Sister part 1


 Sister    My dad left when me and my sister Ariel, were little. I wish I could say he died saving us, or even in some kind of car accident. But that wouldn't be the truth. He just left. My mom works all day, she's a damn good mother. I work odd jobs after school to help out. Sometimes I worry about Ariel though, she's very shy and doesn't have any friends. She spends most of her time by herself. I try to take her out when I can. Today was just like most other days. Mom was at work, and it was just me and Ariel. I was sitting downstairs just watching tv, about to head up to bed, when I heard crying. I figured it was the tv. Then I changed the channel and it continued. Wait. Only me and Ariel were home.

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   Is she hurt???I ran upstairs to our room and burst through the door. Ariel was sitting on the bed in her pajamas. Her knees were against her chest and her arms were hugging her knees. Right when I sat down next to her, she looked up at me and her eyes were all red and full of tears. "p-p-please h-hold me. . . I-I feel so alone. . . . "I layed Ariel down and I did the same. "It's alright. . .

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  I'm here for you" I whispered in her ear. I pulled the blanket over us and she cuddled up close to me. She looked deep into my eyes. It wasn't just a look into me. Through the tears and redness of her eyes. . . . she looked into my soul. She stared into it and found truth. She opened up her soul and let me look into it also. We connected in more ways than one. I kissed her on the lips. Not a quick peck. This was passionate.

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   Once she got used to it, I slowly let my tongue slip inside her mouth. She tightened her grip on me. I tightened mine, not too hard, I didn't want to hurt her, but enough so that she knew I wanted to be closer to her than just our bodies against each other. I don't even remember stopping. We fell asleep in each others arms, and woke up the same way. I woke up before she did. It was saturday, so we didn't have to get up early for school. I just layed there, staring at her. It was strange. For the first time in my life, I looked at my sister differently. Was I attracted to her? I couldn't. She's my sister. . . .

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  . but I abandoned my emotions so long ago. . . . . and her need to be loved filled my own need to be loved. A match? I don't know. This is confusing. Well, I just don't know. Then again, who cares? Just because it's against the laws, against society, against everything everyone else believes, why does that mean it's wrong? Haha. . . I'm getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I'm thinking a bit too much on this? Ariel was crying, I comforted her, and that's where it ended.

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  I kissed her on the cheek and got up to make breakfast. I looked in the freezer and found a package of waffles. I put four in the toaster two for me and two for Ariel. I also cooked up some eggs to go with it. I laid out the food on the table and put everything in place. This was a nice morning. The sunshine was shining through the windows. You could see the dust hovering in the light. Just as I set down the orange juice carton, I saw Ariel walk slowly down the steps. She was biting the nail on her index finger and smiling shyly at me. "Good morning, I made breakfast" I gave her a big grin. She came and pulled out the chair next to me and sat down. She just stared at her food. "I'm sorry about last night. .


  . . I don't know, I just got lonely. . . and it got to me. . . . . " I interrupted her with a kiss. I slowly moved my lips against hers. Letting her know that it was all right. I sat back down and just smiled at her. She smiled back at me.

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   This was something more. .

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