Please Mom


Please Mom
By Randy Randy
My name is Sally. I live with my husband of 20 years and our son John. Everything was normal until one day when John asked me to let him see me naked.
John a good looking although extremely shy young man. He has a lot of friends but has never had a girlfriend. From talking to the other mothers at school events it seams that John is the last of his group to be dating. Hearing them complain about the girls calling and coming over made he glad that he was less outgoing.
Then “it” happened. It was a Saturday and John and I were having breakfast. I had just put his plate in front of him and when I looked up he was looking down my blouse. “What are you doing John” I said. He didn’t or couldn’t answer but I kept asking questions.
 “Were you looking down my blouse?”
 “What did you think you would see?”
“Why would you do something like that, I’m you mother”
 There was still no response from John, and then I asked “Is there something you want to say to me?”
He looked me in the eyes and said “Can, can I see you”. “Can I see you naked?”
Now I was speechless. After a few seconds that seamed like minuets I gathered my thoughts and asked him what he was trying to ask. He made it crystal clear.

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   “Mom, I want to see naked, see your body, the female body”.
His response made me think there was more to this then just seeing his own mother naked. We talked and he told me about his friend catching him in a lie. A few months ago. He had told his buds that he had gotten to first base with a girl he meet on vacation. Evidently when he could not answer their questions he was caught and they were teasing him about being a total virgin.
“How would seeing me make this situation better?”
“If I could talk in detail about what a woman looks like and moves when naked they would leave me alone and I’m to shy to ask any of the girls I know”.
As his mother I felt sorry for him but there was no way I could let him see mw naked. I needed to tell him that and let him down gentley. “John that explains a lot and you need to know that I’m not mad, but I just can not do it”.
“Please mom, this is a real problem for me”.
“No John, I can not do it, you’re my son”.
“Please mom!”
“John lets just forget this and I will try and help you in some way, OK.
Well every day for the next week John would ask if he could see me naked or watch me changing clothes. He also tried to look in my bathroom window when he thought I was taking a bath, His persistence was getting to me and I did think about letting see me but I could not bring myself to do it.

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One evening as I was changing for bed I put on a negligee that was almost see through that came to about mid-thigh. Looking at my reflection my son’s request came to mind. Would seeing me in this satisfy his curiosity? My nipples and hair were noticeable but I felt covered. My husband was already asleep so I put on a robe and headed to John’s room.
John was in bed watching TV when I asked to come in. “John, I have an idea on how I can let you see me but not naked”. “I will let you see me in a negligee that is somewhat see through”.
This perked his attention. “When” was all he said”.
“Now, before I come to my senses about this”. I reached for the tie on my robe and with a deep breath opened it and let drop to the floor. John eyes popped wide open and jaw dropped. He was looking me over when he asked me to walk around. As I started to move about his room my breasts swayed rubbing the nipples on the material causing them to stiffen, a fact he quickly noticed.   I felt a bit like a runway model as I turned about the room for my son’s viewing.

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   When my back was to him he asked if I would pull my negligee up so he could see my butt. Looking over my shoulder I pull the hem up to my waist exposing my bottom. “Wow, you have great ass mom and your pussy looks better that I imagianed”. Shit, I forgot that there was a full length mirror on the wall next to the door and he a clear view. I dropped the hem and told him he got to see more that I was planning and proceeded to leave.
“Mom, can I have a hug before you go?”
I turned back to my son as he pulled the covers off and stood up. Now it was my turn to have my eyes pop out of my head. He did not have his normal sleeping shorts on and was naked from the waist down. My eyes were drawn to his dick and what a dick it was. It was at least 8 inches long and still not erect as it was hanging down his leg. I was frozen like a deer in the headlight of an oncoming car and stood there as he approached me. He embraced me and I could feel his dick throbbing as he became fully aroused. I moved slightly to try and break contact with his growing erection but it only made it worse. As I moved my legs parted and his manhood slipped right between my legs. It felt like I had a baseball bat between my parted legs.

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I was becoming more aroused and I knew that I must leave before things got more out of hand. With all the will I could muster I asked John to let go so I could leave and return to my room and his father. John let go but did not move. Backing away from him I could feel the head of his dick as it slid from my ass to my pussy even parting the lip a bit. When it broke its contact with me it sprang up catching the hem of my negligee. Backing away further I pulled my negligee free. I could not stop myself from looking down and there before me was the largest dick I had ever seen. Now full erect my son’s dick was at least 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist. As I stared John put his hand on my shoulders and applied genital pressure as he said “take a closer look”.
Dropping to my knees before my son I knew I was in trouble. As I looked at his massive pole he stepped forward and brought his dick in contact with my face. Gripping it at the base John rubbed his dick all over my face. On the third pass over my lips I opened my mouth and took him in. Now I’m not a fan of giving head but knowing that this was my son made it more erotic and I wanted it in my mouth. I could fit only half of his dick into my mouth but John seem to like it.

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   Then without warning John let loose with a huge load that I drank down.
My son lifted me to my feet and took my hand leading me to his bead. He lay down and pulled me on top of him. I reached between my legs and guided him to the opening he came from. I had my first orgasm as my son entered me. Never had dick like this in me! My son’s manhood was reaching places that were never touched before. John started to fuck me hard, forcing more of his dick into me with each powerful thrust.  His hard fucking forced his dick into my cervix and I was finally able to take the last of him in, all 10 inches. As we fucked for more than an hour I had multiple orgasms. The best his father could do was 30 minuets and that was a rare event.
            John was nearing his own climax and rolled us over to be on top. His fucking was almost violent as he got close to cuming. I could feel his dick swell even more and then he let loose. I could feel the white hot cum filling me to overflowing.
He fell on top of m and we held each other for a long time before I realized that needed to get back to my room before his father woke up and might come looking for me.

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   John rolled off and his limp dick exited my well fucked hole. As I reached the door he spoke his first words in an hour. “Mom, can I see you naked?” The whole time my negligee never came off.   I pulled it off and posed for my son.
“You look better that I ever imainaged mom, thanks. ”
I smiled and headed for my room.
As I lay in bed I thought about what happened and how it would affect our lives, but I knew it was going to happen again and soon.
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