Son Punishes Unloving Mum


There was a large swimming pool in the back garden which had a path of winding stepping stones leading to the wooden decking that fronted the whole rear length of the property. The house blended in well with the surrounding neighborhood, it was three times the size of a normal house and everything about it suggested wealth. It had six large windows along the top of the house and four down the bottom with a large French door centered in between. The front façade was basically the same with a more elegant style porch and a gravel driveway that circled round a huge water fountain topped by a large bronze statue. Over my time spent observing the house, I only ever saw one person and she is the reason I am here. Her name is Sheila and although she’s in her late thirties, she still has a body of a twenty year old. Her hair was cut to about shoulder length and was a light brown color that would reflect the light of the sun. It encased her petite face with her large red pouted lips, her little pixie like nose and those deep blue eyes, which would dazzle you from a mile off. Sheila would always be immaculately dressed, usually in a tight skirt topped off with a delicate blouse. Her lengthy legs would always look smooth encased in the sheer black stockings that you could tell she wore, and her legs broadened slightly as they neared her tender thighs. It was hard to judge how large her cleavage was as her breasts would normally be pinned down beneath her blouse, but it certainly looked as if they were as big as a D-cup. I had chosen tonight for a particular reason, as it was my eighteenth years to this day that I was born. A few months after my so called mother had given birth to me, my father died and upon meeting a wealthy lawyer she decided that I didn’t fit into her luxurious lifestyle, so had me adopted. Luckily Dave and Pam were fantastic loving parents to me and they had tried to provide me with everything I could need to succeed in life. It was hard as I grew up through my teens knowing my own mother didn’t want me, and now it had come to the stage where I wanted to punish her, so here I was. I pulled my black hat out of my bag and pulled it over my head making sure the eye and nose holes were aligned so I could see out.

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   Before jumping the wall I checked I still had everything in my bag and once I was certain I pulled out the heavy-duty torch and made my way to the back door. I could see that she had gone upstairs, as this was the only light on in the whole house, so it made my entry easier. I took the glass cutter from my bag and worked at the small pane above the door handle, and once cut I put my hand through and unlocked the door with the key she had left in the inside lock. I didn’t think she would bother with the alarm when she was in the house, so I waited for a few minutes to make sure I wouldn’t be sprung. The time passed slowly and once I was certain I entered, momentarily pausing as I shone the torch round to get my bearings. I could see the kitchen to my right but down to the left at the end of the hall I could just about make out the bottom of the stairway. I took off my heavy boots and tiptoed across the tiled surface beneath me, until I came to the first step of the large oak staircase. The plush carpet under my bare feet felt smooth and the dense quality of it blocked out any small noises that the wooden stairs made as I ascended it. At the top of the stairs I was faced with four white wooden doors all looking exactly the same, except the far one to the left leaked fine light around the edges giving me the location of Sheila. I could see the door wasn’t shut properly upon closer inspection, and at first I eased it open slightly to see if she was asleep. Glancing around the corner with care I could see she was facing in the opposite direction and her shallow breathing was a good sign that she wasn’t awake. I walked in and went right over to the edge of the bed where she lay, and looked down into her peaceful face. She looked so angelic, but I had to quickly remind myself that I was here to see she was punished and nothing must stop me from doing this. Taking in a deep breath, I could smell the strong scent of Italian perfume that was radiating off of her. She lay fully clothed in her skirt and blouse and remained on top of the bed covers as she tossed and turned.

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   I put my bag on the end of the king size brass bed and took out the restraints that I would need. First I did her hands and locked each of them firmly to the head of the bed and then finally I fastened her ankles to the foot of the bed opening her legs slightly so she was lying face up and spread eagled. She jumped slightly and stared up at my masked face, unable to suffice even a little scream and before she did have chance, I got out the rubber ball gag and wedged it in her mouth as I tied it secure it around her head. “You’ve been a naughty bitch, haven’t you!” I yelled. “Well now it’s time you had you’re punishment and I’m going to ensure you pay for what you did,” I added as her eyes flickered randomly in bewilderment. “First off all, I’m going to get your fat ass naked before I think about what I should do to you. ” I said pulling a six-inch knife from my bag. As I pulled on her tight blouse, she started to struggle and in doing so choked slightly on the gag wedged in her mouth. SLAP!! I gave her a good whack across the face with the back of my hand, which bought a rosy tinge to the side of her cheek. “Don’t fuck me about, you whore,” I ordered “Just do what I want and everything be will fine. ”She remained still as I carried on with her blouse, cutting away each button in turn from top to bottom until it gaped open. Because of the wrist restraints I tore down each of the sleeves so I could pull her blouse off without releasing her. I was pleasantly surprised as I tugged away her thin white top, providing me with my first close up view of her confined cleavage. Her black lace bra was quite large and helped suck in her huge breasts so much that they strained out the sides. “Fuck me you have big melons you slag.

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  ” I said whilst giving her tender tits a good squeeze. “Now lets get the fuckers out and have a good look. ”Her face was still frightened, as she stared at me with her bulging eyes trying to work out in her mind why I was here and what I intended. Her black lacy bra had no shoulder straps and was simply clasped by one small catch at the front. I had to use both my hands to undo the fiddly lock but after a few fumbling seconds, it was freed. Her heaving breasts lurched forward as the straining weights were suddenly free from there tight enclosure. Throwing her bra to the floor I stood there allowing myself momentarily to gaze at her juicy melons. “Looks like this is exciting you, bitch,” I teased. “Here, let me take care of those pert little nipples of yours you slut,” I added as I took hold of each of her nipples. They were deep pink in color and as I flicked them roughly with my fingers they started turning a deep red. Once both nipples were throbbing, I licked my lips in anticipation of what they would taste like. Lowering my head towards her right breast, I opened my mouth and allowed one of her pert nipples in as I sucked it powerfully. The areola surrounding each nipple was a subtle shade of pink that blended in with her lightly tanned skin and emphasized her supple nipples. I could hear a faint moan come from her as I toyed with her breast within my mouth. I was licking around her nipple slowly while I squeezed the soft flesh below it, and occasionally biting into it, hard enough to hurt but not to break the skin.

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  “Ok you whore, I think that’s got us started,” I said breaking off after a while. “Now lets see what you have under that there slutty skirt of yours bitch. ”As I moved slightly down the bed, I was eager to see her cunt and what it was like. I grabbed hold the bottom of her tight black skirt and hoisted it right up over her so it sat crumpled up just above her broad hips. Beneath this she was wearing as I suspected a sheer set of hold up stockings, with a pair of frilly black panties that matched her bra. The flesh of her thighs bulged out slightly where they met the tops of her stockings, the tight black bands providing ample pressure. To my delight the earlier smell of Italian perfume was now gone and replaced by a sweet sexual aroma, being emitted from her crotch. Upon closer inspection of her panties I could see the clear signs of her womanly juices as it soaked into the light fabric. As I cut away the sides of her panties with my knife, I almost had trouble removing them as they clung tightly to the lips of her vagina, sucked in with her mingling bodily fluids. “Fucking hell, bitch!” I said surprised. “You’re such a dirty cow that you have even shaved your cunt hairless. But I won’t punish you for that as well because I happen to like it. ” I reassured as she now lay with her eyes closed trying to blank out what was happening. Her pussy lips were parted slightly as her clit poked out from between them glowing red and throbbing like a mini erection. Taking in more of her deep erotic scent, I put my hand down and gently prized her open further as my fingers rubbed down her moist hairless flaps.

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   Holding her open I could see the bright pink insides of her passage and without waiting any further, I dived my face down towards cunt. Holding her open still with one hand, my tongue brushed inside her outer lips lapping up any juice that had spilt out of her. She tasted so good and I delved my tongue in deeper as I searched out more of her precious nectar. How sweet it was, and as it rolled down my throat it left a strong bitter taste in my mouth. “Now I think you’re ready for my dick to punish you,” I said stripping off my pants. By now I had got a massive hard-on and it was a relief to finally let it out and breathe. I was proud of my body with my lean muscular frame and modestly good looks and best of all an erection that stretched ten inches long. I felt she was ready for the gag to be removed but “Make a single noise and you’re dead,” I warned her. “Oh my god,” she gasped, “It’s so big please don’t!” She added half-heartedly as if knowing it was pointless objecting. “Remember what I said,” I replied angrily. “Not a word. Anyway you’ve got it coming to you and it’s going to hurt. ”I climbed on top of her, positioned so my dick was hovering above the entrance to her bare cunt. As I eased back my foreskin and worked the head at the entrance to her vagina, it soon popped in without much effort aided by the glistening juices that were still leaking out of her. I pushed straight in and could feel her stretching beneath me as I forced my wide length of meat into her.

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  She was so tight that I could go in no more and I still had three inches to go, but I began ramming into her as she groaned through either pleasure or pain I wasn’t sure which. After five minutes of hard pounding into her pussy, I had managed to get my whole ten inches into her, although it was a struggle against her taught cunt muscles. As I pulled out of her she groaned. “Please put it back inside, I need it real bad. I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy,” she begged. “Fuck you bitch, you’re not going to cum tonight,” I laughed. Tonight it’s your punishment so shut your mouth,” I said raising my voice as I unleashed her ankles so I could get better access. Lifting her legs into the air and resting them over my shoulders, gave me a clear run at her butt. I was amazed that at her age it hadn’t begun to sag, and was impressed that it was as pert and firm as someone half her age. “Please don’t!” she squealed, sensing what I was about to do. “Not in there, it’s not right. ” “Take you’re punishment good and hard you bitch, you certainly deserve it. ”I probed my moistened finger into her rear as she let out a gasp. My dick was so well lubed up from her cunt juice that I went straight about getting inside her. It was a struggle at first as her tight virgin ass fought against me, but once I rammed the head in, my whole length sank right up to the hilt.

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  It felt wonderful fucking her ass, so tight and tender and I could feel her insides rubbing against me. I had to stop after a short time before I came deep inside her bowels and she had an orgasm, which was totally off the menu tonight. As I pulled out, her gaping ass whole grew tight again as traces of blood ran down the crevice of her cheeks. My dick was now lightly covered in her shit and as I dismounted her and edged towards her face again, it took no words from me for her to realize what she had to do next. Releasing her shackled wrists, she was now free to move fully although through exhaustion this was beyond her at the moment. Sitting on the bed I motioned her into place kneeling on the floor before me. She licked my leaking head at first until she was more confident to clean her dirt off the shaft. Gradually she cleaned me off entirely and after this initial dirty business she was beginning to suck me like pro. Tickling my balls with her light fingers, I could feel her tracing around my whole shaft as my thatch of pubic hair tickled. She was only teasing me at first and I had to take the upper hand again as I suddenly jammed my dick into her throat as my hands held her head from behind. Gagging strongly she struggled to breath, but momentarily she regained control as her throat muscles relaxed. She continued to play with my balls as she expertly deep throated my ten-inch dick. Ten minutes later I was on the brink of cumming, and it sent my dick into overdrive, the head almost wedging in her throat as it enlarged even more. Before she could move, my hot cum was pumping down her throat with such intensity that it started overflowing as it dribbled down her chin. She looked up into my satisfied eyes and said simply in almost a whisper, “Why, why me? What have I done to you, you bastard?” “Sorry mum” I uttered.

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  There was a stunned silence before she responded. “Mum?” She queried. “Yes, all those years ago you gave me away. I thought I should punish you, please forgive me,” I pleaded. “It all makes sense now son. I understand why you did all this and yes of course I forgive you,” she reassured. “It must have been good for you, releasing all that anger that you held against me for all those years. I can only say that from now on I want to get to know you better and improve on our loving relationship. I didn’t reply; we embraced tightly whilst deeply kissing each other lovingly. This was surely the start of something special!As always, feedback is greatly received!.

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