I looked down into Marie’s fearful blue eyes as I thrust my hard cock into her to the hilt. The pain showed on her face each time the head of my dick jammed against her cervix. My smile was pleasant, but my thoughts were not of her. What I saw was my lying cheating wife’s daughter getting the fuck that was meant for her. I pounded Marie making her feel the strength of my cock. I wanted to make Marie remember this fuck for the rest of her life. I would be the one who stretched her pussy beyond any she had ever had before, and doubtable will again.
Marie was only the beginning; her younger sister Megan would be next. I intended on fucking the smart mouth youngster’s brains right out of her head. At the moment, grunting out my hard thrust into Marie was part one of my plan.
My wife, Tracy had consistently lied, snuck around, and cheated on me with several different me. From what I could tell, Tracy was not having affairs; she was just being a slut. I decided to check things out for myself following her around and watching her meet with one guy and then another. At first, I thought of confronting her and breaking off our marriage, but that would have only left me lonely and heartbroken. Tracy was still giving me great blowjobs and allowing me to fuck her doggie-style. Besides, Marie had a crush on me and I had showed her many favors.

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   I started off with a hug, a kiss, and then got her naked and fucking her as hard as I could on my wife’s side of our bed.
I continued the marathon fuck way passed the point where the pain had taken over Marie. I kissed her hard pushing my tongue into her mouth and whispered that I loved her over and over until she began to repeat it to me. I beckoned her to promise her pussy to me. I wanted Marie to fall completely in love with me, and I could feel it from her.
I pulled my sopping cock out of her worn tight cunt and pushed it in her mouth. I cheered her on as she cleaned the sex completely from my cock. My cock was still straining. I took Marie into the master bathroom and got in the shower with her. I continued professing my love for her and kissed her while working my cock back in her tight cunt.
I stayed on Marie until Tracy pulled up the driveway with Megan in her mini-van. I could see the love and lust in Marie’s eyes while she stared at me whenever she could without being detected.
As usual, Megan demanded all the attention. I wasn’t put off by Megan’s spoilness. I decided to use it.

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   I suggested that we rent a movie. I knew that Tracy would reject that idea, and that Megan constantly got on Marie’s last nerve. I let Megan beg me, pulling on my arm before I gave in. I wanted her begging me.
“Can I drive?” Megan said pulling on my arm as I opened the driver’s door to my SUV.
“You’ll have to sit in my lap,” I said.
“I know,” she replied.
Megan had on her favorite mini-skirt that Tracy swore that she would never let Megan wear. I assumed that it went like it always did with Megan. Megan argues and gets her way with Tracy. I stopped caring about a lot of things once I felt the love leave between me and Tracy.
I adjusted my seat and Tracy climbed in my lap. We moved around a bit until Megan’s skirt was up and her little panty covered ass what sitting on my hard cock. That was good enough for me. I controlled the gas and breaks and allowed Megan to do all the steering.

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   I did assist a little getting the SUV into a parking spot. As I expected, Megan didn’t know what she wanted. I was patient and let her pick and choose what she wanted. A few of the movies I knew Tracy would not approve of, but I really didn’t give a fuck what Tracy liked. Megan was happy for the moment and that was good enough.
We got back in my SUV and I told her to hold herself up while I adjusted my dick for her to sit on. I was straight with my intensions and she didn’t protest at all. I pulled her down on it and rolled it against her butt-cheeks. “That feels real good,” I said. “Do you want to go get ice cream or anything?”
“Can we go get me a new bra?” she asked.
I knew that she and Tracy had been fighting over a larger bra for Megan. Megan wanted an extra padded one, but Tracy had refused. “Sure, do you want to get a thong too?” I asked knowing that it would get under Tracy’s skin.
“Yeah,” Megan accepted.
“Keep steady on the road,” I said moving my hands down to her hips.

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   “Your butt feels real good on my dick. You keep making my dick feel good like this and you can get two bras. ” I knew that it was a bribe. The way I looked at it was that I was paying the spoil brat for that ass.
I had Megan to park away from other people, so I could hump her butt before we went into the store. As I humped Megan moved her ass with me. I moaned letting her know that I enjoyed the feel of her bottom.
“Ok, let’s hurry up because I’d like to feel it again on the way home,” I said and opened the door.
Her panties were wedged between her butt-cheeks which made my cock jerk. I made up my mind to address Megan as I would an adult. I asked her if she had seen me fucking Tracy. She said that she heard us. I told her that I could show her how good it feels if she wanted me too. She responded only to the sight of the bras that she wanted. There were three padded bras of the same style but different color with matching thongs.

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   She began begging because it was more than we had agreed too.
“Ok, you’ll just owe me a favor, okay?” I said.
“Ok,” she agreed blindly I knew.
When we got back to my SUV, she held herself up and waited for me to adjust me cock before she sat down on it. I told her that I wanted to be more than her step-dad. I told her that I wanted her to be my mistress, meaning that we would be lovers when we were alone like this. She agreed, but I knew that she didn’t care about anything other than she got what she wanted.
I grind a little harder before letting her out the SUV when we got home. I knew that she would run to Tracy and rub her noise in the garments that I had bought for her.
As soon as I walked in Tracy cut me a mean look. “Why did you buy these things for her after I already said that she would have to wait!” Tracy barked.
“Hey, she sat her cute butt in my lap and batted her eyes…. I was I going to resist that,” I chuckled musing over how pissed off Tracy was.
I slipped in the bathroom with Marie and tongued kissed her firmly while squeezing her soft ass, and slipped back out without being detected. My cock was throbbing.

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   I knew that I would have to molest Megan slowly before stretching her young pussy open with my big cock. I was confident that I would be fucking Tracy before we go to bed, but I wanted to get my cock in another piece of Tracy’s offspring.
Lisa, the oldest of Tracy’s kids had a drug problem which she hid very well from Tracy, but I saw it. I figured that all I needed to do was to catch Lisa while she was high and her pussy was mine. As my luck went, Lisa wasn’t at home.
The more I thought about what I was doing the deeper my plans for my revenge on Tracy became. I made up my mind to get her daughter’s pregnant. I would convenience her daughters to have their babies, and I would bare the responsibility of taking care of them. Having a child is something that I really wanted to have with Tracy.
I openly flirted with Marie and Megan in front of Tracy knowing that she would only see it as me playing with her daughters.
By the time Tracy and I went to bed, I was about to pop. I fucked Tracy hard and shouted obscene things about her wanting to be a better piece of ass than her daughters. Tracy got off on the humiliation and it fueled me to no end.

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