Taking Mandy


My brother Jake was pretty fair looking too, with brown hair almost the exact same color as mine, and hazel eyes to match. He was tall and muscular, and always dressed just perfectly. I had always admired him. He was constantly on his computer in his room playing games during the summer, so I always knew just where to find him, and I had a plan. That day, I went into my room and took off all my clothes. Then, I simply went into Jake's room and said "Jake, have you seen my hairbrush, I'm really horny and I wanted to masturbate with it. " Now, I'm normally a pretty nice girl, and he had no Idea what I did in the privacy of my room. At the word masturbate" he swiveled his head around immediately to look at me. At the sight of my naked body, his mouth dropped completely open, and I could see that he was stunned. "M-mandy. . . what. . . what are you, why are you.

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  . . " he stuttered. "Uh, what I mean, is, uh, it's, probably *cough* in the bathroom or something. " I noticed a bulge beginning to form in his pants, and he was trying to hide it. "No," I sighed, "I already looked there. But oh, well, I guess I'll just use my fingers. But the thing is, they're so small, they don't feel like a cock at all. I wonder what it would feel like to have two or three big, rough manly fingers in my hot wet pussy, fucking my dripping cunt. " He just stared, red faced, now with a raging hard-on. "Jake," I asked in an innocent little-girl voice, "if I lay down on the floor and spread my legs apart, would you fuck me with your fingers? You might have to just use one, because your fingers are awfully big and my pussy is still so tight and young. " I gazed sweetly up at him with my big brown eyes, and he wasted no time. Now he knew what I wanted. I lay down on the floor and spread my legs, and he jumped down between them. Slowly, he inserted one rough finger into my burning pussy, then two, but with some resistance.

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   He began to move them slowly in and out, and I moaned in ecstasy. This was the first time had ever done anything even close to sexual with a man. He began to pick up the pace, fucking me with his rough fingers. "Uh,Uh Uh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Jake the feels sooo good, please don't stop, don't ever stop! I he was now rubbing the bulge in his pants with his other hand, and breathing heavily. Soon, I felt a climax building, and my warm pussy juice gushed out all over his hand. He slowly withdrew his fingers with a loud sucking sound from my poor oversexed pussy. "Oh, my God Mandy, your pussy is so tight, you're so fucking hot. I can't believe you're my little sister, you're such a fucking little slut!" I just looked up at him and smiled. He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. "oh God, mandy, suck it, please, suck it" he said, and thrust it into my face. This was the first time I ever saw a real cock besides in pictures, and just looking at it made my pussy start to tingle. I leaned forward, took his cock into my mouth, and proceded to give him my first ever blowjob. Now it was his turn to moan in ecstacy. "Oh, man, are you sure you never sucked dick before?" I nodded "Man, you do that like a fucking expert!" Suddenly he started moaning and thrusting his hips into my face, and I tasted my first cum as he shot it down my throat, groaning. I swallowed almost all of it, except for some that dribbled down my chin and onto my firm, fresh breasts.

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   He lay back, panting. I discovered I loved the taste of cum. Meanwhile I scooped the missed cum off my breasts and sucked it from my fingers, proud that I had made my big brother feel so good. He finally sat up and looked at me. "Mandy, that was amazing. You suck dick like a fucking pro. " I smiled at him. "But brother," I said " I still wonder what it would feel like to have a real cock inside my pussy, fucking me instead of that cold plasting hairbrush handle. Your cock was so warm and good in my mouth. Now I want to feel that in my pussy. " I winked at him and lay down on his bed, legs spread wide. "Come on big brother, fuck me with your cock, take my pussy and make me a woman. " He didn't need to be asked twice. He stood up, erection already back, and walked slowly over to the bed. He rubbed the tip of his cock slowly up and down my slit, brushing it up against my throbbing, blood filled clit and making me moan.

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   Ocasionally, he would slip just a little bit of the head in, then pull it out slowly, making me beg for more. Finally, as he got sick of the teasing, he leaned over, whispered in my ear, "are you sure you want me to do this?" When I nodded for him to continue, he placed the tip of his cock inside my vulva and then, all at once, shoved all 7 and a half inches deep inside my throbbing, aching cunt, tearing through my stretched but still intact (until that day) hymen. I cried out in shock and pain, but at the same time felt more pleasure then I ever had in my life. My vagina was on fire, throbbing with desire and ache. He pounded in and out, and slowly the pain began to fade away. Now all I felt was pure ecstasy. We were both moaning with desire when I felt a strange sensation, and Jake's whole body tensed up. "Ohhhh, baby. . . yeahhhh!!!" He moaned as he came deep inside my dripping cunt. He pulled out with a loud POP, and then I felt his come, my brother's cum, dripping out of my pussy and onto the bed. I stood up, kissed him, and without saying a word, walked back into my own room, closing and locking the door behind me. I lay down on my bed, smiled to myself, and passed out. So, that's it.

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