Sweet Dreams


 My name is Tori.   I am a 26 year old happily married woman, with an above average sex drive.   Sex has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. . . Even as a child, I knew I could get anything I wanted from the men in my life.   I am a natural red head, with green eyes and a very tiny frame.   
I'm not sure when this story began.   For as long as I can remember, my Mom has worked the night shift, and my Dad was responsible for dinner and putting me and my two older brothers in bed.   After the dishes and homework were finished, we all went to bed, and Daddy always came to tuck me in. . .  
He would lay beside me and we would talk about the day, and he would lightly stroke my hair until I would start to fall asleep.   He would then remove my blanket, and caress me all over. . .

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   starting with my face, then down onto my chest, over my stomach and my thighs.   This would sometimes continue for hours.   Eventually, he would roll me over onto my stomach, and slide a pillow under my hips and slowly lick me.   I have to be honest, it was very soothing to me, and not especially sexual.    I would say that most nights of my life, I have fallen asleep feeling my Dad sucking on my clit, and running his tongue over my tight little pussy and ass.   I was never aware that it was wrong. . .
For years, this was as far as it went.   Until one night, when I was 14 years old.   This is where the real story begins.
I began to feel a strange feeling in my stomach when my Dad would run his tongue over my clit. . . It felt nice, but almost frantic.

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    My Dad could tell I was beginning to get into it, I was practically shoving my ass into his face.   I could hear him moaning and he began to touch me faster and harder.   He was sliding his tounge and fingers all over my pussy and ass, and the feeling of pressure was building up until I thought I would explode.   He grabbed my tiny little clit between his teeth, and began to suck and bite me.   He slid one finger into my pussy, and I exploded.   I started to scream into my pillow as I gripped his finger and had my first real orgasm.  
As I lay there panting and trying to make sense of what had just happened to my body, I heard my Dad unzip his pants.   I used to sneak and watch my parents fuck all the time, so I knew what was coming next.   I wanted him to fuck me.   I wanted to feel his cock inside of me, and make him proud of me.  
I was very shocked when he rolled me over and came to the top of the bed.   I had never seen a penis close up before, and my Dad was leaning in, silently begging for me to touch it.   I laid there frozen, not sure what to do. . .

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  . He then started rubbing his cock all over my face, and tapping it against my mouth.  
"Tori, I know this is strange to you, but I really need you to help me with this. . . just open your mouth, honey.   I promise it won't hurt. "  I locked eyes with him, and slowly opened my mouth, trusting him with everything I had.    His hands were shaking as he guided his thick cock into my virgin mouth.   I didn't know what to do at first, so I just licked it and tried not to gag as he began pushing it deeper and deeper into my mouth.  
I was feeling very nervous, so I began to suck a little, and Daddy rewarded me with groans of bliss.   I pulled my mouth away, and asked him to fuck me.  
"Have you ever done that before?" He asked with a panicky voice.   "No, but I have seen you do it with Mom.   I want you to do it with me.

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  . . "
"I can't, baby. . . I really, really want to.   But I just can't do it. " 
I began to plead and wimper and beg, but he wouldn't give in.   So, I got up on my hands and knees on the bed and waved my backside into his face.   I had seen my mother do this before, and it always worked for her, so why not try it? 
My Dad grabbed my hips and began rubbing his cock against my very wet pussy.   I thought I was going to melt, I have never felt anything as exciting as my Daddy's cock.  
"Please fuck me Daddy. . . please!" I was begging.

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  . .
"Oh, baby girl, you are going to make Daddy cum. . . "
He cried out and started stroking his cock, and shot a huge load of cum all over my ass and pussy.   I could feel it dripping down my legs.   I reached my hand down to touch my Daddy's cum and to rub it all in.  
He took one look at what I was doing, grabbed his clothes and left the room.
In that moment, I vowed that I would convince my Dad to fuck me every night. . . no matter what I had to do to get him there.   
  Part 2, coming soon. .

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  . . let me know what you think!