Sisters Stay (Enhanced)


I've seen her in this red, white & blue one-piece bathing suit, which is very thin and does not leave much to the imagination. She must have removed the liners as you can clearly see her nipples and the tufts of pussy hair through her bathing suit. She could easily be a model if she tried but at 19 years old she wasn't sure what she wanted yet. She is my sister so I kept my fantasies to myself and gave her the space she needed to get over the break up with her boyfriend. After about 3 weeks, I got up one morning and staggered to the bathroom with a morning hard-on needing to take a leak. As I entered the bathroom, still half asleep, I got a surprise never expected. My sister was in the tub taking a hot bath, leaning back, with a washrag over her eyes. I was fairly quiet entering the room and I just stood there for a minute feasting my eyes on her young beauty. This was my first chance to see her naked tits and her neatly trimmed pussy. The curves of her stomach and hips all coming together at her sweet pussy. I could just see the lips of her cunt slightly showing through the bubbles and water. Man, I tell you my cock felt like it grew 2 inches. All of a sudden she realized I was there and I came crashing back down to reality. "Ron, what are you doing in here?" and quickly tried covered herself the best she could. We only have one bathroom and I explained I had to piss real bad, apologizing for not knocking. To my surprise, she told me to go ahead and go but make it quick.

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   As I stood at the toilet, with my back to her, I could see her in the mirror above the sink. Her tits were still covered by the wash cloth but I could still see the firm round sides of her boobs. I was finally able to relieve myself even though my cock was hard as a rock, it just took a little longer to go. As I stood there finishing holding my 7 inch hard cock in my hand, I found myself again looking at her tits noticing she removed the wash cloth. Her nipples were swelled and looked like pencil erasers pointing out. There I stood with a raging hard-on, looking at my sexy sister thru the mirror. My heart was pounding with excitement. After about a minute of watching those gorgeous breasts, I noticed her right hand was gently massaging her clit, barely visible under the suds. All of a sudden she asked, "So what's taking so long over there?" not seeing I was watching her in the mirror. I caught my breathe as my knees felt weak with lust boiling in my body and slowly turned to face my sister. My shorts were at my knees and I held my seven-inch hard-on in my hand. This was her first real good look at my cock and her eyes were locked on it. All I could say was, "Amy, you look so damn good I can't get my cock to go down". By now, the head of my cock was purple with blood and throbbing in my hand. Her next reaction really caught me off guard as she slowly slid up in the tub allowing me full view of her super hot sexy body.

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  With this glazed look in her sexy eyes, she looked into my eyes and said “It seems like you might need some help with that”. As she slid up her face was just inches from my cock. She was looking me in the eyes and without saying another word, her gorgeous lips touched my cock. I couldn't believe my eyes as she slowly slid those lips over my shaft until she had almost the whole length in her mouth. She then began to swirl her tongue around slowly as she withdrew and began a slow in and out motion. As her wet hands held my hips, her head began to slowly swivel from side to side as she moved my cock in and out of her soft mouth. As if that wasn't enough, she began to moan as she did this, sending vibrations through my ready to explode cock. After about 30 seconds of that I said, "Amy, I'm going to cum, Aaaahhhh", and she quickened the pace. As my hips tightened, she pulled my cock from her mouth just as I exploded cum all over those gorgeous breasts. I watched her, dizzy from the pure lust of it all, as she rubbed the white globs of cum into her breasts and licked it off her fingers. She rolled her nipples in my cream, just smiling at me the whole time. I couldn't believe just how hot and sexy my little sister looked. I reached out and pulled her up to me looking deep into her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply as our tongues chased each other. She was still in the tub so I helped her step out as we feverishly kissed and rubbed our bodies together.

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  “Amy, I want to taste you”, I said. She replied “I’m yours big brother, I’ve been waiting for this for 3 weeks now. ”As she leaned against the wall, I slid down her body, kissing my way across her soft belly to her beautiful pussy mound. She raised her one leg and put it over my shoulder. I teased her pussy with my tongue as my hands caressed her tight ass. Amy moaned with pleasure as my tongue touched her clit for the first time. I gently slid my tongue across her clit sending shivers thru her body. My lips enveloped her clit as I flicked my tongue lightly across it. She was rolling her right nipple between her fingers and running her left hand through my hair as I ate her pussy for all my worth. As I again zeroed in on her clit, gently teasing it she began to buck her hips back and forth. I had to really grip her ass to keep my mouth on her sweet tasting pussy. All of a sudden, she tensed and screamed as she had a powerful orgasm. As I continued to roll her clit between my lips, she pulled me up and tasted her own pussy juice as we again kissed deeply. As we kissed, we were rubbing our bodies together, grinding our hips into each other. I could feel my hard cock slid between her legs and her slick wet pussy hair part above my cock.

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   She was sliding her pussy lips across the top of my hard cock while we kissed. I felt her warm liquids coating my cock as we rocked back and forth. We were both in a lustful frenzy. This was all happening without hardly any words between us but then she said, "Ron, please slide that beautiful hard cock of yours in me," as she turned around. She didn't have to ask twice as she turned around showing me her perfect ass as she leaned over the sink. She stuck her ass high in the air and gave me a sight to behold. I got behind her, positioned myself and she slowly pushed back sliding my cock deep into the tightest pussy I ever felt. My heart was pounding as I looked down at the roundness of her ass, seeing my shaft between her perfect ass cheeks. We then began a slow rhythm, each time I held her hips hard and pushed deeply into her before slowly pulling back out. She moaned “God Ron, that feels sooooooo fucking goooooood!”On each inward thrust, I could feel her soft butt cheeks against my thighs. Man, her ass was just perfect, was all I could think as I watched my cock slowly slid in and out of her. Leaning over her back while continuing our slow fuck, I whispered in her ear “Amy, you have the sexiest ass. ” She just moaned with excitement, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. I brought my left hand up and caressed her left breast, rolling her nipple between my fingers while we kept up this slow fucking but teasing pace. My other hand slid off her right hip as I reached around and found her clit.

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   I could feel my shaft working in and out of her as I rolled her clit between my fingers. She began to tremble in sexual bliss. She groaned and shuddered saying “Big brother, I’m cummmmmming!”She pushed her ass back hard as she shook and shuddered with an intense orgasm. I just held her there by the hips, my cock deep inside her as the waves of pleasure ran thru her sexy body. It took all I could to not cum just watching the erotic looks of pleasure on her beautiful face. As her orgasm subsided, she turned, my hard cock pulling out of her and we again kissed passionately, holding each other tightly in our arms. As we kissed, I caressed her left breast with my right hand. We broke apart enough so I could drop my head and suck her left nipple into my mouth. Amy rolled her head back and moaned as I worked her nipple softly between my lips. She was kind of sitting on the edge of the sink, leaning back while I gave my attention to her sexy firm breasts. While working first her left nipple, then her right in my mouth, I cupped her pussy in my hand and slid two fingers into her. I flicked her clit with my thumb as she trembled in sexual pleasures. We broke and Amy lustfully said “Ron, fuck me again. ” She then laid a towel on the bathroom floor and as she knelt down, she sucked my stiff cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down a few times. She released my cock and looking into my eyes said “Come on big brother, fuck me,” as she laid her back on the towel.

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  God, she looked so fucking hot, lying on the floor with her knees up and legs slightly spread just inviting me to climb on top. I dropped to my knees and pushed her legs apart “Amy, you’re the hottest thing I ever saw. ”She smiled as I positioned myself above her and lined my cock up with her moist entrance. As my cock slid deep into her hot cunt, she wrapped her legs around my back forcing me deeper into her tight box. We again began with this slow hard deliberate paced fucking, but this time I pressed my pelvic bone hard into her pussy, against her clit on each downward thrust. We continued this hard grinding fuck for several minutes until we were both in dire need of sexual release. Amy said “Ron, fuck me harderrrrrrr!”I began to drive my cock hard into her on each stroke, gradually picking up the tempo on each thrust into my sister’s hot pussy. We were fucking fast and hard. I could hear my cock squishing in and out of her soaking wet cunt. Moments later, we both shuddered with a very intense orgasm. I felt like I came for minutes releasing what felt like a gallon of cum deep inside my sister’s sweet pussy. Amy hips were twitching and bucking beneath me as we came together, her face was contorted with a look of blissful lust. We held each other there for several minutes, lightly kissing each other, our sweat covered bodies coming down from the intense sexual high we just experienced. As I rolled off and laid next to her, my softening cock wet with our juices, laid against my thigh. We both breathed deeply as we just looked lovingly into each others eyes.

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  I spoke first and said “Sis, that was the best sex I think I ever had. ”Amy responded “I’ve wanted to be with you since I was twelve and I had my first orgasm thinking of you. You used to run around the house every night in those sexy shorts you had that just covered your butt. ”“I remember checking you out as your body filled out, man Amy, you sure grew into one sexy chick. ” I said. We both laughed and decided to take a shower together to get cleaned up. As we took our shower, running our soapy hands over each other, the hot water cascading over our bodies, we again found ourselves aroused, my cock hardening and we fucked again. We decided to call in sick and we stayed home, fucking and sucking all day long into exhaustion. Her stay of six months was the best sex of my life and we still get together from time to time even though we're both married now. *****************************Decided to take the advise of my readers and add some body to my story. I hope this is better. Look forward to your comments and please submit your votes. .