Oh Adrienne, Sweet Adrienne


          Adrienne finished her homework and closed the textbook with a snap. God, she hated having to spend her weekend studying! She looked up at her clock and was surprised to see that it was almost midnight. She didn’t feel tired at all so she decided to go downstairs and see what was on T. V. Adrienne passed her parent’s bedroom and heard the familiar light snores of her step mother. Her father’s, however, were absent. Was he also up? She went down the stairs into the living room, which was dimly lit by the T. V. screen. Her father sat with his back to her and Adrienne saw with surprise that he was watching a porno with the sound turned off. The scene showed a young girl getting royally screwed doggie style by a much older man. Both had a look of pure ecstasy on their face.
            Adrienne felt her panties dampen at the sight before her, and she raised her hand to caress one aching breast. Her breathing quickened and her father suddenly became aware that he was no longer alone. Hurriedly Wayne switched off the television and turned his head to see who it was.
            “Oh! Adrienne!” Wayne stammered, “I was just… uh…” He trailed off, realizing with horror that his throbbing erection was in plain view.

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   He grabbed a cushion to cover it and looked at his daughter helplessly, completely mortified that he had been caught. Wayne slowly tried to gather his fleeing wits. His senses told him that he must try to explain the situation so Adrienne wouldn’t be scared or confused.
            “Um, sweetie, I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s just that sometimes men get urges and have to relieve themselves and-“
            But Adrienne interrupted him, “Oh come on Daddy! I know what masturbation is! You really should continue, it was making me so hot to watch you. ”
            Wayne looked at her in shock, and then shook his head rapidly. “No baby girl, it’s not right for fathers and daughters to do that. You need to go to bed now, okay?”
            Adrienne completely ignored his words and walked over to him. She dropped on her knees and before Wayne could stop her she removed the cushion from his lap. His hard cock sprang up and Adrienne opened her mouth wide, lowering her head to suck on his tip.
            “What are you- ohhhhhhhhhh!” Wayne moaned, feeling his daughter’s warm mouth envelop his eight-inch monster. Her short red hair tickled his balls as she sucked continuously, circling his bell shaped head with her tongue. Wayne tried desperately to regain some control of the situation but was lost as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him.
            “Oh yeah baby girl, suck Daddy’s cock! You’re such a whore! Oh God, I’m gonna cum right…. Now!” He expected Adrienne to release his cock when he started shooting his load but she surprised him by draining his seed, licking all around his head to collect every last drop.

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   Wishing to return the favor he eagerly tore at his daughter’s clothes. Soon she was naked in front of him, her pink nipples erect and begging for attention. He gladly obliged and started sucking and nibbling frantically, switching back and forth while Adrienne moaned.
            He pulled her onto the couch and stuck his head between her spread legs. He took a deep inhale of her moist pussy and sighed happily. He slowly began to lap his tongue over her pussy lips, going up and down with wide sweeps while Adrienne moaned and pushed her cunt close to his face. He stuck a finger in her tight hole and started slowly thrusting it in and out, building the tension while he licked closer and closer to her clit. Finally he caught the engorged bud between his teeth and nibbled lightly. Adrienne came violently, bucking her hips so hard Wayne almost fell off the couch. He held on, however, and sucked as much juice from his daughter that he could. Adrienne had an arm over her mouth to stifle her moans as the convulsions swept through her, and it was a good two minutes before she finally collapsed on the couch, exhausted.
            Wayne raised his head and smiled at his gasping daughter, pussy juice shining on his lips. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked, chuckling softly. In response she sat up and kissed him deeply. Their tongues swirled around each other and Adrienne could taste her own sweet cum.


   Eventually she broke the kiss and whispered, “Let’s go down to the basement. Mom won’t be able to hear us down there. ” She got up and gathered her clothes.
            Wayne followed his daughter down the stairs to the basement, watching her ass jiggle as she went. His erection had made a full recovery and he wondered just how far his sexy daughter was willing to take this.
            Adrienne went to the small guest bedroom and sat on the bed. She felt her pussy leaking juice down her thighs and her nipples were hard and red. She looked at her father expectantly. “Well Daddy, are you going to just stand there staring or are you gonna come fuck me?”
            Wayne didn’t need a second invitation. He strode to the bed and threw Adrienne’s legs over his shoulders. His cock head found the entrance to her hot, tight hole and he slammed in. Adrienne screamed in an equal mixture of surprise, pleasure, and pain. She clutched her Daddy’s arms and thrust herself hard back. Wayne was humping his teenage daughter with abandon, ramming his cock so deep each time he almost hit her cervix. Their pubic bones grinded together and Adrienne’s clit was rubbed with each inward thrust.

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            Adrienne was lost in a mad frenzy of pure bliss and started screaming. Her words were blurry and sometimes unintelligible. “Oh Daddy! Uh… Uh… Uh! Fuck me with your huge cock! Oh I love it, oh God! You’re so much bigger than my Ex!”
            Adrienne’s admission of previous sex spurred Wayne to new heights and he added his own babble. “That’s right baby girl! Take all of Daddy’s hard cock! You’re such a little slut! Eh! I’ve been dreaming of fucking you since you were fifteen. I want you to say it! Say you’re Daddy’s little fuck toy!”
            Adrienne moaned loudly and gasped out, “I’m… my… Daddy’s little… fuck toy!”
            Wayne let out a strangled yell and came hard, pumping his hot seed deep into his daughter’s womb. He collapsed on top of her and felt her tremble beneath him. With a shaking hand he reached between them and stroked Adrienne’s engorged clitty once. Twice. Three times.
            Adrienne exploded. She moaned and writhed, finger nails digging into her Daddy’s back as convulsions ran through her. Her screams were so loud Wayne feared she would wake the whole neighborhood. Desperately he pressed a hand against her mouth and whispered “Shhhhhhhh! Do you want to wake your step-mom?” Adrienne quieted at once and lay shaking beneath him, jerking as aftershocks ran through her at random intervals.
             Wayne reluctantly left his daughter’s naked form and redressed in his boxers and t-shirt. He pulled her up and slipped her blouse back over her arms.

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   She started to button it but was shaking too badly to manage. He helped her finish and slipped on her underwear, pausing only to place a quick kiss on her damp curls. Adrienne jumped and moaned softly. She knew, however, that play time was over and stood up to pull on her jeans.
When both father and daughter were presentable enough to go upstairs, Wayne pulled his daughter close and whispered, “Thank you baby. That was… amazing. ”
Adrienne looked up at her father and smiled slyly. “I know it was, and I can’t wait to do it again!” With that she bounced up the stairs and when he thought it safe, Wayne followed her. He also couldn’t wait for the next opportunity to have sex with his hot little girl!

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