Something that I Never Thought Would Happen


My niece is 13 and I’m 16
My niece came into my room while I was sleeping and woke me up. she was only wearing a t-shirt.
            “What time is it” I moaned sleepily rubbing my eyes
            “9:30” she squeaked
            “God why did you wake me up. its so early” I moaned again as I sat up. I was only wearing my boxers and I had a pretty large erection. I was kind of embarrassed and didn’t want her to see.
            “Your parents left to go to work like an hour ago, and I was bored. You would sleep for ever if I didn’t wake you up”
            “and for ever it shall be” I smirked as I lay back down on my bed.
            “fine, but can I at least lay down with you” she asked with a slightly mischievous tone.
            I didn’t think any thing about it, and said she could. It wasn’t like she hadn’t before. So I rolled over and let her get in bed beside me. She asked me if I would cuddle with her. So I put my arm around her and pulled her in close. I had forgotten about my erection and when I slid my legs in behind her it poked her right in the but.
            What was that” she asked in a kind of surprised tone.

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   she turned and looked at me it must have clicked because she asked me again in a really flirty tone. as she slid her had onto my stomach and up onto my pec feeling my nipple. It really turned me on and my already hard dick started to throb. I wanted her so bad, but I resisted the urge to just rip of her panties and fuck the shit out her.
            “Do you want me” she asked in a really seductive voice. I just looked at her dumbfounded. This is my niece I cant.  She just looked right back at me and leaned over kissed me on the chest. She started to suck on my nipple.
            “That feels good” I told her. I lifted up her head and looked deeply into her eyes. “Do you want me” I asked her?
            In answer to my question she bent down and kissed me on the lips. Her mouth was closed. I slowly slid my tong into her mouth. I played with her tough for a little.

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   Sliding it in and out, and curling it around her in her mouth. Slowly I slid my hands up her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I started to play with her nipple and she stopped kissing me. She looked down at me, and I stopped.
            No, don’t stop” she said “it feels so good “ so I started again and we resumed the kissing. I put my hands down and started to pull her shirt off. She raised her arms up and I through it onto the floor. I laid her down onto my bed and got on top. Without ever breaking the kiss. By now my dick had gone from a gentile throb to a massive one. It was about to just jump out of my boxers into her wet pussy. I slid my hand down under her panties and started to massage her already wet pussy making it even more wet. I started sucking on her nipple nibbling it every once and a while. She started to moan in pleasure.

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   I slowly slid her panties off and bent down and looked at her pussy. It was beautiful. I parted her lips and licked her pussy. She moaned a gain. I slid my tong up and down her clit and then pushed in tasting her goodness. She tasted so good. I started moving my tong in and out. And she was just moaning away, and then her hips started to jerk an she screamed as she had her first orgasm. she came all over my face, and I licked as much of it off as possible. She tasted so good.
            I got back on top of her and kissed her again. My cock felt like it was going to explode.
            “Have you started having periods yet” I asked her
             no” she answered back, and grabbed me and started kissing me again. Slowly I guided my dick into her wet pussy. I felt her hymen and stopped.

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   “This is going to hurt” I told her “but after the hurt it will feel really good and it will never hurt again. Take my hand and hold it till the pain goes away. ” I gave her my hand and with one strong thrust I broke her hymen. She screamed so loud the I swear the neighbors herd it. I waited till she let go of my hand, and then really slowly I moved my hips back and forth she was moaning and I kissed her. I could feel myself getting close to my climax but I held on. I wanted her to first. She started to move her hips with my thrusts and her moans were getting louder and the  she climaxed her whole body shook and she screamed out a cry of delight. I let go of my load and felt my hot com shoot out of my hard dick and all over her inside. I moaned and collapsed on top of her and we both just lay there panting. She fell asleep and I passed out.