Sis and I sort it out


I was at home on Saturday night for the first time in months as I had broken up with my girlfriend Sue. She is 19 and I am 21 and I have a year to go before I graduate. She has two years to go. She and I had been lovers for about a year and the both of us were more than happy with the sex that was wanted and available. I believed neither of us was unhappy with that part of our relationship. When I refused to buy her an engagement ring she lost her cool and told me all I wanted from her was sex. I didn't quite agree with her statement as she frequently initiated the experience and had often said let’s not go out, let’s go to bed and we did. I explained my situation but she was not interested and in the heat of the moment I told her the only ring I wanted to be involved with was her high water ring around my cock from her cunt. She stormed out and has not contacted me for over a week.

I was watching a DVD when my sister Jane came down and sat with me in the family room. She said why aren’t you out with Sue – then realised we were no longer together. She and Sue were great friends and confided in each other. Jane knew as much as I did about what Sue and I did in bed. She said she was sorry and wouldn’t mention it again.

I said cool it – don’t worry I will get over it.

She said what will you do for sex now – you two were always at it.

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I said I will just have to take things into my own hands – and laughed and she laughed with me. She knew exactly what I meant.

I said why are you and Tony not doing the town or something.

She said it’s very icy between us at the moment – you know Tony and I are lovers.

I said I didn't need to be Einstein to work that out.

She said well last week we were fucking as usual and I have always given him what he wanted – like you and Sue. He told me I needed to lift my game and that I was a pretty ordinary in bed. I was shattered. I stormed out and left him there half way through a fuck. I even left my pants there.

I said what is the chance of you two reconciling.

She said at the moment, not much – I think if another girl wiggled her arse at him he would have her pants off as soon as possible. We were not really in love, just sex rats really. That’s what he wanted and that’s what I gave him.

I said that makes us a great pair doesn’t it.

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She didn't answer and I continued to watch the movie and she sat there obviously upset but saying nothing more. It was about ten minutes later she said – could you pause that movie for a moment – I want to ask you something.

I stopped the movie and looked at her.

She said I am deadly serious about this and I have been thinking about it for a week and it’s taken me so much courage to sit here and decide to do this.

I want you to tell me where I am going wrong and teach me how to be better in bed. I know you and Sue were great having sex in every way, and she has told me often how good it is in bed with you. I want you to show me. Now it’s all over with her I don’t feel it’s as bad as it would have been before.

I sat there shocked for a moment and said you want me to have sex with you.

She said in a word - yes – but not just sex, show me how to be better at fucking. Obviously if Tony was not happy I can’t be doing something right. I have never had another complaint – but then he was only the third guy to sleep with me, The first one didn't last more than a couple of times and the other one was a one night stand.

Shit sis I said – that is incest – I don’t know if I could.

She said it’s not love or anything its only a fuck. I want you to tell me what I have to do to make it good for you; obviously I am not doing something right.

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   We both know what it’s like – it’s just a fuck, a sort of lesson. I have made up my mind - I can handle it.

I said holy cow – fucking my little sister – Shit sis I cant. I don’t know that I could even get a hard on with you - I have never ever looked at you as a sex object – I have never imagined me ever doing that to you. I have seen you naked often enough and realise what a great body you have and if you were anybody else I wouldn’t hesitate - but fucking my own sister I don’t know if I can. I have never thought of what it would be like with you – I know you and Tony were doing it but not imagining for one moment what you did or what it would be like with you. Shit sis I don’t know if I could fuck you – I don’t know if I could even get it up to fuck you – I really love you but not that way –you are my sister – sort of part of me – I dont know if I could. That is a big ask of me.

Jane said I know and don’t think I have not given it a lot of thought. We won’t know unless we try – I have lain awake for hours thinking of how I could ask you and what your reaction would be. I had hoped you would have not hesitated and all my worries were for nothing – but I can see that it is not easy for you. Dont think I havnt tried to work out what Tony is on about. I cant just go and find a guy and say look I have been told I am a lousy fuck – will you tell me whats wrong with me. Can you imagine if a girl asked you the same question.

Tony is really shitty on me at the moment and he is just as likely to spread it about I am a lousy fuck.

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   I would hate that.

I have tried to masturbate and I am finding it harder and harder to cum because I imagine myself with you in me. I just seem to worry about working out how I was going to ask you – let alone actually doing it with you. Its going to be hard for me too remember – I realise how wrong it is. I know the consequences of getting pregnant with you but I can’t get pregnant, I am on the pill and that seems to be the biggest problem with a brother and sister – getting the girl pregnant. The social stigma is one thing but the probability of a birth defect is more concerning – but we don’t have to worry. We can do it and when you cum it wont matter - it’s ok. I am sure nobody will ever know – it will be in our own home and who will ever know. I have given it a great deal of thought and I have convinced myself I can handle it and that your role will just be a teacher – it’s not for love or anything – try and think of me being a prostitute and you are paying for it.

Look sis I could never look at you and imagine I was fucking a tart. I respect you more than that.

The she said what have I got to do or say to get you to say yes.

Come over here and sit beside me. We will just see how things go and let things take its course – in a while you never know it just might happen.

The two of us sat together and I put my arm around her and then we began to watch the movie again.

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   After five minutes I said it’s not working I can’t concentrate on the movie and I can’t think of anything else but us and what you are suggesting we do. Fuck - you know I would do anything for you Sis but this is pushing the boundaries a bit too far. I have never knocked a good fuck back ever and I cant believe what Tony has said. He has got to be mad.

Thats what bothers me – Jane said - he has never complained before and we have been fucking each other for ages. I don’t know why, He has no problem getting his cock hard and always wants to fuck but for a while he hasn’t been happy but he cums every time and I never gave it a thought that he was not enjoying it. It sort of noticed he was taking longer and longer cumming and I don’t cum every time. Maybe thats what is bothering him – that he cant make me cum.

I said perhaps the spark has gone out of you relationship and the only reason you are still together is the sex.

She said I still give him oral and he goes down on me and I cum every time and he seems to enjoy that.

Jane said look we use a few porno movies at times and he has no problems when we do that. I have a couple myself in my room - maybe if we look at one you might be more interested with me.

She returned a few minutes later with the movie and slipped it into the DVD player.

Within a minute it became obvious it was a home made movie with two teenagers having sex and they were good at it, particularly the girl who was doing most of the work. It also wasn’t very professionally taken.

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   There had to be a third person there taking the video and I said to Jane shit there is somebody else them and taking the movie - I don’t know I could have fucked Sue with anybody watching.

Jane said you have – I did it one night and Jane had me video you at it. She has the video – It wasn’t very good because I was outside her bedroom and could only take it through the window and curtains but it showed how good you are together. It was almost a year ago and I thought she would have shown you by now.

I said the bitch – I hope she doesn’t use that to blackmail me.

Jane was still standing up watching the movie and by now the two on the screen were really fucking each other – they had started with her sucking his cock – then he fucked her missionary and now he was into her doggy. It was turning me on a bit and my cock was almost hard. I got was engrossed in the movie and while I was watching them Jane had removed her blouse and as slipping off her bra.

I sat there not knowing what to look at next – the two fucking on the TV or Jane as she removed the rest of her clothing. My decision was being made for me. The combination of the DVD and Jane naked was making it easier for me to fulfil Janes wishes – I had the feeling then I was weakening and she would get her wish.

When she was completely naked and the two on the screen were in the throes of an orgasm she came to me and said ok big boy – see if you can stir me up like he just did to her. She hadn’t been watching the DVD but was obviously well aware of what was on it. My guess was she had watched it frequently either with Tony or while she masturbated.

I said I didn't think that was the plan – I thought it was me that needed stirring.

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She came and stood in front of me completely naked with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. She looked stunning. She bent over held my head in both hands and kissed me and at the same time took both my hands and placed one on each breast. I reacted immediately and fondled her hard, ruby red nipples. She purred with the pleasure I had begun to give her.

She said you do that beautifully I could almost cum with the sensations I can feel as you play with them – oh god it feels good.

We kissed as I rubbed and squeezed on her hard nipples with my fingers. For her it was a little painful but erotic and she was enjoying the sensation, making her squirm. As I did she pressed her crutch against my cock harder and harder. I kissed her with a passion and I didn't realise I had such a strong feeling that way with my own sister. We used our tongues and open mouths to engage and it was becoming erotic. Sue’s loved me to rub her nipples between my teeth until she could bear it no longer and I often broke her skin in the process and made them bleed slightly before she told me to stop. Sue loved the sensation and asked me to do it quite often. Jane broke away and stood in front of me again – take your clothes off she ordered - I want to see all of you like you can see me.

I stood up and slipped my T shit off and then my pants and underwear, for some reason I felt a bit embarrassed.

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   If it had been any other girl it wouldn’t have bothered me. There were now two piles of clothes on the floor. I was as naked as she was. My cock softened a bit but once I was completely naked and holding her body to mine I was bone hard. I have a seven inch cock and it was pressed between us as we kissed and that in itself made it even harder.

God she said –it magnificent,and stood back and took my cock in her hand - I know why Sue loved it so much with that cock. Tony’s cockwas barely six inches long and it has a curve to the left. I love what you have – I can’t wait and squeezed it with her hand and a drip of precum dribbled out of the eye of it and dropped a string of cum down and finally dripped onto the carpet. Jane said it’s ready – let’s do it.

Jane stood up and took me by the hand and led me to our spare room. She said it will be better down here.

On the way – she said prepare me for lesson one – seduce me and see how I go.

We got to the bedroom and she pulled the sheets back and then got onto the bed. She looked ravishing, her firm breasts and hard now blood red and hard nipples standing out. As she lay there they had flattened a bit like fried eggs but were still very firm and hard.

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   She looked stunning and I had a perfect view of her manicured pubic patch. Sue did something similar and it certainly improved the view of their vaginal slit. Both had shaved the lips of their vagina bald and left a little bit of hair above their slit. It was a very pleasant experience giving Sue oral like that. I had no intentions of doing the same with Sis.

She said let’s just lay here for a while until we both are ready – I want it to be more than just a fuck the first time. Then we can see what I am doing wrong.

She had obviously applied some scent behind her ears as when we lay together I could smell it as her body warmed for our embrace. She smelled beautiful and had no vaginal scent at all.

We lay there for a couple of minutes and she rolled toward me and said close your eyes and kiss me – imagine I am Sue.

I could never imagine Jane to be anybody else but Jane – Sue was somebody else. I closed my eyes and kissed her and after 30 or 40 seconds it was something else, I felt I wasn’t kissing my sister at all she was just somebody else. She was great kisser and I had no hesitation in responding to the passion that was slowly building between us. We kissed open mouthed and with our tongues as if we were first time lovers – not brother and sister.

I knew then I was not going to disappoint her and that we would before the night was over enjoy the passion of intercourse with each other – I do not want to call it love for obvious reasons – it was incest and I knew it, but did not want to admit it to myself.

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   For 19 years we had been brother and sister and got along fine – we had lived through each other’s experiences in life and loves. The brotherly love was there but not the passion – until now. The jokes we made about our appearances as we moved through puberty and the hair growing around our crutch and her breasts budding up and swelling were now something in the past that were now very enticing. Never at that time did I give amoment’s thought to having sex with her in any way.

I broke the embrace and moved to get on top of her; I didn't want this to go any further as the passion was rising and I was beginning to want her as a lover, and not as a brother and sister experiment. , and the last thing I wanted was to get emotionally involved – it was hard enough going this far.

She recognised my move and she opened her legs and got herself prepared for me to enter her.

Let’s just let this one happen and see how we go – she said. Afterwards we can talk about it and see what I can do to improve it.

I was just about to enter her and I said – I think if we are going to be doing this for a while. It may be wise for me to use a condom and not have you full of my semen, I know you are on the pill but it may be better if you are not full of my stuff each time we do it. She said nothing and I got up and ran to my bedroom and quickly returned with a pack of condoms. I was just about to roll one on and she said let me do it I have practiced this a few times and I think I can do it on a live cock.

She took the rolled condom and put it in her mouth and then proceeded to roll it down my cock with her lips and mouth, I had never seen it done like this or had it done to me before but it felt awesome. The feeling of her lips as she rolled it over the head of my cock and down the shaft to my balls was beyond belief.


   She had my entire cock in her mouth – my own sister.

I said bloody hell where did you learn to do that.

She said I have only ever done it on my dildo – never on a live cock until now. I insisted the first two guys I let fuck me use a condom, as I wasn’t on the pill then. When I started with Tony I was on the pill before we started fucking. I knew I wanted it with him and wanted to be ready for it and not have to worry if we decided on the spur of the moment to do it together, rather than planning for it. Actually we talked about doing it one night before we actually decided to do it.

We then resumed our position and she got ready. She opened her legs and pulled her knees back. I got between her legs and opened her vagina with my fingers to look into her. She was beautiful, wet, warm and pink and very, very juicy. As I spread her lips she spread her legs further and I could see into her and it looked wonderful all shiny and wet and beautifully pink. Her labia was virtually just inside her lips and did not protrude – just the way I prefer them to be. She was obviously wet and her vagina looked beautiful. I had not seen a prettier sight.

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   Had she not been my sister I would have kissed and licked her lips clean as I had done to Sue many times. She was watching me looking at her and asked is it ok.

I said absolutely perfect – in fact beautiful.

Thank god she said - that’s one plus.

I said I am sure there are going to be plenty more.

I then took my condom covered cock and guided it toward her cunt – she was still watching – looking down her body over her magnificent tits which until now I hadn’t realised how firm and beautiful they were. I put my cock head against her small almost enclosed labia lips and said I am ready how about you.

She said this is even better than my first time.

I pushed my cock into her slowly and her lips parted to give me access to her internal parts. She was warm tight and wonderful and I wasn’t all the way into her yet. She smiled at me as I pushed into her further I could feel the warmth of her body and the firmness of her tight vagina as I slid my cock slowly up into her warm and enticing body.

She sighed and said oh god that feels good.

To me it felt awesome. I said shit Sis I can’t imagine any guy not enjoying what I am doing at the moment. I can honestly say you feel better than Sue - but never tell her that.

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She said I won’t be telling Sue or anybody else that my own brother and I fucked each other – wow would that raise a few eyebrows around here.

I said it wouldn’t be the first time – remember David and Loretta – they were at it when she was 12 and he was 13. They eventually got caught by her mother. I only learned about it a few years later when he and I were drunk one night and he told me. Evidently she caught them flushing Loretta’s cunt out after he ejaculated into her. They had been fucking each other for almost a year before he started to cum – it was the first time he ever came. You know when girls get their first period at puberty – well guys start to ejaculate. They were shit scarred he made her pregnant and they used a bottle of coke to flush herself out and their mother caught them at it.

Their mother put the fear of god into him and he never did it again. She told him any baby they made would be crazy and disfigured. Loretta was different and was one girl who couldn’t control her desires and would let anybody fuck her. She would do it with anybody including men when she was only 13 and became a real slut. Her mother had her put on the pill as soon as her periods began. Some stories went about she even let some of the fathers and brothers of the boys who fucked her in the afternoon fuck her at night in their cars. I have to admit I did it with her frequently more often than not after school.

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   She was my first fuck and I will never forget it. During school holidays – we would go into the bush nearby and she would have 5 or 6 of us lined up and we would fuck her one after the other. I have to admit I did it with her four or five times some days and I wasn’t the only one. My guess is that some days she would have had more than 20 or more fucks and never got tired of it and never said no. I don’t think she ever wore pants. There must have been days when she had a litre of cum in her – I know it was always juicy. I even saw her fuck guys standing up against a tree a few times. By the time she was 16 she was full blown prostitute. Ironically her mother’s name was Sue too.

Shit I never knew that Jane said. I knew she was easy and a lot of guys at school have talked about having sex with her. I didn't realise she was that bad. I never ever thought you might have been one of them. We must remember never to get drunk and spill the beans about us then.

I said I will never forget that night David was crying drunk and wanted the two of us to fuck Loretta – just so he said I would know how good she was.

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   He never realised how many times I had already fucked her – it would have been over a hundred times in the two years or more we all did it with her so that would give you an idea of how often she was fucked. We were like dogs with her. In some way I felt that him wanting me to fuck her would justify him doing it to her. He was a sad case as he blamed himself for what she became because he started her doing it when they sharedbedroom and said he did it almost every night to her.

By now I was into fucking Jane as I would be fucking any girl; she was so comfortable and relaxed about it. I was just thrusting and pulling back with a nice steady rhythm. It felt wonderful inside her, even with a condom on, and looking down and watching her body and her tits move as I fucked her was magic. I realised she showed no real emotion at all allowing me to just fuck her, she smiled occasionally. The thing I noticed however was she was lying back letting me do all the work and while she seemed interested possibly - enjoying it she wasn’t really participating with her body. It was like it was just her cunt that I was fucking not her body. I continued to fuck her and we talked a bit about how good it felt while I was in her and that I would never have imagined us ever doing it together, but she never really got excited about it and let me do whatever I wanted – not that I was going to do anything erotic – I just wanted to enjoy fucking her. We remained in the missionary position the whole time and as I got toward cumming and went harder and faster her tits began to bounce a bit as I pounded my cock up into her as far as it would go. Her whole body was shaking with the pounding I was giving her. She showed a little more interest and I was beginning to grunt and said I think you are getting ready to fill that condom. I said how about you and she said no - I am nowhere near ready – maybe later.

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I came with some force and I must say I enjoyed the experience – the sensation of me cumming inside her and filling up the condom was as good as if I wasn’t wearing one. I was quite vocal and grunted each time I spurted. She seemed to enjoy the fact I was cumming. After I had pulled out I realised I had enjoyed better fucks than with her and Sue was so much better. I could never imagine the two of them comparing notes.

After I pulled out I lay beside her and she waited until I had recovered and removed the condom. Then she said well – what does the score card look like.

I said now we are doing this for one reason are we not - and that is to find out why Tony said what he did.

She said well what is your opinion, forget Tony.

I said I don’t want to forget what Tony said because it has caused you two to break up. Now don’t get upset but I think I know what he is talking about.

She said is it that obvious – I thought you enjoyed it with me.

I said I did and from my point of view I would give myself 10 out of ten for the pleasure of fucking you . It was good, BUT. .

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  . .

Ok give it to me what is the BUT?

I said you more or less just lay there and let me fuck you, if you do the same with Tony I can understand why he is saying what he did.

I think we had better go watch that video again and I can show you a few more on the net – I don’t expect you to do it like they do it but I will show you what I mean with some of the women.

She said well do you think there is hope for me.

I said every hope in the world and by the this time tomorrow I will be as sore as all hell and you will be so well fucked, and know exactly how guys like their women to behave in bed. I am going to enjoy myself and I hope that you will learn how to enjoy it yourself and make me happy at the same time – at the moment it’s all one way – my way.

She got up and said – how do you mean for me to learn how to enjoy myself – I didn't cum but I still enjoyed it when you fucked me as much as I do with Tony.

I said I can tell that but you need to SHOW the guy you are loving it and that you are ENJOYING being fucked as much as he is fucking you. The secret is to be more animated and move and talk a bit and be a bit more sexy or sluttish – talk dirty etc.

God she said that is a real criticism.

I said you wanted to know – I am your brother not your lover, and you asked me to tell you why Tony said what he said. I am sorry but I want to show you what he means and what it can do for you. Fucking is a two way thing – you have got to enjoy it as much or more than the guy. You are being a bit shy about it.

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God she said you don’t pull any punches do you.

I said look we are in this together – as much as I want to now – after that fuck I could fuck you every day – you are good but can be better. Believe me I enjoyed it but I want to SEE and FEEL YOU enjoy what I am doing to you as well.

I went to the DVD and put her show on. Now watch and I will show you what she is doing. My guess was you were watching the guy fuck HER not she fucking HIM.

I ran the DVD again and we both watched the fuck in progress. I said forget the sex scenes just watch what she does and how she reacts and then see what he does. I held the remote and stopped and rewound a few sequences and said see - watch her – she is now working herself up and giving herself a good time and then watch him, and I rewound a scene or two for her. See how he is enjoying watching her enjoy herself and he is trying harder to make it better for her.

She said I can see it but I am enjoying it too.

I said maybe but you are not showing it. Let’s watch a couple more scenes and we will get back on the bed and I will show you what I mean.

She said let’s do it here on the floor and watch them at the same time – then I can see what I need to do.

By now though I had lost the urge – I was now the teacher and being rather pointed and critical of her and there was no romance or sex in it.

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   I was basically giving her a lecture on sex. I needed her to be engaged with me and show her and guide her through the ways and means she can use her body and mouth to appear to be more responsive.

I said I don’t think I could do it right now. My cock is still soft. Let me get my laptop and I will put a couple of porno sites up and I can connect them through the TV and we can watch and I will explain and probably get a bit more aroused.

She didnt say anything and I went to my room and got the laptop. I plugged it in to a favourite porno site I use and when I turned around she was masturbating. I said now that’s more like it I can see you are showing more reaction to your own finger than you did for my cock.

She said that movie is gross – she is a real slut. I don’t want to be like her.

I said I know and I don’t expect you to be like her but see how she reacts when he is stuffing his cockinto her. I was doing it to you in almost the same way but you didn't react and just lay there and let me fuck you and enjoy myself. I would have enjoyed it twice as much if you had reacted like her. You could have been reading a book while I fucked you – it wasn’t as bad as that but do you get my drift.

I was not sure but I thought I saw her wipe a tear from her eye.

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   I think I was getting through to her.

I switched to another show and this was two high school kids about 18 and they were really into it. She seemed to be in control and he was doing everything she was asking for. Jane watched enthralled and let that one go right through and hardly said a word – at the end the girl sucked his cock immediately after he withdrew it from her cunt and he came in her mouth. She let his cum run out the edge of her mouth and down her chin and drip onto her tits. It looked gross but the girl appeared to be enjoying every moment of her involvement with him despite it being depraved at times – even to the extent of anal sex.

Jane said wow that was something else – I bet she was more than a student.

I said what does it matter she was enjoying herself and he was enjoying it almost as much if not more. Notice how he looked at her and how she reacted and how she used her legs and cunt to give him more and more pleasure. She decided what position they fuck in and changed it a bit – in fact they did just about everything twice but in different ways. The positions were the same with either him on top or her on top but he had his cock in her in different positions. There was one there where her legs were almost back over her head and her cunt was completely exposed and he could have got into her in half a dozen ways.

Shit she said – can we show that again and the two of us can copy them.

I said sure – but don’t get upset if I tell you to do something or show more interest or move in a certain way.

She said yes master.

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I smiled and said ok slave do as you are told or I may have to tie you up.

Ok shit she said that would be awesome.

I said that’s could be the sweets after the main course.

She said I love sweets. Let’s get the main course over and done with.

I needed some stimulation and we kissed and she fondled and played with my cock even sucking it a bit and playing with my balls with her hand and pretty soon I was ready. That she did well. Obviously she had done the same with Tony.

We were on the floor of the family room with the TV about to repeat the show we had just seen.

She said I am not sure about the closing scene – what do we do there.

I said whatever you want. I can handle it. It won’t be the first time.

She said mine either – there now you know something you didn't before. It won’t be the first time I have taste the fruit juice of life through the human straw, and I have some pretty tasty stuff to offer myself in my pink well of pleasure.



I said I thought this was to find out about why Tony said what he said. I am sure he didn't complain about that part of you.

No she said he always enjoyed licking me out – he always told me I cum off better on oral than with his cock in me. I think I know now what he meant – you have explained a lot.

We got down and we started the movie.

Now she said I think I can handle anything you want to tell me now – this is a lesson not a love making experience.

I said I hope it’s both. Come here you little bitch and fuck me. Tell me everything you want or feel. I am going to make sure you enjoy this come hell or high water.

We got into position and once more I loved the view of her cunt as I guided my cock into her. This time I didn't wear a condom. It was heaven on earth. We ran the show and there were a few places I had to stop it and rewind it. She wasn’t doing as much as I wanted and after a while she said am I getting better.

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   I said there is a bit of room for improvement. I was enjoying the sex with her like I could not believe. Come on I said and told her what I wanted her to do. I got her to really bring her cunt into play and talk dirty to me which was a bit embarrassing for her. Gradually she realised she was getting more sensation out of her cunt and began to use my cock to stimulate her clit rather than let me do it.

We followed the movie to the letter and it took a few goes for her to respond they way I wanted her to. I guess we were fucking on and off for almost an hour, stopping and replaying scenes, trying out the moves and repeating and practicing the moves and positions. I hadn’t cum but she did twice. That was a highlight for her as she had only cum a few times when Tony had fucked her and never twice in the one fuck.

Then I said ok lets believe its Tony or some other guy but me and get into it.

I could not believe the difference in her now. An hour or so of fucking and practicing the womens moves made a huge difference, she was a raving sex maniac and the difference in her was amazing. I came inside my own sister and it was fantastic, I grunted and breathlessly told her how good it was, and how good she was, as I flooded her cervix with my sperm and spurted spurt after spurt of hot semen into her cunt. She grabbed me around the waist with her legs and squeezed the last drop of cum out of me and deep into her and covered her cervix with my steamy semen. She had cum a couple of times during the lesson which she enjoyed.

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   Had I made her pregnant I would have been so happy.

After it was all over we rested for a while and then she sucked me off. I still had the remnants of our fuck juices on my cock and she didn't hesitate – she took me into her mouth and sucked and fondled me like a pro. I could not have asked for better. Her performance far exceeded her fucking ability and I told her so – I said if you had fucked as well as you suck you Tony would never have complained. She swallowed every drop of my semen and seemed to enjoy it. Would you like to do the same for me?

I hadn’t planned to go that far with her again but she was now well and truly becoming the slutty little girl I had wanted her to be but she would never descend into being a slut. She asked me nicely if I would so I did. She lay on the bed and opened her legs. She tasted a bit stronger now after a few fucks and I sucked and licked her cunt and had an absolutely wonderful time on her and when she came she was so vocal it almost embarrassed me – just as well there were nobody home as she almost raised the roof and I wondered if the neighbours heard her.

After that we had a rest and in about an hour’s time she came to me and hugged and kissed me- nothing was said but we had the most amazing fuck I could ever imagine with my own sister. She did it all – the lesson had been worth it. She was perfect and she even admitted she had never enjoyed anything like it before. It was well over an hour of pure unadulterated sex in every form. Even I was exhausted by her efforts after it was over.

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   We lay together naked for another hour before she said I think we should order in a Pizza and have sweets afterwards.

I didn't disagree – she was as good as a fuck I had ever had now – 100% better than our first effort.

While we were eating the pizza I mounted her again – this time I really wanted to fuck her – her sitting there naked eating Pizza turned me on. I didn't see her as my sister this time but a girl who I wanted to fuck. I looked at her and said can I fuck you again and she didn't hesitate and lay back and just let me have my way with her. She just said I would love it. She showed me she had learned her place in a sex engagement andhad learned what a guy looked forward to when having sex with her – she was great.

After we had showered and got ready for bed she said can I sleep with you? There is no way I would have said no.

I said what do you think Tony will say when you show him what you have learned. She said he will never find out – it’s over for him – how could I tell him my big brother taught me how to fuck like an expert when he didn't even try. From now on I will be after somebody who can treat me like a brother I every way. I love you in more ways than I could ever imagine. While you were fucking me I thought about the times we spent in the bath together when we were about 6 or 7 and we wanted to know why we were both different and nobody would tell us why. Today I found out BIG TIME.

Don’t be surprised if I come knocking on your door some time – as far as I am concerned this is the beginning of brotherly love – not the end of it.

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   My door will always be open to you too – I will remember this day for ever.

We fucked regularly after that – at times the emotion overwhelmed us and we became lovers in a very serious way.

She had few boyfriends after that and occasionally let them sleep with her but she always came back to me and said they need a teacher like you.

We agreed once she realised she really had fallen in love with a man when she was 22 that it was over between us. We had one night of lust when we relived our first lesson together. She had graduated with honours then and there was no way she needed further schooling I told her – it was now her turn to teach her future husband – but never reveal who her master had been.

I will remember my last night with Jane as vividly as I will remember my first time with Loretta . I had committed incest virtually tens of times over with Jane after the first lesson and we both improved our ability to satisfy our partner(s). My life with my sister as a lover was over but never forgotten. I could never count the number of times I had fucked both Loretta and Jane. It would amount to well over a hundred or more. I was very very satisfied.

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