Out Of Control-Part 2


IIAfter Sheia's first orgasm, things began to change rapidly.

She took an interest in art so I bought her all the supplies she needed and encouraged her to learn all she could.   One day, as she was painting a landscape, I heard her yell out AOH NO!  
I looked up and saw blue paint everywhere.   She had been opening a new jar of blue paint and the lid had flown off, covering her arms, hands, stomach, chest and hair with blue as well as the table and a little on the floor.   I jumped up and grabbed a wet towel and began cleaning up the table and floor as she stood there, dripping paint, and crying.    
Stand still I told her.  
  I untied her smock and lifted it off of her, and rolling it into a ball.   Unfortunately, the paint had soaked through the sundress.   I wiped off her hands and her arms but blue paint still stained her skin.   I told her to go up and get cleaned up.   AI=m all covered with paint. she said.  
“It’s all right,” I said. “It’s going to come off.   Run upstairs and stand in the tub.   We’ll hose you off with the spray head.

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She stepped into the tub and I stripped her dress off, being careful to keep the paint in the dress and not all over everywhere.   Blue paint was everywhere.   Her bra, her panties, her stomach, her legs, were all nearly covered with blue. I ran the water until it was warm and then thoroughly soaped up a sponge, working up a thick lather.   Her hands and arms were first and I made sure to clean between her fingers.   It took some rubbing, but it came off.   When I hosed her off, however, blue paint was running down her legs and over her feet. She took off her bra and dropped it into the water to soak.    
You can finish up here now. I told her, Ill go find some clean clothes for you.  
Wait she said, I dont want you to go.  
“Honey, it isn’t a good idea for me to be in this room with you when you’re naked. ” 
“I’m not naked,” she said.  AYou will be when you pull those panties off, I said, and I dont trust myself.  
I wont tell.

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    Please stay  she said, as she stripped off her panties. Too late. She said.  
  I should have run from the room as fast as I could but I didnt.   My feet were frozen to the spot.   She picked up the soapy sponge and handed it to me.   I was numb.   Here before me, stood the most delicious looking fifteen year old, very mature, young woman.   She was completely naked and smiling at me.   I couldnt move.   She had sparse brown pubic hair through which her slit was plainly visible.   Firm thirty-two inch breasts had nipples like bullets begging to be kissed and sucked.    
My hand shook as I made the first tentative pass on the blue blotch covering her stomach. The colored water ran down and stained the pubic hair and labia.   She leaned back and I rubbed off the paint.


    As I leaned down to rinse out the sponge, I was at eyeball level with the brown fuzz and I felt my erection growing.  
  Not now, I silently begged, please, not now. I lathered the sponge up and she thrust out her chest.    
Start at the top, she requested.   As I washed each breast tenderly, trying to control my lips and tongue, she lifted it up and had me scrub on the hard young nipples.    
I cant do this, I said, as I tried to hand her the sponge.   Its O. K. she said, I wont bite.  
 Instead of taking the sponge, she took my hand and began to wash herself until I surrendered .   When I got to her fuzz, she spread her legs, pushing her feet into the side of the tub, and leaning back against the wall.  I tried not to look as I washed between her legs but I couldnt stop.   As I moved down her legs, I was eyeball to pussy, with that pink soft thing right at me eye level.   She moaned as I washed her there and finally I was finished.   I dropped the sponge into the water and started to walk away.

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Wait, she called out, you didnt wash my back.  
You didnt get paint on your back. I reminded her.  
I know but if you wash my back, Ill let you wash my hair.  
I loved to wash her hair.   It was so soft and downy and it smelled so good.   She turned around and I was looking at that curvaceous ass and the crack that led to happy valley.   When I washed her back, she leaned over and, for the first time ever, that fresh young pussy, sweet and virgin, was visible to me.   It was so pink and puffy and delicious looking that I yearned to touch it, kiss it, lick it, suck it and bury my cock in it.    
Hey you…guy with the sponge, are you going to do anything, or not?  I mean wash it or something, will you?  I gently washed it and down her legs and up the crack of her ass.  
 The more I washed, however, the weaker I got and at last I couldn=t take it any more.   I dropped the sponge and grabbed both sides of her ass and pulled her into my face as I kissed the sweet pussy for the very first time.   She moaned and moved into my face.   Without a seconds hesitation, I climbed into the tub and sat on the edge, with her pussy right by my face.   I began kissing it and then licking from her ass crack, over her ass hole and into her pussy.

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    She began to move her hips and I spread those sweet pussy lips with my fingers and licked it harder.   She spread her legs out as far as she could get them and I was able to get a finger tip into her as I continued licking.   When my tongue went into her, she gasped and then I slid my finger in until I reached an obstruction.   She jumped and I knew that I had reached her hymen which I did not want to puncture so I backed out a bit and began moving my finger in and out of her as I licked and sucked.   She started moaning louder and moving faster, which just inspired me to go harder and faster.   Just as she was getting really close, I stopped and got out of the tub.  
What are you doing? she asked, Dont stop now.  
 I didnt answer but I reached in and pulled her to me and picked her up in my arms.   I carried her into my bed and laid her down.   Then I went between her legs and began again, only now I had better access to her clit. It wasnt long before her ass was jumping up and down on my bed and she was calling out my name as she reached for that last pre-orgasmic wave and then it came and she loudly proclaimed her orgasm and dug her fingers into my bed.   I didnt stop my ministrations to her pussy as wave after wave of her orgasm tore through her body.   I kept her there as long as I could and then I let her come down slowly.    
Finally, I crawled up next to her and she climbed on top of me and I rolled her back on her side as we kissed each other over and over. My cock was standing up begging for attention and her hand found it through my pants.

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I want you. She told me.  
 You cant have me I replied, not yet, anyway.  
 I want you now, she insisted, I want to feel you moving inside of me. ”  
 I cant give that to you right now.   I told her. Be patient and it may happen.   Youre only fifteen, dont rush it.   She stroked my cock and I groaned.  
It feels so big, she said. ”Show it to me. ” 
“Honey, you’ve got to stop this,” I said, almost pleading with myself as well as her.  
I want to see you naked she begged,  
She stroked my cock again and I groaned again.   I argued, but soon, she was pulling down my zipper and unfastening my pants.   She reached in and pulled it out and slid the skin back.

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    I moaned loudly and she stroked a few times.  
“I think he likes me,” she said. “He’s so hard and big though. ” 
“That’s why you’re not ready yet. ” I said, knowing I was lying. Take your clothes off. She asked.    
I dont think that its a good idea.  
I wont rape you, I promise.   Please get naked for me. ”  
I stood up and she slid my pants and shorts down and I sat on the bed as she pulled them off.   My pullover was next and I was completely naked and hard as a rock.    
She pulled me back onto the bed and began stroking me.  
Be careful, I warned her, Im close to coming.  
She smiled and stroked it faster as I felt the swelling begin in by balls and my ass hole began to draw inward.

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    Then it happened.   Great spurts of cum shot from the head and landed on my stomach and legs and her hand and arm.   She continued to pump until the last drop oozed from the head.   Then she shocked me by bending down and licking my cum off the head of my cock.   Instantly, it shot back to erection and I groaned as she began moving her head up and down on my shaft, her hand on my balls, gently kneading them.   I knew what was coming and I warned her.   Instead of stopping, she reached up with the other hand and began stroking me with her hand as her lips and mouth went up and down the head.   I began to swell and I advised her to get it out of her mouth but she went down on me and as soon as the head hit the back of her throat I exploded.   Wave after wave moved up my cock as she choked and forced it from her mouth and throat. As I began to get soft, she licked and licked until not a drop of cum was anywhere to be seen.    
Oh my God I said, as she climbed up to kiss me and put my cum deep into my throat.  
Our hands were all over each other and once more she tried to get me to take her but I held her off.  
It wont be long now, I told her. I promise you it wont be long now and you wont be sorry that you waited. She pouted but rubbed up against me and I agreed to give her another orgasm, which I did.

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Now, we have to shower and get dressed before your mother gets home.   Of course the shower took forever, because once more we took each others sex into our lips and under the running flow from the shower, we sixty-nined our way to pleasure.  
As we waited for her mother, I asked where she had learned how to do oral sex.    
Caroline showed me,” she said. “and I practiced on bananas.  
The vision of that was making me hard again. Did it help?  
Uh huh, she said, Abut you have too much stuff for me.   I almost choked. ” 
“You don’t have to swallow it,” I said.  
About that time, we heard the car drive in to the garage and we got very involved in our books.    
When we went into the kitchen to finish fixing dinner, she whispered to me. Did I make you happy?  
AWhat kind of question is that? I asked, Im hard just thinking about it.  
Let me see, she said as she grabbed my crotch.    
Havent you had enough? I smiled.  

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   Maybe I never will, I don’t know” I kissed her and she called her mother to dinner.   .