Summer Stories prt 2


  It was a couple days after the sleep over with Karissa and Steffany finally got the courage to walk around in just her panties and tanktop.   She walked out of her room and straight to the fridge.   Her family was at the table eating breakfast, and she was the last one to get up to eat, like always.   She opened the fridge, and the cool air made her nipples hard.   Perfect, she thought, that outta get Anthony's attention.   She pulled the milk out and fixed her bowl of cereal.   When she sat down her Dad was reading the newspaper and her brother was reading some sports magazine.   Which sort of upset her, cause she wasn't sure if he would even get to see her nipples while looking at the dumb magazine.   Just then her mom interrupted her thoughts.   "Steff. . . I think you are too old to be coming out in just that.   You are 13 and a young woman now, you need to put on more. "  I should have figured my mom would say something, she always has SOMETHING to say.   "But mom, its only you guys out here.

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    It doesn't matter that much does it?".   She gives me a dirty look and keeps eating.   I knew now that my brother had seen me, since everyone looked at me when my mom said that.   I guess its a good thing that she said something.   My mom and dad finished eating, and as they put there dishes away my mom looks at me and says, "At least wear shorts. . . ". I nod yes, and she walks to her room.   My dad tells Anthony to mow the lawn and heads to his office.   Its finally just me and my brother. . . time to say something. .

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  . to make my move I guess you could say.   "You don't think that its a big deal that I wear just this do you?" I ask with my most innocent sounding voice.   "What?. . . oh. . . whatever. . . why would I care?" He says as he gets up and starts to walk to his room.   Oh well, I'm sure there will be another chance.   I go and get into the shower.

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    I get out and dry off, I pick up my old clothes and then remember that Anthony is showering next.   I leave my panties and tanktop laying there, maybe the whole panty thing will work with him like it did Karissa's brother.   I head up to my room and get ready for the day.   I get on the computer and starting chatting with some friends.   Just then I get a message. . . its from someone not on my messenger list.   "Can you keep a secret?""Of course I can. . . why?", I send back. "I didn't think it was bad that you wore your pj's to breakfast"  Yes!! My brother did notice, I wanted to move this a little faster. "Would you even say that you liked it?""Yeah you can say that, you did look good, I won't lie""Really? You're not just saying that?"I really did know that I looked good, I just wanted to say that, like I didn't know.   I'm not really developed yet, so I'm not exactly sexy.

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    But I see guys look at me, and I know that I'm no ugly duckling.   "Depends, are you sure you can keep this a secret, I don't want anyone to know. ""Yes, I promise I can keep this a secret!""I'm not so sure I can trust you, maybe I should let you go, unless you can prove to me somehow that I can trust you""Well I left my panties in the bathroom, if I let you take them would you trust me then?""Your panties are there now? That might help me trust you, stay on, I'll brb"  I waited for what seemed like forever for him to send me another message.   My hands were shaking with excitment.   I was getting so wet.   Finally. "They are amazing, I guess I can trust you now. ""Yes you can trust me, I won't tell.   So what do we do now?""Well am going to enjoy them for today, want me to bring them back to your room tonight?  Say around 1 or 2 am?""Ok, I'll be waiting" I send a message to Karissa and tell her everything, she tells me good luck and I let her go.   The rest of the day drags on, I can't wait for Anthony to come to my room tonight, I might have to go to his early.   But I hold back and finally 11pm comes along and I head up to my room and get ready for bed.   I lay in bed with just panties on.   I want to leave my tits out for viewing.   They aren't big, but its better than nothing.   I am 4'11, fairly skinny, with a size 34A bra.

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    So they look big on my body.   I lay down on my stomach and fall asleep.   I half hear my door open, my face to the wall I pretend to keep sleeping.   I feel him lay down on the bed, and his hand place on my head.   It goes down my hair and to my back.   As he does this the covers come off and I can hear him gasp as he sees I have no top on.   His hand wanders my back and goes down to my ass.   He pulls the panties up between my crack and rubs my cheeks.   This went even easier than it did with Karissa and her brother.   I finally say something.   "Its about time you get here. . . " I say as I turn around.   My stomach drops and I freeze.

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    I can't believe it.   "I had to wait for mom to fall asleep. . . ", My dad says.   He leans over and kisses me on the lips.   I didn't really kiss him back, maybe because I couldn't believe who I was kissing.   His hand was still on my ass, still rubbing, as he kissed me.   "I really enjoyed your panties baby girl, you smell amazing. . . " he says to me with a smile.   "Thanks Daddy. . . 

  I. . . ", he cuts me off.   "I know this may still be a shock to you, and thats ok.   We will take it slow ok, nothing major tonight. "  As he says this I feel his hand slide down between my crotch and rub my clit.   I close my eyes with pleasure, even though its my dad, I can't deny how good it feels to have someone else touch you there.   "You like that baby girl. . . want me to go on?"  I'm still half scared, but figure why not, is this really any diff from my brother?  I nod yes and he moves the panties out of the way and inserts a finger.   My body trembles and he kisses me again.   This time I kiss back.   I try to hold back my moans as his finger gently glides in and out.

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    "At any time if you want me to stop, just say. . . ok Steff?"  I nod yes again, and put my face down in the pillow and let out my moans.   He pulls out and starts to pull my panties down.   I lift my stomach and allow him too.   "Will you turn over for me baby?"  I roll over and he takes a look at my boobs.   "Baby girl. . . you have great tits. . . " he tells me as he leans over and puts a nipple in his mouth.   I grab his head, and keep him there.

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    His hand goes back down and starts to finger me again.   He comes up to me and starts kissing me so passionatly.   My body starts to tremble and I can feel the orgasm get close.   Just then he stops.   "Am I going to get some help, or is it all about you tonight?"  I look down and see my dads cock out of his shorts already.   I was so into it I didn't even notice him take it out.   "Um. . . what do you want me to do?"  He smiles at me, "Just stroke it, and when I get close will you swallow for me. . . we don't want to make a mess. . .

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  "  I nod yes and grab it.   Its so warm. . . so hard.   I start to stroke it and he continues to finger me again.   I can feel the orgasm getting close again, his face licking all over my chest.   I let out a little moan and say "I'm going to cum daddy. . . . " My back arches and it explodes like an atom bomb!  My dad kisses me and muffles my moans.   I try to kiss him back as my body shakes.   Just then he pulls away and moves up towards my face.   The cock is right there and I keep strocking it.


    I wonder if I should put it in my mouth, but before I decide if I should or not, it erupts!  Half on my face before I can open my mouth and catch it.   He pushes it in my mouth and I accept.   I start to suck it as he grunts and pushes it in.   It didn't taste bad at all, kind of salty. . . but not bad.   He rubs my hair as he looks down at me, I'm looking up at him. . . his cock still in my mouth.   "You are so beautiful Steff. . . so amazing.

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  . . "  I pull him out, "Thanks Dad. . . "  He rolls off the bed and pulls his shorts back up.   "I'll message you again. . . is that ok?"  "Yeah, this isn't the only time this is going to happen. . . is it dad?"  I ask, hoping he will say no.   "Of course not baby girl, we have A LOT more to do" he says smiling.   "Now get some sleep ok, I love you baby girl.

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  . . goodnight"  "I love you too daddy. . . goodnight. "  He closes the door.   I grab a shirt and wipe the rest of the cum off my face.   I lay down. . . tired. . . but satisfied.

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    It wasn't who I expected, but better, thats for sure.   What a story I have for Karissa I think as I doze off. . . . .