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    Jack let out a long sigh as he sat in his car outside his aunts house. He really didn't mind spending an afternoon helping his aunt, what he did mind though was losing a day atwork. No work equals no money and Jack always had something that he needed to spend money on (like every other teenager in America). Lifting up the parking break Jack opened the door and headed out to his day of work.     You see, Jack's uncle had suffered and died from a heart attack the past year. He was a big man and that undoubtedly played a part seeing that he was only 57 at the time. Sadly, his death widowed Jessica who was Jack's aunt by blood.     Now, living all alone and being in her late fifties Jessica needed help with more of the physical chores around her house. That is where Jack came in. Every weekend or so since his uncles death Jack had come over to help his aunt. It was never any work that took terribly long or was that difficult it was just Jack always had something he would rather be doing.     Giving a simultaneous knock and open of the back door, Jack walked into his Aunt Jessica's House. She had recently installed an alarm system that would make a chirping noise when someone opened a door so he never really felt like he was baring in. But for some reason the door opened without noise this afternoon. Before he had time to call out a simple "hello?" Jack heard a soft crying coming from the living room. He walked slowly toward the sound and was instantly heartbroken with what he saw.

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   His aunt sat on a couch and was crying. She had always been an incredibly private person and to see her let lose her emotions startled Jack.     Jessica jumped as she saw a shadow standing in the doorway. Realizing it was Jack she quickly tired to hide her crying saying, "Oh Jack, I didn't hear you come in. " while simultaneously wiping away her tears. With a tenderness of someone far older than that of an eighteen year old Jack put his arm around her and quietly said, "It's ok Anut Jessica. I miss him too. " That was all it took, Jessica exploded with tears. She sat there and clung to Jack as she released all her pent up sadness. Jack began to rub her shoulder as she leaned against him and sobbed. All he could think to say was "Im sorry, im so sorry. " This didn't bring out what he hoped as she seemed to only get worse.     All of a sudden, something that neither of them expected happened. Jessica had turned to her right and was now straddling Jack. Instead of crying on his shoulder she was now kissing it.

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   Almost at quickly as it began had Jessica hoped off Jack and stood before him and said "Oh my god Jack, I cant believe I just did that. Im sorry, oh god im sorry. " It was then that something even more unexpected happened. Jack stood up with clearly the beginnings of an erection and kissed her with such an intensity that it took her breath away. Continuing kissing, Jack reached around and firmly grasped her ass with both hands. It wasn't any firmer that anyone would expect from a nearly sixty year old woman but Jack didn't care as he continued to squeeze.      Jessica pushed Jack away from her. Jack feared that he had gone to far but before he could get a word out she grabbed his hand started taking him toward her bedroom. Neither said a word as they both were filled with such a mix of fear and excitement. As they entered the room Jack quickly sat down on the bed and took a good look at her as she began to undress before him. She couldn't have been more than 5'6 or 7. Her breasts were quite large and sagged down quite far. She was in decent shape for someone her age and,  though,  you could see the beginnings of spider veins in her legs all Jack could think was of her wrapping those legs around him.     "You look amazing. " Jack told Jessica as she stood completely naked before him.

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   She smiled back knowing that she didn't but appreciating Jack saying it. He then quickly pulled down his pants and Jessica couldn't help but widen her smile as she saw that he was already in full salute. He seemed to have an average sized, circumcised dick and she desperately wanted it inside her. It was this brief few seconds where the pair sized each other up that gave way to unbridled lust.     Jessica climbed on top of Jack and reached down to grab his dick. Slowing sitting down, she aimed Jack inside of her. She let out a moan of pleasure that only a women can while scratching an itch she hadn't attended to for far to long.   Looking up, Jack stared at his engulfed dick. He had been with a couple of other girls his age and knew when someone was tight or not. And after two kids, his cousins, and years of love making she was certainly not tight. But none of this mattered to him. Or, should I say, no of this mattered when someone went at his with the enthusiasm that she did. There was no timidness in that of young and unexperienced girls. She knew it was not going to break and thrusted with such force that Jack could hardly contain himself. Jessica's body jiggled as she continued to grind Jack.

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   Laying his head back, Jack a allowed his mind to actually comprehend what was going on. His aunt, someone who had taken care of his as a child, was fucking him. Not only was she fucking him, she was fucking him with such an intensity and sheer hunger that he had never even come closed to experiencing. It was upon this realization that Jack himself was suddenly over come with lust. He leaned forward and, putting his hands on both her shoulders, forcefully pushed her on her back as Jack took over the dominant position.     Leaving one hand down to support his weight, Jack grabbed her sagging breast in his right hand and squeezed. Her nipples were rather large and the the feeling of one between his fingers only encouraged him to thrust harder. Looking down, he noticed that her eyes were closed and she had begun to breath very deeply. Realizing that she was close to orgasm, he made himself go even deeper to encourage her on her way. Jessica let out a gasp followed but a long steady moan as she began to cum. Feeling her muscles tighten around his prick Jack came right along with her unleashing a flood of sperm into her aging cunt. Jack held his position as he tried to comprehend what had just happened. Rolling out from under him, Jessica looked up and, with a grin, asked him "Ready to get to work?".