Sister and I


My name is Jared and i am 15 going to be a sophomore in high school in a few weeks. My sister, Kayla, just graduated this year from high school. She has always been known for her looks. She is 5'7, with huge tits, an ass to die for, and probably the best looking legs on the planet. Every once in a while i'll "accidentley" brush my hands against her legs while shes wearing shorts. I also find myself stealing her underwear from the hallway hamper late at night and locking my door, and then sniffing them, followed by masturbating with them. It makes my orgasms so much better, and i never get caught.
My Parents left for a week and a half business trip in Florida, leaving me and Kayla alone for the time. It was early summer and Kayla was busy with college stuff, leaving me at home to fantasize about having her sexy thighs wrapped around me.
The first morning my parents were gone around 11am Kayla left for lunch with a friend, so i took the oppurtunity to jack off. I went into the laundry, found a sexy pink thong, and began to masturbate myself with it, after a fair orgasm, and my 7 inch cock became soft, i left and continued normally with my day.
That night around 10:30 i took the laptop upstairs and headed to my room so i could have some porn to look at that night. As i walked into the room, i saw my sister looking back at me smiling, holding her thong in her hands.
"Jared, what is this?"
"I have no idea"
I lied, and she smiled again.
"Jared, if you're man enough to cum in my undies, why don't you come fuck me. "
I was amazed, the female i had lusted about all these years was taunting me to screw her brains out.

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"i uhh" i didn't know what to say.
Come and get me Jared. " She pulled off her shorts revealing a tiny black thong, and took off her shirt and had no bra on.
I had never seen such a beautiful sight, her tits popping out, and the nipples hard.
I went with my body and walked over to her and began to suck her nipples.
"ohhhhhhhhh god damn jared! oh damn that feels so fuckin good!"
i wanted to jack off but knew i had to please her first. i took off her thong and lay my eyes on her shaved, virgin pussy.
"Just a minute Jared", she said, with her hips swinging on every step.
She came back with an 8 inch pink dildo.
"Jared, i'm going to tell mom and dad what you did to my underwear unless you cooperate"
I was scared now, yet intruiged.
"What do you mean?"
"Turn around and get on all 4s. "
I felt a cold lube in my ass, and knew it was the body lotion i kept in my closet for jacking off.
She then proceeded to stick the dildo all the way in my ass, making me scream with pleasure.
"How does it feel Jared?"
"oh my god kayla i love being fucked in the ass by your dildo"
She smiled and pulled it out. The sensation of her pulling it out almost made me lose it right there.

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   But i hung on.
She put some of the lube in her own ass, and told me to take her from behind. So i did.
It felt so warm in there, and tight, and i pounded her ass with everything i had, and watching her stick the dildo in her cunt made me want to cum. But i pulled out right before i blew my load, and she turned around and opened her pussy.
"Take me Jared"
"But kayla i'll get your pregnant what would mom and dad think?"
"ive been on the pill since 8th grade Jared!
With those words i forcefully stuck my penis into my older siblings virgin pussy. It was the tightest thing i'd ever felt and knew i wasn't going to last long.
We locked lips and i held onto her ass and those lovely thighs and she neared orgasm.
we both lost our loads at the same time, and i shot so much i couldn't believe it. It didn't stop coming out, and finally her pussy was filled with it, i pulled out and got it all over her sexy legs.
She then demanded that i lick it off, so i wasted no time, knowing that if i disobeyed she'd tell my parents, and i didnt mind my own cum anyways. I licked it off, and then cleaned her pussy with my tongue, and she got 3 orgasms out of it in the process.
She then cleaned my dick up with her mouth and i shot one final load into her mouth which she lapped up quickly.
We just lay there together, admiring the bodies we had just fucked, and about an hour later she took her dildo and left. But she left me her thong as a present, and i jacked off about four more times that night with the thong that had her sexy smell.

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Tomorrow night her boy crazy friend Ashley, who's legs are just as hot as Kayla's was coming over, and Ashley was the captain of the cheerleading team, and graduated with my sister. I was thinking 3some, and so was Kayla.
In part 2 find out if i can get the cheerleading captain's virginity that every guy and even some girls in school wanted.
Part 2 on its way that was my first story so go fair on me. . .

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