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I was 21 and live out of town. I was going to Tech school and was returning home for my Family Reu . My parents live across town and we have add to our family. My dad was drive trucks so he was always on the road but was in town this weekend. I got to my parents house and gave my Bro and SiS a hug and went to the kitchen. Mom was there and let me tell you that she was still a Knock Out. My friends would always tell me that she was so hot. I got in and gave her a hug and we talk as she was cookin for tonight party as we talk she was dress in her work out cloths for she was in the gym to loose  that extra weight after 3 of us but she still had a little gut but her body was still bangin. As she bent down I could see her ass tryin to rip out of her tight warm ups and could see her panties out line.  I was getting hard and growing up I jerk of to her always. I was fucking but sometime I would love to come home and watch my mom and jerk off to her.
As she told me to watch the food for she need to jump in the shower. I watch  her go down to her room and close the door. I remember growing up she would get naked in front of me but when I got to High school she would always change private. I was just think about her pulling down her wet panties and her pussy smile. I went to my room to jerk off.

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   I close the door and pull out the condoms and place one on and laid in the bed and pound my cock. I close my eyes and rub up and down my cock so it would get real hard and I place my other hand around my balls. I was in dream land and was about to cum when my mom walk in on me. I frooze and she was just in a towel. What are you doing and I try to cover myself up. You will not be doing that here or if so please do it in the restroom so your baby sis and bro will not see you. Yes mom I said and pull my pants up. I got in the shower and jerk off the whole time I was thinking about my mom. I shot my load and wash up.
Later that night we all where over my Grandparents house and when I seen then I quickly thought about the day I caught my mom and Grandpa fucking. My Grandpa still look good for his age. I drank alot and so did everyone at the party. As we all headed into the house I notice my mom and Grandpa getting real touchy. We went in and sat around women in the kitchen and guys in the Den.  Some people went next door to my aunts house.

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  I watch my mom and Grandpa get close and was talking she was laughin and she left. She went up stairs and I look at my Grandpa. Shortly he followed. I made my way upstairs but check to see if anyone would see me. It was clear and heaed up. I move quitly and heard them talking in the guest room. Door was open and I stood in the bathroom but you could see them form there. I watch as my mom walk around and my Grandpa touchin her and feel her butt. She lean forword and he place his hands between her legs. She guilded her hand down to use and they both where rubbin her push from the outside of her shorts.  
With my moms other hand she was down his pants and feeling his cock. I could not believe this for still as they got older where still fucking. He got right behide her and unbutton her pants and unzip them. I could see her pink panties and he place his hands in her panties and started to rub her pussy. She was rocking up and down and with her hand trying to undue his pants.

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   Nobody was coming and I could hear more people going next door. I watch as she pull his cock out and his pants and her shorts hit the floor around there ankles. My mom pick up her shirt and place it in her mouth so it would not be in the way. He had one hand rubing her pussy and the other was trying to guild it in her pussy from the back. Chris you up there said my dad and my mom and Grandpa freak and as my mom went to close the door she saw me. Yeah dad wheres your mom up here with me and Grandpa I said And I walk to the top of the stairs and my mom came out and went down to her. Grandpa come out and just look at me after that day my life would never be the same.
I never told my dad and my mom and Grandpa never brought it up in front of me. Its been awhile I really never see my Grandpa or mom hang around maybe only when I home. I think about what if I told my dad and what would happen to our family. When Im home I just kind of just sit to myself and think about this. My mom never acts the same in front of me. This is my TRUE story and just need to write it down so I can get it off my chest. . .

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