My Uncle, My Lover and My Self: Part 3


I was in shock. . All this time my Uncle has been watching recordings of me and his girlfriend having sex and even watching me play with my pussy as I watch videos of him having sex. . I was even in more shock that he finds me hot, especially when I am wearing my glasses. . I was so shocked that I some how missed the fact thatHe was home and about to walk into his bedroom door

I turned my self to Megan and asked her "Does that mean AJ want to fuck me?". . needless to say I was startled when I hear AJ's voice say "I have wanted to fuck you since you were a little girl". . I turned my fully naked body around and screamed out loud "AJ you are home". . He replied with "Yes I am and what a beautiful site to come home to, two beautiful naked woman in my bed room". . I immediately blushed but before I could reply my uncle already had his shirt off and was taking off his pants. .

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   Seconds later I could not take my eyes off of his humongous, thick, meaty and gorgeous cock. . I was just standing there staring when I heard Megan say "What are you waiting for, get on your knees so we can suck his cock together"

I quickly got on my knees and my Uncle AJ got in front of me. . I then with out hesitation started to stick the head of his dick inside my mouth. . I have never seen a cock so fat and could barely spread my jaw far enough to even get the head inside. . I then pulled off of it and said "I can't even fit more then the head inside". . Megan replied "No one can, Just get it in as far as you can, use your tongue on the head and use your hands to jerk the rest off". . I followed Megan's instructions and my AJ started moaning in pleasure. .

I really wanted to drink my uncles cum but more then that I wanted to feel that massive piece of meat inside my now hot, wet pussy.

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  . I then begged AJ to fuck me now but Megan had other plans. . She mad me get on the bed and her and AJ started to tongue my pussy together. . Megan got on top of me so we could 69. . Megan stared sucking on my clit and AJ tongued and fingered my appreciative cunt. . In just seconds I was squirting all over my uncles body. . AJ then said to me "I heard you were a squirter, I wonder how many times my cock can make you cum like that?"

Megan that sat up and said "I think she needs a good fucking from her uncle". . AJ then started teasing me with the head of his cock. .

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   I wanted all of him inside of me right away but he kept just putting the head in and out only. . Megan then stated "I think he wants you to beg". . I replied "Please put it all in as far as you can go". . He then said "So you want me to fuck you?". . I said yes, he then told me to beg as he continued to tease me with the head of his prick,. . I begged him "Please Fuck me". . He than said "Say my name when you beg me". . Again I begged him "Please fuck me AJ".

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  . He then told me to call him uncle AJ when I beg so I begged him with as much sincerity as I could muster "Please fuck me Uncle Aaaaaaaaaaaaa Jayyyyyy. . Just as I said his name he thrusted as far inside me as he could go and instantly I had2 orgasms, one right after the other and Squirted my cum to the other side of the room. . He then tarted thrusting in and out of me in a feverish pace. .

That is when I remembered Megan. . Her pussy was still over my face but she was fingering her self at the same speed as her boy friend was fucking me. . I was cumming over and over and over again and felt like a water balloon with a slow leak because of all the liquid squirting out of my pussy. . When my uncle was done fucking me on my back he put me on all fours and we fucked doggy style. .

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   After that I road him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl style, Then back to doggy, then we spooned, then I rode him some more, Finally he was back on top of me missionary style. . Most of the guys I fucked didn't last 10 minutes, we have already been fucking for over an hour and it just got better as time went on. . As he was fucking me Megan was watching and playing with her pussy. .

Finally AJ asked me "Where would you like me to cum?". . I told him I was on the pill and to please cum in my pussy. . He said "Beg your uncle to shoot his load into your pussy". . I again begged him "Please Uncle AJ, please shoot your cum into your niece's womb, please cum deep inside me". . That must of done the trick because could feel his already enormous cock swell up more and started to pulsate.

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  . That feeling set me off the edge and I had the biggest orgasm yet just as he started to shoot his sticky man goo inside of me. . Megan also came watching us. . .

It felt like he was cumming for 5 minutes strait. . I have to stay I love the sound of his grunting as he was cumming even more now that he was cumming inside of me

We fucked again later that night but this time he made me wear my glassed and when he came, he came all over my face and mouth. . I was so happy that I got to feel his cum inside of me and get to taste it as I licked off my jizz covered glasses all in one night

Both AJ and I called out of work the next day and Megan skipped school so the three of us could fuck more the next day

I started fucking them both each and every day and started making plans to move into AJ's house. . That is not all to the fun we have because soon Megan's little sister Fawn joins us. . .

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   That though is a story for another time.