Shadowed Mirrors


He paused for a moment, and looked between our bodies. My shirt was askew letting the very tops of my breasts poke out. My legs, parted very slightly, encasing his thighs with mine. Our groins were bumping together as we both lay there panting, trying to fill our lungs up with air. He slowly pulled back, but before he could I saw something different in his eyes, a darkening of them, and I thought a caught a hint of a devilish smile. I tugged my shirt up, and rose, dusting myself off. When I turned around Chris was just standing there staring at me from the back. “You wanna get a puppy, something cold to drink and go rest in the slap shack?” He asked softly. Nodding, I struggled to keep up as he headed towards the house for drinks. I waited outside for him, trying to figure out which puppy I wanted to take with me to the out building. Starting to feel excited at the chance to get to lay down with the puppies on the soft bed, I grabbed a black one, and a little furry brown and white one. When Chris came back outside, he looked better and was holding two sweaty cans of coke. We started walking towards the slap shack, he carrying the refreshments, and me holding the entertainment. As we stepped inside the dark building, I felt an instant rush of cool . This meant that either someone had been there before us or Chris had turned the air conditioner on earlier. I shrugged it off, figuring he’d wanted to come out here himself and hadn’t turned on the AC for us.

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   Chris flopped out onto the bed, and dust rose around him making us both cough and one of the puppies sneeze. I sat down slowly, struggling to keep the puppies from wriggling free of my arms. He sat up half way, taking the black one I knew he favored and lay back letting it sprawl on his chest. I lay down slowly, turning to my side so as to make a warm place for the puppy to nestle. I glanced behind me and saw my image in a mirror with a black shadow encased in its glass, that covered the wall. “Creepy” I whispered softly. “yea, it is. The last guy that worked the horses for dad put that up. ” He appeared to be studying the mirror, so I glanced back over my shoulder and saw my heart shaped butt pulled taught against my pink, play shorts. Blushing I turned my attention back to the puppy nuzzling my bare tummy, but Chris continued to stare into the half blackened mirror. As the cool began to sink in, we relaxed. The puppies nodded off to sleep, so Chris placed them in a basket beside the bed. Rolling onto my back I began to study the room. I had never been allowed to play in here, neither had Chris. The room seemed eerie, but a little more fun with all the dust.

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   I watched a spider crawling along its silken web in the corner. When I turned to look at Chris, his eyes were at the top of my shirt. I looked at my chest, noting the high curve my breasts had taken when I laid down. He smiled and leaned forward as though to tell me a secret. “ I like the way they jiggle when you run. That’s why I’m always getting you to chase me, they bounce a lot. ” He brushed a grimy fingertip along my collarbone. A sigh came from my lips that shocked us both. “Chris. ” I said softly. He rolled over then, pinning my little body beneath his long one. I felt my breasts crushed against his chest, and wiggled a little. In wiggling, I brushed up against something stiff that was pushing out between our bodies. I looked down, seeing his zipper bulging forward. Chris leaned down so that his breath was blowing the tendrils of my hair softly, so softly.

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   “Touch it Jenny, please…. just touch it. ” His voice trembled as he begged me to touch him. I thought that somehow, he was hurting…that I could make him feel better. I twined my hand between us, and he raised to allow it passage. I began to rub my slender fingers gently against his groin. His ‘prick’, as I’d heard guys call it before at school. I slid the fabric of his jeans up and down, until he groaned- loud. Startled by the throaty sounds he made, I pulled my hand away. “NO! Don’t stop, please. Please Jenny. That feels so good, when you do that. I want to make you feel good too. ” Chris’s hand went rifling up my shirt, making me wiggle. My hips brushed his and he groaned again.

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   “yea do that Jenny. That feels good too. ” I rocked my hips up to his as his hand found the clasp on the front of my cotton bra. It popped with a resounding noise that filled the room. “Chris, wait. I don’t think we oughta…” My sentence broke off and I gasped. His fingertips were twisting my nipple. “mmmmmmm” was all I could manage, as Chris struggled to get my shirt up and over my head. I raised my arms and he jerked it off of me, my bra followed and he chunked them in the floor. Chris sat back jerking his own shirt up, then began to pull at the zipper on my shorts. My fingers flew with his to release me from clothes that suddenly seemed too small to contain me. I was feeding off his excitement and the feeling that still traveled around inside my tummy from when he’d touched me. I didn’t realize it, but I was whimpering, almost as if I was begging him to show me what lay ahead. My shorts slid easily down my legs, and off over my canvas shoes. Chris jerked my shoes and socks off in one smooth motion, tossing them on the floor in the growing pile of our clothes.

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   He stopped and his mouth dropped, staring at me beneath him with nothing but my white cotton bikinis on. “Damn Jenny, you look so good. Want me to kiss you?” I nodded fast, and before I could think his mouth swarmed down over mine. His tongue pleaded for entrance against my lips. My lips softened as I began to feel fevered and rushed, just as Chris once again groped my chest. Rolling the white globes back and forth in the palm of his hand, he groaned into my mouth. His hips shot forward rutting against mine, and I answered with soft moans and equally needy thrusts. Slowly Chris worked his way down, kissing…licking…sucking at my neck, as I began to writhe beneath his mouth. Stop, I thought urgently to myself, He’s done this before, he’s too good at itI put a hand against his chest, trying to gently dissuade him from kissing me anywhere else, but he was having none of it. “ Jenny I can make this feel so good. Just let me do it, you’ll like it I promise. ” He whispered against my collarbone. My hand went lax and I knew I’d just given in to whatever it was Chris wanted me to let him do. His hands were greedy, rough on my small breasts as his mouth engulfed first one nipple and then the other. My mind began to reel and it felt as though I was floating.

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   My moans filled the air, and I arched my back to meet his mouth, as hungry for this feeling inside me to subside, as he was. I felt a tingling down low, in my crotch, that had become known to me as my pussy. I clenched down around the sensation and felt a hot, wet gush flood my panties. They were damp and clinging to me. I had only a fluttering of pale blonde hairs down there, but I knew that meant something good. Chris bit down on my nipple, and worked his hands lower…making me squirm beneath his rough and almost inexperienced touch. His palms were so sweaty, and shaking as they slid over my pussy. I knew he could feel the fact that I had wet my panties, so I started to push away, embarrassed. “No baby, you’re wet, be still . . you’re gonna like this. ” He all but groaned at me. Did he just call me baby? I thought to myself, but my thoughts were lost as his finger delved inside the fabric covering me. The clever little finger began to rub me, softly, driving me towards a madness that seemed so bright. When it pushed inside me and wriggled slightly, I shuddered and bucked up.

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   The lights began to whir before my eyes, and I felt like I was coming apart at the seams. Another gush of wet, and Chris was pulling away my panties altogether. He tugged off his shoes, and socks…leaving them in a puddle of clothes at the base of the bed. His jeans followed, and I could see his prick pushing out of the flap of his boxers. The tip showed itself pink, and damp. I was so curious, I wanted to know what it felt like. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I reached one tentative hand out and grasped it light in my hand. I slid my palm over the tip, and had the pleasure of knowing he’d wet his underwear too. Chris grasped my wrist. “Stroke it like this. ” He began sliding my hand up and down his shaft, jerking the velvety skin along with my hand. He grunted as I stroked him,“mmmmyeaMMMM godddddd Jenny, don’t stop. ” Suddenly, his hand was encasing mine, shoving hard and fast up and down the length of his prick. He began to squeeze my wrist as more clear stuff leaked out of him.

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   “CHRIS STOP! You’re hurting me. ” I wailed out. “God, I’m so sorry Jenny. Are you ok?”I nodded and stared down at my hands on the comforter. “if you promise not to tell, Jenny, I’ll show you something. ”“WHAT? What is it?” I asked excitedly. “Here lay back and spread your legs all the way. ” I followed his instructions. “Yea, just like that. Now you have to relax, but this is going to feel really good. ” Chris slowly slid his hand down my stomach, a slow meandering trail of his fingertips that sent me into a whole new fit of tremors. I saw the tiny goose bumps raise on my skin as he touched me. My mind turned inside out trying to decide what Chris was going to show me. Suddenly his hand stopped and he grasped his prick, pulling it free from his boxers. Chris maneuvered until his crotch was once more pressed against mine, but this time I could feel the heat of his prick bobbing and pushing against my nearly hairless pussy.

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   I moaned softly when he found a space between my lips and hit that same button that his finger had touched before. Slowly, so slowly, he began sliding his prick down, guiding it with his hand. When the tip of his manhood found my tiny entrance, I knew. I knew what he wanted, and I knew that he was going to do with his prick what he’d just done with his finger. I thought of how that had felt before, the bright explosion, the wetness, and thought that maybe this would be something just as nice. As I chewed on my lower lip considering, Chris moved forward with his motions. Rutting against my tiny hole. When the tip popped inside of me I felt it, I cried out as a slight stretching sensation started. With just the tip of his prick inside me, Chris lay down on top of me. Panting in my ear, whispering words that I couldn’t understand. His mouth found mine and I began to relax, my body growing used to its stretched position. As soon as my tongue found his, Chris pushed forward with his hips. I whimpered quietly, knowing I couldn’t stop it from happening now. “oww, Chris, it hurts. ” I whispered into his ear.

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   His head was turned to the side, and I could see he had a little bit of grass in his hair. “It’ll get better, just relax Jenny. ” He gruffly commanded me through clenched teeth. My nod was apparently an accent because he began pushing his hips further towards my own. A terrible ripping sensation began. I squealed and tried to push up, but Chris was too heavy, and my movement had only furthered his journey into me. A pop and pain, along with a gush of hot wetness came as he entered me the rest of the way. Buried inside of me, with the pain ebbing and flowing inside my body, Chris began thrusting, slowly. As he slid out, then back in again, I clenched down around his invading member, causing Chris to grunt. The pain was beginning to subside, my body was accepting this new fullness. The sensation of having something so large move back and forth inside of me, began to make me tremble. My teeth chattered, but I wasn’t cold. I began to feel as though I was falling, I cried out, no words now…just a scream that ended in a gurgle. With this quake, Chris began to thrust hard and fast, his head falling back, teeth clenched, eyes shut. “mmm yea, ohhhhhh.


   Fuck yeaaa. mm damnit so tight” Chris growled. His grunts increased as his pace did. I stared up at him, frightened, hearing our sweaty bodies slap together. Then a warmth began, spreading slowly inside of me, Chris was shaking, his eyes wide open now, staring into mine. Reaching up I brushed his hair away from his face, I smiled and realized he was melting inside of me. His breath caught, and then released as his now softening cock slid from my damp pussy. I put my hand down there, touching the flow from both of us, and stared at the pink froth covering my fingertips. Grinning at Chris, I licked it off my hand, as he collapsed on the bed, staring at us in the shadowed mirror on the wall. So folks. . . . yall know the drill. .

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  . tell me, did you like it ? hate it? And if it wasn't misery to your eyes. . . . then part 2 is cummming. :)Entitled the RanchHand. I love this job ::sigh:: ~CHAR~.

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