Raven's tale


 Even though I am only twenty-four years old I have ten year old daughter. The result of a late night grope fest and a broken prophlyactic. Her mother was in her twenties and I after she was born, ran off with some guy she had married two days after she gave birth. I’ve raised my daughter mysefl with alot of help from friends and family, but now I can magane by myself. I manged to get a degree in Information Systems technology and now build and repair networks.  I named my daughter Raven Marie. Mostly because of her dark black hair, she got that from me, black hair runs in our family. She’s a typical ten year old. Vibrant, and full of life, much to my suprise even tho she is at the cusp of teenhood, she does not often disobey me. She tells me that she wants only to make me happy and that she knows obeying me makes me happy, and so she enjoys seeing the smile on my face when she obeys my rules. She has long black hair almost to her waist, her bright green eyes like forests acres deep. She’s fairly tall for her age already 5’4”, her budding breasts alright, from the looks of it, an “A” cup.  One day, I had let her stay home from school. That afternoon, about one-o’clock. I came home early form work after my boss had decided to let me finish from home. I decided to suprise her and sneek up on her for the tickles she so loved getting from me.

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    We loved to tease each other. I set my bag down and slipped out of my shoes, quietly sneaking up the stairs. I heard some music coming from room. Her door was sligtly ajar, I deiced to peek in on her frist, to make sure she wasnt getting dressed or anything.   To my surpise she was dancing nude! I could not draw my eyes away. I was entrance by the gyration of her ten year old hips and ass. I had never realized just how lovely a figure she had! The more I stared the more aroused I became. The more aroused I became the more my throbbing member began to hurt. Tears began to steam down my face I was completely torn, this, my daughter the very product of my own genetic material was the very object of my lust. I quickly rand to my room and closed door, stripping out of my clothes I began stroking my member. Tear continuing to stream down my face as I couldnt help but fantasize about Raven sucking on it. Apperently I had unknowingly cried out her name. She opended my door wearing her pjs. Her eyes were as big a dinner plates. Her face turned blood red.

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   “Oh my God!” she exclaimed in horror. “Oh Raven!. . . . I saw you. . . I. . . I couldnt help it. . . .

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  . . . I’m the worst daddy ever. . . . forgive me please!” I begged my voice shivering.   She walked over to me calmly and reassured me. “It’s okay daddy. . . . . .

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  . I’m glad that you think I am so pretty. I wont tell anyone I promise. This will be our little secret. ” She smiled and kissed my cheek. She stood up and began walking out of my room. As she closed the door she tunr and smiled at me. “Oh daddy?” My voice was still shaking as I replied. “Yes. . . pumpkin?” Her smile grew warmer. “I love you. ” She whispered as she pursed her lips in a kissing fashion.  .