Sick day with sisters


Two of my sisters and I were home sick from school. I grew up in a household full of females and was the baby of the family. As you can well imagine, I was a pretty obnoxious little shit. I was always curious about the female form and was constantly trying to catch a look or cop a feel of one of my sisters. I used to sneak out back to look in the bathroom window when they were taking baths.
I had learned at an early age how nice a pair of worn panties smelled and tasted and was always raiding the dirty clothes hamper. I started jerking off when I was almost 13 and fell in love with that.
On this particular day, the three of us were all home sick and I was being my usual obnoxious self. I was constantly daring my sisters to show me their bodies and goading them as much as I could get away with. My oldest sister, 5 years my senior, and I were in the living room watching tv. I was bugging her to show me her pussy as usual. She was sitting in a chair wearing a nightgown and I guess that on this day she had finally had enough of my shit because suddenly she said, "Ok, I'll show it to you", and with that, pulled her night gown up over her knees and pulled her underwear down.
There it was in front of me in all its glory. I remember it as if it was yesterday. Her cunt was covered with thick black hair and I could just see the lips  through it. "As long as you are looking you may as well get a good close look", she said, and I did not hesitate for a second.

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   I dropped down on my knees between her thighs, my face so close that I could smell her and it was wonderful. My little dick was instantly hard as a board and poking out of my shorts. Suddenly, after no more than a couple of seconds, she grabbed my head and jammed my face into her pussy, I assume in an effort to gross me out. "You might as well see how it tastes too you little fucker", she said, pulling my face in tight.
"Now lick me", she ordered. Fuck me to tears was I in heaven. I did exactly as she told me to. Unbeknownst to her, I was already fully aware of what and where her clit was. An older buddy of mine had stolen some magazines from his dad and had explained all of that to me one day when we were out in the woods jerking off together. I slurped away at her rapidly moistening pussy and worked my mouth up towards her clit. She did not let go of my head but her grip lessened. I continued licking and sucking on her and she started to moan. Within minutes she was experiencing an orgasm at the mouth of her baby brother. I kept up my efforts until she finally pushed me away.
Looking across the room, I looked and my other sister, 2 years older than me, was on the couch with her pj pants around her ankles and rubbing her little pussy with a vengance.

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   I crawled across the floor and sucked her off until she also came. I reached down to stroke my cock and the second I touched it, shot my cum all over the couch.
My older sister and I did this whenever we had the opportunity till the following year when she went to nursing school and the younger for about two more years till she got her first boyfriend.
I still love to eat pussy as much as ever and look back fondly on those times.