Paul’s Camera – Part Three


“What the hell are you doing Paul? You bloody idiot. Get off m…. ” Her voice cut off as her son lifted his weight off her slightly and then slipped a hand up the back of her skirt and over her ass. Paul sat up, straddling her legs and his other hand joined the first up his mother’s skirt. While Laurie squirmed under him, demanding that he get off her, Paul pulled her underwear down to her knees in one swift motion. Laying back down on her, Paul forced her legs apart with his knee and slipped his palm down across her firm ass cheeks to her pussy lips. Spreading his mother’s cunt lips, Paul gently laid a finger down on her slit, rubbing gently at her clit. “Mum, I saw you yesterday. I took pictures in fact, look. ” Paul grabbed the remote and started the slide show playing. “And I saw all those other photos when I was grabbing this. ” As he finished speaking Paul leant over and reached under his pillow, his hand reappearing with Laurie’s vibrator and a squeeze tube of lubricant. Laurie began to thrash even harder as Paul lubed up the sex toy, smearing gel all over the shaft. “Don’t do this sweetie. It’s wrong, I’m your mother. You can’t do this.


  ”“Oh give it up mum. I suppose it was all right for you to fuck all the men in those pictures then was it? Was it all right for you to drop to your knees and suck off the plumber? I know you like this sort of thing so just enjoy it. ” As he finished speaking, Paul reached down and slowly forced the vibrator into his mother’s cunt. The lubricant meant it was sunk deep into his mother within moments and when it could go no further, Paul flicked the switch and the sound of buzzing filled the room. Laurie began to buck and squirm under Paul as he slid the toy in and out of her sopping wet cunt. As the buzzing toy did its work, Laurie began to moan into the mattress. “No, no, please stop. This is wrong. We have to stop. I can’t keep doing this. Paul, please stop this. It can’t happen. ”“All right then mum. ” Laurie gasped in relief as Paul switched off the vibrator and pulled it from her steaming pussy. She also felt a slight degree of disappointment at the removal of the dildo but she squashed that quickly.

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   The next few seconds sent her mind blank though. Just as Laurie was beginning to feel relief- Paul seemed to be shifting off her slightly- she felt her legs yanked open and the soft touch of a cock head probing at the lips of her pussy. Laurie tried to squeeze her legs shut, but it was too late. Paul was firmly wedged between her thighs and his cock was nosing into the entrance of her pussy, the hole through which he had emerged into the world so long ago. Her voice abruptly started working again when she felt Paul’s fingers spread her pussy lips and the head of his rather large seeming cock popped into her cunt. “Stop this young man. I’m your mother and I demand that you stop this at once. ” She wasn’t the most commanding figure, laying face down across her son’s bed, bare-assed and legs spread as he prepared to fuck her, but she tried her best. “You aren’t serious are you mum? As if I’m stopping now. Besides, I know you like it. ” Paul laughed, pushing a few more inches of his cock into his mother’s fist-tight cunt. Laurie just groaned and tried to pull herself off Paul’s cock. She managed to move a little, but this just meant Paul was able to thrust into her again, burying about five inches of his cock in his mother’s cunt this time. “Oh you little bastard. Augh…oh…ah!” Paul shut his mother up by thrusting in another inch and then pulling his cock most of the way back out of her pussy before ramming it into her to the hilt.

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   That was the first stroke of an incredible fucking frenzy. Paul lay down on his mother’s back and began giving her pussy long, deep strokes with his cock, enjoying the heavenly feel of her pussy wrapping itself around his tool. Soon enough, Laurie began grunting, her body’s responses betraying her moral stance. Paul straightened up, straddling his mother’s ass as he plowed his cock into her from behind. In this new position, Paul could fuck Laurie much faster and more powerfully. Shortly, Laurie began to feel the power of a large cock and a young man’s inexhaustibility. As Paul rammed his mother’s body into his mattress, Laurie began to grunt, groan and even scream in passion. His mother’s words, when Paul made them out, only made him fuck her harder. “Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. Big cock. Fuck me hard big cock. Make my pussy cum. Fuck my cunt with your big cock baby. Mummy needs a good hard fucking.

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   Take me. Do what you want with me just so long as you fuck me. ” Paul slammed her pussy, his balls beginning to tingle as cum flowed up into his cock. The feel of his mother’s pussy clamping down around his shaft as she came, along with the sound of her screams, brought the cum boiling out of Paul’s prick, spattering the inside of his mother’s cunt, his throbbing cock pumping his fluid deep into her pussy. After his cock had stopped pumping semen into his mother’s pussy and shrunk to more normal proportions, Paul pulled out and flopped over onto the bed beside Laurie’s supine form. “I can’t believe you did that. It was so naughty, so wrong. ” “Oh come on mum. I know you enjoyed it as much as I did. I heard you. ” “No one can ever know. This has to stay our secret. ” Laurie looked over at her son as she said this. “Yeah, sure mum. Whatever.

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  ” Paul moved across the bed until his crotch was in front of his mother’s face, “Now suck me, cock slut. ” Laurie reflexively opened her mouth. She loved to hear men say things like that to her when they were fucking her. The fact that it was her son who was saying it slipped her mind long enough for Paul to shove his flaccid cock into his mother’s mouth. Holding the back of his mother’s head Paul forced Laurie to give him another blowjob, groaning as she licked and sucked his cock clean of their juices. Shortly afterwards, just as Paul was beginning to think about fucking his mother again, one of Paul’s friends rang, inviting him out. Paul accepted – he could fuck Veronica or his mother whenever he wanted – and left the house almost immediately. When Laurie realised that her incestuous son was gone, she jumped in the shower, then dressed and hurried out. She didn’t think she could face her husband so soon after their son had rammed his big, meaty cock into Laurie’s still throbbing, pussy. Some time later Jeff came home to an empty house. Slightly confused, but happy to be alone for once, he changed out of his work clothes and found a hastily scrawled note from Laurie explaining that she had gone out with Sophie, their neighbour. The note also said Paul was out with a friend. “That means that if Veronica is at home, she’s alone,” Jeff mused to himself. He smiled at the way his cock grew instantly hard at the thought of using the little slut in any way he wanted. He was just heading out the back door when the phone rang.

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   “This had better be important. ” Jeff picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Dad, it’s Amanda. Where the hell is mum?” “Hello sweetie. How was camp? Isn’t your mother there?” “Camp was fine daddy. And no, mum isn’t here. Where is she? I need a ride home. I’m not carrying my bag all that way. ” “I’ll be there in a moment. Just relax. ” Jeff hung up the phone and swore. An afternoon of sexual bliss, blown out of the water. His erection gone, Jeff jumped into his car and drove down to Amanda’s school to collect her. He’d forgotten that she was coming home from camp today and, he admitted to himself, rather pissed that she had come home. At least at this particular point in the day.

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   If she had only been another hour or so, Jeff would have been satisfied. Having been anticipating pleasuring himself in Veronica’s holes, he would now have to deal with his daughter. Jeff loved Amanda with all his heart but since just before her sixteenth birthday – six months before - Amanda had begun acting towards her father in a way Jeff could only describe as flirtatious. He didn’t think she meant anything by it, she was just unused to her wonderfully developing body and the effect it could have on men. As Jeff pulled up outside the school he admired his daughter. Amanda had inherited her mother’s looks and body. The sixteen year olds legs were long, she was 5’7”, and shapely in a deliciously sexual way. Jeff admired her thighs, as she stood at the curb in a short skirt. Her breasts had grown to a delightful c-cup, standing out firmly from her chest, round and full, with nipples that often stuck out through tight tops. Her face was that of an angel, reminiscent of a younger Laurie and glossy, brown hair, so dark it was almost black, cascaded down her back, inherited from her father. Amanda threw her bag in the back and jumped into the front seat, leaning across to give her father a peck on the cheek. “Hey dad. Where’s mum?” “She’s gone out with Sophie Parker. It must have slipped her mind that you were coming home. Sophie must have had a crisis.

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  ” Jeff smiled across at his daughter. Amanda’s skirt had ridden up as she sat in the car and a long expanse of thigh was revealed. Jeff felt his cock twitch. It was a warm evening and Amanda had her window down. The cool air coming in soon had her nipples thrusting through her thin t-shirt. “How was camp gorgeous?” “Oh dad, it was fabulous. Skiing is so much fun. I can’t wait ‘til the family goes. ” She leaned across the car, placing her hand on her father’s thigh to brace herself. “We are going to the snow aren’t we daddy?” Amanda looked up at her father through her long eyelashes. The feel of her hand on his leg made his cock twitch once more. “Of course we are sweetie. You know that. I already have all the tickets. We go next month.

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  ” “Yay. I can’t wait. ” Amanda sat back in her seat and Jeff swallowed as her hand shifted away. As soon as they got home Jeff headed into his room to watch the copy of Veronica’s tape that Paul had made for him. On the screen Veronica’s dealer was just about to ram his cock into her pussy for the first time, when there was a knock at his bedroom door. Quickly hitting stop he called out, “come in. ” The door opened and Amanda stepped through. The only clothing she had on was a towel wrapped around her middle. “Dad, do you mind if I use your shower? I want to use mum’s shampoo and stuff. ” “Yeah, sure thing hot stuff. Go for it. ” Amanda jumped up and clapped her hands, her breasts bouncing in a way that dried Jeff’s mouth. Before going in to the bathroom, the young girl dashed over to her parents bed and gave her father a kiss on the cheek and a hug that had his cock twitching repeatedly. “Thank you daddy,” she said, looking back over her shoulder at him as her towel clad form skipped through the bathroom door, her firm ass, like two melon halves beneath the towel, barely shaking as she wiggled her ass back at him. Amanda was young and had no idea of the fire inside her father that she was innocently fanning.

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   Amanda was very shy, especially around boys, and had never had a boyfriend. Like most young girls, Amanda, though gifted with a body designed to drive men wild, thought that if she didn’t have a boyfriend she was unattractive. Yet she was becoming aware of the opposite sex and was getting curious, beginning to desire a boyfriend, though she didn’t know why. The result was that she had begun to practice her developing skills on the one man she felt comfortable around – her father. The shower was on for much less time than Jeff expected, he wasn’t even halfway through the muted videotape when the water stopped. Shortly after, the door opened and Amanda stuck her head through. “Dad, could you come and turn the tap on for me” I can’t turn it. ” Jeff rolled off the bed and walked into the en suite. Amanda was standing at the basin so Jeff reached around her from behind for the cold tap. “No, the other one dad. ” His other arm came around her and Amanda bent down to rinse her mouth of toothpaste, pressing her ass into her father’s groin and still erect cock at the same time. Amanda didn’t react to his erection; she just spat out the water and straightened up. As she stood up her towel came loose and began to slip off her. She caught it at her waist, leaving her standing in front a mirror, bare breasted, with her father right behind her. As Jeff stared at her magnificent pair of breasts, speechless, Amanda pressed her ass back against Jeff’s groin again, much harder this time and then, quite innocently, she asked, “Daddy, are my breasts too small?” Jeff just groaned, his hands reaching for her tits.


   Amanda pushed his hands away but left her breasts exposed. “Naughty daddy. I asked you what you thought. You can’t touch them. That’s not allowed. ” As she said this she was constantly grinding her ass against her fathers erect cock. Jeff’s hands reached up again and Amanda yanked her towel up, spinning around so she was facing her father. “Naughty daddy. I told you the rules. Now we can’t play anymore. ” Saying that, she brushed her hand across her father’s groin and then slipped around him into the bedroom. Amanda was halfway to the hallway door when her father caught her up in his arms and threw her onto the bed. By the time she rolled over, trying to pull her towel back around her body, Jeff had dropped his pants and was pulling his shirt off over his head. As soon as he was naked he grabbed a tube of lubricant from his bedside table and, keeping a close eye on a shocked Amanda, began to lube up his hard as steel cock. “You forgot to ask what my rules for the game were, sweetie.


  ” Amanda leapt to her feet on the bed and jumped for the door. As she flew through the air her towel slipped off so that by the time she landed she was naked. As her feet hit the ground Jeff’s arms wrapped about her and began dragging her back towards the bed. Throwing her down on her back, Jeff pulled her legs apart and knelt between her thighs. Pulling apart her pussy lips, he tested the entrance to her hole. “What the fuck? You’re wet, you little whore. ” “Daddy please. You can’t do this. ” “Oh shut the fuck up. You flirt with me constantly. And what was that in the bathroom, pressing yourself against my cock? And now I find your pussy all wet. Your juices are running. I know you want it and you know you want it. You’re obviously just another little slut. A little fucking whore, just like your mother, who’ll do anything for cock.

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   Skipping around in a tiny little towel. Showing me your tits. You’ve been begging for it. ” As he said this, Jeff moved his hands up and began mauling Amanda’s superb chest, squeezing her firm mounds and rubbing her nipples with his palm and between his fingers until they were stiff and hard, jutting out from her chest. Soon enough, as he sucked one of his daughter’s nipples into his mouth, Jeff’s cock moved forward, nosing at her pussy. “Please daddy, no. I’m a virgin. Don’t do this. Please. ” Jeff looked at his daughter. “All right then. I won’t fuck your virgin pussy. ” Saying this, he straddled her and then rolled her over so she was face down on the bed. Jeff spread his daughters legs wide once more and then pulled her ass cheeks apart. “What are you doing daddy?” Amanda was struggling a little, trying to get out from under her father, but it was a futile attempt.

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   “I’m leaving you a virgin honey. ” So saying, Jeff began to press the head of his lubed-up cock into his daughter’s asshole. “Oh god! Dad, no! You can’t do that. Please, you can’t fuck me there. Not in my ass. Please!” “Well make up your fucking mind sweet heart. In about ten seconds I’m going to stick my cock into your cunt or ass. Decide which one now or I’ll choose one. ” “All right, all right. Not my ass. ” “So where do you want my cock? Where do you want to get fucked?”Amanda mumbled something. “What? I can’t hear you. What did you say?”“My vagina. You can have sex with me there. ”“What? Where?” Jeff pressed harder against Amanda’s ass.

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  “My cunt. Fuck me in my cunt. ” She yelled. Jeff pulled his cock back, spread her cunt lips and thrust the head of his lubricated shaft into her pussy’s entrance. Amanda grunted and groaned as Jeff pulled his cock back until it was almost totally withdrawn from her pussy and then thrust it in a couple of inches, expecting to meet resistance. He pulled back and thrust in again, a little further this time. Jeff’s arm was leaning on some bunched up bedspread and as he went to withdraw his cock from his daughter’s cunt once more, the material slipped and Jeff’s arm went out from under him. As he fell onto Amanda’s back, his cock, coated in lubricant and Amanda’s flowing juices, slipped into his daughter’s pussy to the hilt. “What the fuck? You little slut, you’re no virgin. ”“I broke my hymen doing gymnastics years ago. ” Amanda grunted as Jeff began thrusting into her pussy from behind, slamming his thighs against her firm ass cheeks, his balls slapping her pussy lips. As Jeff laid into his daughter, he thought she had begun to move her hips slightly. Before long he was sure and really began riding her as she thrust herself back onto his cock, groaning with pleasure. “Oh daddy. You’re cock feels so good.

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   I had no idea this was what sex would feel like. Augh, oh fuck, yes, deeper. I thought it felt good when I touched myself and used my finger but…Oh GOD. ” Hearing Amanda talk in this way had Jeff ramming his cock into his daughter’s cunt as hard as he could. Before long, this sort of heavy duty fucking took its toll on Amanda’s virgin pussy and she fell into her first cock-induced orgasm. Jeff’s long afternoon of horniness and the feel of his little, slut-daughter’s cunt pulsating around his cock soon had him ready to cum. He prepared to withdraw and shoot his cream on her back when he suddenly remembered Laurie telling him last year that she had to get ‘the pill’ for Amanda for health reasons. Joyously, Jeff rammed his cock into his daughter one last time as deeply as he could and lay there on top of her, shooting stream after stream of hot cum deep into Amanda’s belly as she crashed through her own orgasm. Paul turned his camera off and walked quickly back to his room. He couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been to come home rather than go to the movies. He couldn’t wait to stuff his cock into his sister’s mouth. Or any of her other holes now that he thought about it. .

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Either you are into making a visit to the States or you already live there, enjoying the best escort services in your town, or area, should be a good mission, spiced with a lot of desire. Specially crafted for men who are searching to spend time in a glamorous environment, the escort service is now a universal niche for millions and millions of persons. In the States alone, there are over than one million escorts on duty to meet and date with you, and you only need a single click on the next text to better understand how it functions and where can you meet escort services Belleview .

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No matter the motive, either you are on a official visit or in vacation, searching for someone to date you and provide hot intimate experiences should be your primary aim, if you feel alone or bored. USA escort services Belleview are widely spread and very popular. They offer plenty of features and come with a vast number of girls. From youngsters set to have fun with you, to matures looking for somebody to make them feel unique and have fun with. If you are planning to reach the Belleview escort services, make sure you pick your escort according to your wishes. There are free dates and paid ones. You must fix which type of Belleview escort you will enjoy. Depending on that, the money involvement will be marginal or higher.

What type of services do these escorts in Belleview offer?

From classy dinner dates to intimate activities, these escorts can provide you almost any type of kink you desire. Either you are someone who prefers chatting with babes and spending time with them, or you are the type of guy who adores to get right to the good stuff, escorts Belleview can provide you anything you crave as long as you are elegant with them. Improve your business journey or even your vacation along these elegant women. They come from all over the world, and they can definitely keep you up all night with their dedication and desire. Seek for the best escort and you will be granted with the most exciting and addictive experience in your life. Not to mention that all ladies at Belleview call girls are veteran ones. That means they know how to delight you and how to satisfy you, no matter your craves or kinks.

Reasons to choose the Belleview call girls

1. These ladies are experienced ones. They know how this thing is working, and they sure know how to keep you excited.
2. Safety and sanitation are the most important things at escort Belleview. These models will always make sure you will feel comfortable in their company. They will do anything it takes to make you feel great and feel satisfied.
3. Affinity is also a top rule at Belleview escorts. Your personal info, your desires, your kinks and basically everything related to you and your experience with the models, all these will always be locked and out of the reach of third parties. You can relax that enjoying escort services Belleview will be the best option, and no matter what, your personal details will be secured in place.


When it comes to ladies in Belleview, our service is the number one choice. You have all the motives to come here and see our girls. They are elegant, well mannered, of various ages and forms, highly into having a great time and most of all, very skilled. Check them out and seek the one you like the most, to make your holiday or your work trip a truly memorable journey.

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Try Escort Yerevan in case you are in search for a charming lady, a intimate lunch, or an unforgettable sex adventure with complete discretion.
If you are Preparing for a vacation to Yerevan, in Armenia, and you are intrigued in searching the offers that this country has, in terms of escort Yerevan sites, be sure that you know the town and the night-life in advance you go further with your steps. It's always a awesome idea to inform yourself about the habits, the tarifs, the local pubs and so on. This will assure you enjoy a great experience once you decide on what type of escort Yerevan service to use.
Armenia is a awesome land with friendly people, so seeking the right page for the coolest escort Armenia service should be quite simple. Even so, you should always inform about multiple online services before making your call. One of the finest suggestions when it comes to searching proper escort Yerevan chicks, is this site.

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Using this top search for the hottest Escort Armenia service is going to ease your search and also provide you some of the sexiest Armenian chicks. It's fast and highly clever, always up to date to meet almost any of your demands. Either we are talking about a work rip, a holiday, or a visit dedicated to dating sexy ladies, this site will surely come in handy.
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Make sure you go ahead and fulfill your secret desires, the hotties at this place are set for you, and they surely know how to make a you pleased. Follow the easy steps in order to reach for the chicks you desire. Explore for more chances, and see what's waiting for you in here. Release your inner desires and enjoy the best intimate journey with the hot babes at escort Yerevan.
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