Sisterly love


It all began by accident.   The day would leave a mark in my psyche forever.   I remember the day as if it were yesterday.   I was standing next to my sis in the hall of my parents house.   We were really close back then and did virtually everything together.   What we would do that day would change the course of our adolescent lives.  
My sister was very developed for her age.   As we were standing near one another for some reason my sis got the urge to reach over and grab my cock over my shorts.   I was rather shocked by this, and instinctively reached over and grabbed the first thing that came to my mind, which were her beautiful C cup breasts.   Surprisingly, I enjoyed touching them and felt them over her top.   We touch each other off and on for days, and found any and every reason to spend time with one another.   It wasn't until about a week into teasing one another that we decided to reach beneath the clothes.   I remember the first time that I felt her pussy and how hairy it was.   I would pet her, and she would reach in and give me a handjob.   I would always stop her before I came, and I would cum in my hand or I would rush to the bathroom and cum in the toilet.   We were both inexperienced and had little knowledge of how pregnancy worked, therefore we were overly cautious.

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Well time passed and gradually sis would work up the nerve to suck me off, never taking my cum into her mouth.   We would grind one another while being naked however I would never insert myself into her tight pussy.  
Not sure if im wording myself right, if u want to hear more send me a message.