My Story Part 3


  My Story Part 3
My story is fictious.   It starts shortly after I turn 13.   My name is Tim, I am “growing up” and going thru puberty according to my doctor and my parents.   I have noticed changes lately, I am growing facial and pubic hair; growing taller and more muscular and my cock and balls are showing signs of manhood.   I have erections regularly, and I think of girls and sex about 20 hours a day.
This story starts a few weeks ago when my best friend, Jason and I were hanging out in his family’s pool house, relaxing after spending most of the morning in their pool.   We were alone, since Jason’s parents were out at a social event and would not return until late that evening.   Jason’s 14 year old step sister, Shelley was supposed be keeping an eye on us, but she had to go out to the store to get an emergency item.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Jason asked me if I had masturbated.   I was a little taken back, but managed to blurt out a reply something like the following.   I said that I got erections all the time.   I seem to get one every time I think about certain girls, or about having sex with one of them.   However, I have never experienced an orgasm like the kind described in the book that my parents gave me a year or so ago.   I have tried rubbing my cock and have looked at pictures of naked women.   I often get drops of pre-cum from the tip of my cock, but no real cum.
Jason asked if I had ever jacked off with another person or touched another person to help them get off.

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    I assured him I had not, but I didn’t think that was what he was talking about.   I then asked him what he had in mind.   Jason just grinned and began looking for something hidden in the back of the closet.   He came out with a handful of DVDs.   These are copies of DVDs I found in my brothers closet after he enlisted in the military.   I made copies for myself.   Jason popped one in the DVD player and soon we were watching a young guy laying on a sofa and slowly stroking his cock.   Jason and I followed suit.   Pulling our swim suits down around our ankles we started stroking our cocks almost in unison with the guy in the DVD.   Shortly another guy came into the room and sat down next to the first guy and reached over and started stroking the first guy’s cock.   Slowly at first, but soon he was stroking faster and then he leaned over and started sucking on the guy’s tits.
Before I realized what was happening, Jason reached over and began stroking my cock.   I. couldn’t believe how exciting it felt, like electric shocks going through my groin.   It was almost more than I could stand.

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    My legs and back stiffened, and I felt something well up in my groin, something I had never felt before.   The next thing I knew Jason was sucking on my tit.   That is all it took.   I felt and saw my cum spurt out of the tip of my cock.   The first spurt landed on my chest, the second and third spurts landed on my stomach and finally ran down Jason’s hand and my cock.
My breathing was very ragged and I still could not speak to describe what I was feeling.   But all that changed suddenly as I noticed Jason’s step sister standing in the door way watching what was going on.   I nearly knocked Jason over as I jumped up and tried to pull up my trunks.   Jason just started laughing at my embarrassment and said don’t worry Shelley and I have a special relationship and she suggested I see if you would be interested in joining us in our masturbation sessions.   I still couldn’t speak, just standing there with my swim trunks around my ankles.   Shelley walked up to me and reached out and wrapped her hand around my now soft cock and slowly began rub it.   It didn’t take more than a few seconds and my cock was hard as a rock.   With that Shelley said that she and Jason had been rubbing each other to climax for about 6 months and asked if I would like to join them.   She said that a 3 some would be a lot of fun.   I had to admit that Jason had just given me the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced.

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    I asked how they do it, what if your parents catch you.
Shelley laughed, and said that their parents introduced them to masturbation and give them plenty of private time.   Shelley said why don’t you try jacking off Jason and if you like it you can try me.   The thought of touching a naked girl was more than I could stand, I lost my inhibitions right there.
I stepped out of my swim trunks and turned to see Jason drop his trunks and lay back on the sofa.   The DVd was still going and by this time the first guy was sucking on the other guy’s cock all while he was playing with the guy’s tits.   I kneeled down in front of Jason and reached out touched his cock.   Shelley coached me to put some saliva on my hand and take start working on the head of Jason’s cock and then as he starts getting excited to work more toward the base of the cock.   With this Shelley leaned over and started touching Jason’s tits.   He reacted immediately I could feel his excitement building.   I reached with my other hand and cupped his balls and began gently massaging them.   Then Jason said something that totally surprised me, he asked that I suck his cock.   Shelley said you can go ahead, he tastes wonderful.   I was a little hesitant, but leaned over and tentatively took the head of his throbbing cock between my lips.   I couldn’t believe how wonderful his pre-cum tasted and before I knew it, I had slid my lips all the way down his cock and was pumping away.

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    It couldn’t have been more than a minute before I heard Jason say I’m cumming, you can stop if you don’t want to swallow my cum.   I was fully committed by that time and just smiled and kept slippimg my mouth up and down Jason’s hot cock.   The next thing I knew, Jason was shooting gobs of hot cum hitting the back of my mouth.   Some of his sweet cum dripped out of my mouth and began running down my chin.   Seeing this Shelley took my face and pulled me to her.   She started by licking the cum from my chin.   She licked as much as she could get, then she kissed me on the mouth still trying to soak as much of Jason’s cum from my mouth as she could.   I couldn’t believe I was kissing a girl this way.   Shelley stood and stripped off her T-shirt, bra, shorts and finally her panties.   I was speechless, Shelley had the most incredible body I could image.   Her tits were still growing, but were very firm with protruding nipples.   She had a small patch of blond hair between her legs and the softest skin imaginable.
Shelley slowly sat back on the sofa and opened her legs for me.   She held out her arms for me.   I complied and we resumed our kiss and embraced I could not begin to describe how if felt to finally kiss and hold a girl, a naked one at that.

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    We kissed passionately that way for several minutes, my hands exploring Shelley’s soft skin from her firm but budding breasts to her gently flaring hips.   I wanted desperately to reach between her legs and explore pussy lips, but couldn’t reach them in the position I was laying.   Jason came to my rescue as he leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Lick her Pussy, she loves it. ”  I giggled at the thought, but didn’t hesitate a moment as I disengaged our lips and started kissing my way down her luscious and now demanding body.   I started with her neck and shoulders and next moved to her breasts.   First one than the other, I could not get enough of them, but Shelley was anxious for me to find her sweet pussy lips.   I moved down across her flat stomach, pausing at her hair line, sniffing her sweet sent and kissing her mons.   After that I went straight for her pussy.   I licked up and back on her now swelling lips, hitting her clitoris on the second pass.   She shuddered and then grabbed the back of my head and guided me to her pussy.   My tongue found the mark and plunged deep inside.   That only brought a more violent reaction from Shelley.   Her legs went up over my shoulders and she pulled my face even closer.   I had trouble getting a breath with her pussy covering my nose and mouth.   My tongue stopped moving and she relaxed a bit, so I was able to make a little breathing room.

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    After that I resumed moving my tongue in and out of her pussy.   She continued to shake and at one point began squeezing my head with her legs.   The sex smells and pre-cum coming from Shelley’s pussy were enough to drive me toward another climax even without touching my cock.
Jason whispered something to Shelley and she pushed my mouth away from her cunt and said stand up for a second.   I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I stood up and watched as Jason sat on the sofa and Shelley kneeled in front of him with her face nearly touching his now erect cock.   Then Shelley said kneel down behind me and fuck me.   Fuck me hard from behind.   I nearly killed myself dropping to my knees only inches from her dripping cunt.   She placed the head of my cock at her lips and told me to push.   That is all it took.   Her love hole was soaking with lubrication from my tongue and one push and my cock drove all the way to the hilt.   I positions my knees, grabbed her hips and started pumping furiously.   At that she tried to grab Jason’s cock in her mouth, but I was pumping so hard she couldn’t grab it.   She asked me to slow down for a minute.   I was thinking, how do you stop a run away freight train?  Well with some hesitation and a lot of will power, I slowed my strokes so that Shelley was able to take Jason’s cock in her mouth.

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    After that I picked up my pace again and as soon as I did, Shelley bounced off Jason’s cock.   The second time, he poked her in the chin and he yelped.   This wouldn’t do, so gave up on the oral stimulation and just grabbed Jason’s cock with both hands and began stroking up and down in rhythm with my strokes.   At that pace it only took me about 20 strokes and I began filling Shelley’s cunt with my cum.   I ddon’t know how much came out, but it felt like gallons to me.   It must have worked for Shelley as well as she arched her back and stiffened all over just seconds after I started to cum.   She squeezed my cock so hard it felt like a glove that was 2 sizes too small.   The sensation was breath taking.   I collapsed on Shelley’s back and lay there panting.   After a couple of minutes, my cock softened and slipped out of her cunt.   My cock was covered with cum and it was running down the inside of her legs.
Jason said stay there.   He moved Shelley enough to get up and he knelt down beside us and began licking first me and then Shelley.   My cock was still very sensitive after cumming inside Shelley.   Jason seemed to appreciate that and licked my cock very gently.

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    Shelley’s cunt was another matter though.   He dove in and licked as much of my cum as he could from her legs, around her lips and from inside her cunt.   This just drove Shelley to another orgasm, more intense than the last.   She appeared to be a bit wobbly after this latest orgasm, but managed to turn and kiss Jason long and hard trying to get as much of my cum from his as possible.   She then turned to me and we kissed deeply and passionately until neither of us could keep our balance and we fell on the sofa.
Exhausted by all the action, we all collapsed on the sofa one next to the other.   Shelley lay down with her head on Jason’s shoulder and her hand on my leg.   We sat like that for about 20 minutes, just luxuriating in the joy of it and enjoying each other’s touch.  
Suddenly, I remembered the clock and saw that I was due home in a few minutes.   I told Jason and Shelley I have to go.   Shelley said you better shower so you will not have sex smells when you get home.   After a quick shower, I leaned over and kissed Shelley while fondling her breast.   I then leaned over and kissed Jason on his now flaccid cock and said goodbye.   Jason and Shelley asked if I would like to come back again?  Trying to be cool and mature I said that would be the number one thing I would like to do, right after breathing, but before eating and sleeping.   They both laughed and said they would call me as soon as they knew their parents work schedule for the next few days.

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I left, grabbed my bike and don’t remember anything about my ride home or the rest of the evening for that matter.   All my thoughts were on one thing: having sex with Jason and Shelley.   That night I masturbated 3 times, my cock was starting to get rubbed raw by the time I fell asleep.   The next day was not much better.   Everytime I had a few minutes alone, I would whip out my cock and start stroking.
Shortly after dinner, Jason called and invited me over the following day.   I hardly slept at all again that night.   In fact my mother almost caught me jacking off in bed when she came in without knocking to kiss me good night.   Fortunately she did not seem to notice the tent my cock made in the blanket.   Next morning I hardly had any appetite as my adrenalin was flowing and I had knots in my stomach involuntary spasms in my bowels.
I arrived at Jason’s house about 9 and was greeted by Shelley with a big grin and long passionate kiss.   She took me by the hand and said that Jason was waiting for us in the pool house.   But more about that in another episode…
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