy tasted like and now was my chance to find out. My shoved my face in her pussy and I could smell her sweet sex, then I ran my tongue from the bottom of her love box all the way to her clit. Tasting every bit of her, and just as I imagined, she tasted like honey to me, absolutely wonderful. I flicked my tongue rapidly at her clit and she let out a few soft moans as she ran her fingers through my hair. I could feel her squirming as I slowly shoved my tongue in her hole and started to wiggle it inside her, tasting every bit of her juices. Her moans started to get louder and in the back of my mind I was worried that mom and dad would hear her, but I didn’t care, I was in heaven. It didn’t take her long before she was biting down on my pillow, and screaming out her orgasm, and I was trying to lap every bit of her juices up.

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   When she finally finished cumming, I had her juices all over my mouth and chin and she laid there gasping, her legs shaking. “Oh my god Billy that was the best. ” And as she looked down she noticed my cock was rock hard again and she grinned. “Looks like you’re ready. ” She said and just as I was about to crawl on top of her to fuck her, there was a knock on my door.

We both gasped and we both jumped up scrambling to get our clothes on. As we did we heard mom through the door, “Amanda are you in there? Is everything alright I could have sworn I heard you screaming. ” Just as we got the last bit of our clothes on and sat down on the bed mom opened the door. Amanda looked up at her and said, “Yea mom I’m fine. I wasn’t screaming, me and Billy were just talking and laughing. I guess that’s what you heard. ” Mom nodded and told her that she needed to get to at least go to her room because I had school in the morning and that I needed to get some sleep. “Okay mom, I’ll leave in just a few minutes ok. ” She told our mom. “Okay dear, just don’t be too long because he needs his rest.

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  ” Mom told her. With that mom closed the door behind her and we just looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. My sister just looked at me and grinned, “Can you find a way to stay home tomorrow? I don’t have to be at work, it’s my day off. We can fuck then while mom and dad are at work. ” She whispered to me. “I’m sure I can find a way to stay home from school tomorrow. ” I told her. With that she leaned in and gave me the deepest kiss I had ever had, our tongues danced with each others. I could taste my cum in her mouth and I’m sure she could taste her juices in mine. The kiss finally broke and she rubbed my cock from head to the base as she got up and walked out of my room.

To Be Continued……….

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