My Story Part 2


  A young boy learns life lessons Part 2
At the conclusion of part 1 My parents had discovered that my sitter had spent the evening teaching me how to pleasure a woman and how a woman pleasures a boy.   My sitter’s name was Miss Johnson, she was about 10 years younger than my parents.   It all began when I was taking a bath and she began washing my back and I developed an erection to which she turned her attention after asking me to stand up and show myself.   One thing led to another and by the time the evening was over, we each had multiple orgasms and I had learned how to pleasure a woman with my lips, hands, mouth, and cock.
My sitter and I walked naked into the family room to retrieve our clothes only to find my parents sitting waiting for us.   Much to our surprise, my parents were not upset.   Instead they thanked Miss Johnson for teaching me about sex and invited her back to sit with me again.   After she left, my mother suggested I join them in their bed.
I climbed in bed naked with my mother on one side and father on the other, both naked.   My mother gave me a passionate kiss and said good night.   My father, rubbed my cock and balls and then kissed me good night.   I was so exhausted, I fell asleep almost immediately.   I woke the next morning to a pair of lips firmly planted around my cock.   It took me a few seconds to realize that it was my mother.   My cock instantly sprung to attention.   I knew I could not last long with those sweet lips gently rubbing up and down my cock.

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    At one end mom would have my cock all the way to the hilt and then she would slowly pull out until just the tip was touching her lips.   At the end of one stroke, she slid her tongue down the sensitive under side of my cock and sucked both of my balls in to her mouth and gently pushed them around with her tongue.   Barely able to think at this point, I noticed my father walking around behind my mom with his cock out and he was putting a condom on.   I wondered why and could not see exactly what he was doing.   He slowly moved up behind her and plunged his cock inside her.   I didn’t know it at the time, but he was fucking her in her ass.   She must have enjoyed the attention, because her body tensed and she almost bit my cock.  
That was all I needed as I shot my load of hot cum inside my mothers mouth.   She must have had a orgasm at the same moment, because she went into convulsions and began panting and moaning “Oh Yes” over and over again.   A moment later I noticed my father speed up his strokes and then suddenly stop moving.   He was breathing hard and his face was quite red.   Both my parents seemed to collapse on the bed with me being the bologna between two slices of bread.   It felt like heaven to be laying so close to my parents.   Even a day ago I would not have dreamed that the three of us could be so close.   It was the happiest day of my life.

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After dozing for a while my father began talking to me.   He said that they wanted to explain the facts of life to me, but were not sure when I would be ready.   And when they discovered that my sitter, had started teaching me about sex, they were overjoyed at the prospect of continuing my education.   My mother continued.   She said that they felt it was important for a boy’s parents to help him learn these things.   I was speechless, not sure what to say.   My mother continued, you don’t have to say anything right now.   Just listen and observe and ask questions as they occur to you.
Mom said the first thing you should know about right now is wet dreams.   I asked what that was.   She laughed and said that young boys about your age, will often times have dreams about sex and they can get erect and cum in their sleep.   So don’t be surprised if you wake up and find your pajamas are wet and sticky with cum.   In fact you had a wet dream last night.   I reached over to gently touch you a little while ago and noticed cum seeping out of your cock.   I didn’t want to waste it, so that is why you woke to find me sucking on your cock.

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    You surprised me when you came again so quickly.   That is a great talent you seem to have inherited from your father.   Sometimes your father cums four or five time while we are making love.
At that point my curiosity got the best of me and I asked my father why he used a condom when he fucked mom?  He laughed and said that he didn’t fuck her in the normal way, but instead had fucked her in her ass.   Your mother often times enjoys that the morning after we have been our at our sex parties.   I was shocked and asked what he meant by sex parties.   They both laughed and said honey, for the last 10 years they have belonged to a small group that gets together once a month to swap mates.  
Getting a bit bolder, I asked what went on at those parties.   Dad explained that each of the 5 couples in the group seems to have a different agenda.   For example your mother tries to get all 5 men to cum inside her cunt.   I like to start with oral sex with this one couple that like to stay together.   The wife will suck me while I suck her husband.   Most of the men are not bisexual which means that they do not enjoy being with both men and women, but this one couple is.   When your mother is with them the man fucks her sometimes from in front and sometimes in back.   In the mean time, your mother sucks the other woman’s cunt.

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    Most of the other couple are just into straight swapping, men with women.   What we really enjoy is when we get home, your mother’s cunt is filled with buckets of cum from five men fucking her multiple times.   I can hardly concentrate on driving just thinking about licking that cum out of her cunt.   That is what I was getting ready to do when she locked her lips on your cock.   I still want to feed at her cunt.  
At that point I was getting very excited and brave enough to ask if I could lick mom’s cunt and taste her delicious juices.   It didn’t take mom more than a couple of seconds to respond by turning on her back and spreading her legs for me to feast.   I could hardly contain my excitement as I gently began licking her lips, clitoris and finally shoving my tongue into her cunt.   It was even better than I could have imagined.   I knew my father’s cum was mixed in there and I couldn’t get enough.   Finally my father said save some of that for me.   I laughed and pulled away.   Dad quickly took my place and began lapping at mom’s cunt.   Getting braver, I slid closer to my dad and began stroking his cock.   I knew I didn’t want him to cum this way so I rolled over on my back and slid under him so that I could take his cock in my mouth.

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    I still could’t take very much in my mouth, but I gave it a valiant try.   It must have been good enough, because he started to cum in my mouth within a few minutes.   I swallowed as much as I could, but again, there was too much and it dripped down my chin.

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During the trips, customers get the chance to see the breathtaking cities of Croatia, pay a visit to historical places, indulge in a broad variety of regional specialties, and travel around the nation to discover its scenic surroundings. In addition, escorted vacations in Croatia are often taken advantage of as the ideal chance to take advantage of the services provided by GFE escorts.