Shocked By Daughter


Ill swear on my life this a true story, My daughter was 14 at the time and had always been a bit of a hand full. She had been in trouble at school and even bought home by the police one night to our horror, as a result she was grounded and told that she couldnt have a coat she wanted (costing £200). Her mom was at work and she came home from school one day, as she walked in i noticed her school skirt was very short and commented on it. i wa on the computer at the time typing up some notes but i have to admit i wa horny cos id peeped at a few porno sites. She ignored my comment and had sat on a chair next to me and began to ask about her grounding and the coat, i hadnt ooked at her but turned to say she knew the score. When i looked she was sitting with her legs up showing a good amount of knickered pussy; white clean crisp panties. I couldnt help but look between her legs.
"Oh please Dad, if im a good girl can i have the coat"
"you'd need to be better than youve ever been to  get me to give you that coat" i said
"ill be very good for you" and to my sheer shock she let her legs drop open, i went harder than i had ever been and couldnt believe that i had gotten turned on by my own daughter.
"what do you think your doing " i said
"being good for you"
"i cant look at what your showing"
"but ive seen you looking at cassys legs and trying to peep up her skirt"
"No i dont and even if i did shes not my daughter, you are"
she looked at me and just said " i shaved last night"
"shaved ?" i replyed. With that she pulled her panties aside and revealed her parfectly bald pussy, i just stared in amazment.
" ill be in my bedroom if you want me" she said and walked up stairs. I tried to resist, i really did but in the end my cock got the better of me i i found myself going into her bedroom. She was laying on her bed with her pleated skirt up showing her white cotton knickers, she had her eyes closed pretending to be asleep. Without really knowing what i was doing i began to rub her though her panties and she opend her legs as wide as she could. A damp line appeared though her pantis and i just pulled them right off her revealing this perfectly bald pussy, i slid a finger in and she began to squirm then i thought go for it and went down on her she wriggled and moaned and then i took my cock out and put it in her hand. She began to wank me and then sucked me for a few minutes.

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   "Fuck me Daddy, be the first to take me please" Just like a slave i got on top and entered her, she was very tight and it took a bit of doing. She winced and gave a slight squeel as i full went in then i fucked the hell out of her. Afet i cum in her i asked where all this had come from and she told me her friend, Cassy had been fucked ny her dad since she was eleven and she'd wanted to for the last two years. she amitted she had wanked a couple of boys and sucked one but never had sex with them. Tehn to my great shock she said she owned cassy and fingered her regular. "if i can have the coat daddy not only can you have me but ill get cassy here and you can hve her"
"can i wantch you and her " i said. She smiled and said
"yeh, why not. A threesome would sound great"
She is 22yrs old now, married with a child and i go round regular to get in bed with her. Cassy moved on but every now and again we find a girl to have a threesome with.